170+ Flirty Zodiac Pickup Lines to Written

Zodiacs have been on the rise primarily due to how effective they are owing to the statistical surveys of the same. That is why it is not unusual that your special someone is a zodiac buff.

You may not be the sign that is compatible with them 100 percent but that does not mean that you can not use zodiac-related one-liners. 

Good Zodiac Chat Up Lines

Zodiac is something that we are all guilty of believing at some point. It is all about the signs that you see and the signs that you do not see.

So if you ever find yourself seeing the signs or wanting to manifest the signs of your choice then these are the ones for you. They can definitely help you start the conversation you are dying for.

You are rarer than anyone I have met. 

I do believe we are quite compatible based on our personalities. 

I would ask you what is your sign but I do not see any signs that you are giving. 

You are giving quite the signs indeed. 

Whatever your signs are, you are definitely giving me the signs of being attracted to me. 

You definitely have the signs that I am seeing. 

I am definitely seeing a lot of signs when it comes to you. 

You are giving the signs that I have been craving. 

Is it just me or am I seeing signs that are compatible?

You definitely have the best compatible signs when it comes to me. 

We are definitely compatible with all the signs that I am seeing. 

Am I seeing wrong or are you giving me the signs?

You are definitely giving me signs that I seek. 

So many people in this world and yet you are the one with the promising signs. 

I would love the signs that you are seeing. 

I bet we are seeing similar signs indeed. 

Let me see if we have the matching signs. 

I bet we have the most common signs in the whole wide world. 

We do have quite the best pair of signs do we not?

Let us see if we can live up to the pride of our signs.

I do believe we will live to our signs. 

Our signs may not be the most compatible but we can make a difference. 

Let me help you bring a change in the general thoughts about our signs.

People from your sign seem to not vibe with me and yet here we are, vibing perfectly. 

I see we vibe really well, that would be great. 

Funny Zodiac Pickup Lines

If you have a dark sense of humor and you find yourself loving true crime thrillers, then you must be quite familiar with the story of the Zodiac killer.

If you find someone who is just the same when it comes to a sense of humor then consider using these. They will definitely leave them speechless in the best of ways. 

I wonder if your insides are the same as your outside. 

I bet your insides would be just as attractive. 

I wonder if you would be open to viewing your insides. 

I would love it if you would let me come inside you. 

Let me get inside you. 

I bet your insides would be just as pretty as I am thinking they to be. 

With a pretty face like that, I bet you are just as pretty inside. 

I can not wait to see how pretty you are on the inside. 

I bet you would be far prettier on the inside. 

I have made a bet of 100$ that your inside is prettier so can I come inside/

I would love to come inside, you and your house. 

Your house is not the only thing I want to be inside tonight. 

I see you are an amazing host with the way you are taking care of me. 

I would be the best pet for you if you decide to take care of me. 

Have you checked out our signs? I mean if you have not I bet you will find out that we are compatible. 

Our compatibility ascends from the companionship of general signs. 

Stars must have aligned for your presence has graced my life. 

You are such a gracious person and you have graced my life. 

 You better not be the killer because if you were one you would be the zodiac killer. 

With that smile of yours, you are like a zodiac killer, making me dead. 

You have got me feeling dead with how amazing your behavior is. 

You better not be a zodiac killer because I want to find you. 

Let me find you, unlike the police who failed to find the Zodiac killer.

Flirty Zodiac Pickup Lines for her

Flirting can be quite difficult when you do not know how to approach someone. But what you can do is present yourself as marketable.

Use the following if you want to present yourself as the most marketable bachelor in the room while you are flirting with someone. These are funny, cute, dorky, and honestly adorable. 

 I would fight a lot of wars for you. 

Just like my sign says, I would be a hot-headed one. 

I am hot-headed and definitely hot in bed. 

If you are looking for someone to heat up your bed then I am the one for you. 

Have you ever wanted someone who is a little hot overall? Then you have come to the right person. 

If you look at my birthday you would learn a lot about me. 

I heard there is a gem around here. Oh wait, must have been a Gemini because I am one. 

Call me a Gemini because I will be the only gem you will see. 

Your eyes would lock in on only one gem and that would be me. 

Call me a Gemini because I will give you the whiplash. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a very hot-headed person in your life? Well if you were wondering about it, you do not have to anymore because I am here to take care of those. 

I am a water sign so I will definitely get you wet. 

Girl, water is my element so I will definitely get you wet. 

Do not worry about me taking care of your wetness because I am a water sign., 

You can trust me with anything that is a water-related girl. 

I have heard that I am very in touch with my element so do not be surprised if you ever feel wet when around me. 

My element is water and I am definitely good at managing anything that is water. 

Do you like water? Well, my element is water so you would love it. 

Have you ever met a water sign who has stable emotions? NO? Me neither. This is not going to be a new experience. 

Cheesy Zodiac Pickup Lines

If you want to be a little cliched then you can definitely go for the following.

These use the basic characteristics of elements and make them into a pun which would surely get a laugh out of the astrology buff you are trying to hit on.

Anybody who has a love for astrology would appreciate these. 

Have you ever been called an airhead?

You must be an air sign with how airhead you are. 

I never thought of you as an airhead but given you are an air sign, I am not surprised. 

Are you an air sign? I see you floating constantly. 

I hope you are floating away from me. You are an air sign after all. 

You being an air sign and being a water sign makes us a terribly [passionate couple. 

I looked up our birth charts and Venus is not the only thing that is rising tonight. 

I am seeing that you have an air sign at rising and I can assure you that you are making something else rise. 

You have me rising and in a great way. 

I am definitely in sync with my element because I will blow you away. 

Being an air sign myself I can assure you that I will take your breath away. 

If you ever feel breathless, it could be because I am terribly in sync with my element. 

My elements are definitely under my control because I do be taking your breath away. 

Your breath is made of air and given I am an air sign, it is only fair that I take it from you. 

I see you taking in deep breaths and I just want you to know that I would be more than happy to take them away. 

My air sign self is very possessive about you. 

Have you ever wanted a communicator in your life? Well as an air sign I have everything you could ever want. 

Did you ever feel like you could not breeze through life? Well god has answered your prayer and I am an air sign who is open to teaching you. 

If you ever feel like you are in doubt, you would not have to worry. I am an air sign and I communicate. 

If you ever want someone to tell funny stories about you when you were younger then I am your girl/guy because I am an air sign. 

Awesome Zodiac Pickup Lines

Being knowledgeable when it comes to zodiacs would definitely make you seem smarter than a lot of people present in the room when you meet your special someone. If you find someone who appreciates these quirky zodiac puns and is knowledgeable about the traits then this is your sign to go ham. 

You must have been looking for someone stable because here I am. The earth sign. 

I am very much in sync with my element so if you feel like the earth is moving from beneath your feet whenever our eyes meet, then I am the one at fault. 

I can make you feel like you are falling even when you are standing on the ground. That is just the magic of an earth sign. 

I am very stable, more stable than mountains as I am an earth sign. 

Have you ever wanted a stable rock in your life? Well, I am an earth sign so you can consider yourself blessed. 

I do not mean to brag but you will never find someone who is more stable than me. I am after all an earth sign.

Girl, you must be an earth sign because you are way too stable emotionally. 

Have you ever felt that you were struggling with being unwavering? Well if you wanted some more stubbornness in your life, then I am here with all my earth sign glory. 

I saw you are an air sign. That must be why you are an airhead all the time. 

I see that you are a water sign. Explains why you are wet whenever you are around. 

See, as my element is water, I will make you wet, either by sweat or arousal. I have not decided which one it is going to be. 

If you ever find yourself wondering whether you are wet because you are bothered or if it is a medical condition, I just want you to know it is because I am very in sync with my elements and it is because of me.

Crazy Zodiac Pickup Lines

While being proud of your sign is something we have all done when we were younger, we all have lost that innocence and charm that it used to give us.

That is why, now, if you meet someone who is a zodiac buff and wants to feel the quirky and punny zodiac oneliners then these are the ones to use on them. 

Do not consider me timid. I am a fire sign. 

I have always been a brash person so if you wish to be manhandled, you have come to the right place, the house of a fire sign. 

If you have been seeking to feel what it is like when you are set on fire out of passion then you have come to the right person. 

I can be quite fiery when there is a need. It is because I am a fire sign. 

If you are looking for fiery passion then I am the one. 

You definitely set me on fire. You must be very in touch with your element. 

Are you a fire sign because you are quite bold? 

You must be a fire sign. I can see the fire in your eyes. 

I see you are quite the bold and fiery guy. 

You should probably get some fire protectant because I am too hot to handle. 

I have never been with a Scorpio but I have heard they are quite the god in bed. I am looking for a god. 

The only person I am willing to make my god is a Scorpio because I have heard they are quite good in bed. 

If you are looking for someone who focuses mostly on them then you have come to the right person. Hi, I am a Leo. 

I heard you are Gemini. Well, with those two faces of yours, would you give head?

I expect an immaculate head from you as you have several faces, my dear Gemini and I am sure at least one of them knows how to give head. 

Rare Zodiac Pickup Lines

It is rare to find someone who is knowledgeable in the zodiac and astrology world. But that should not stop you from familiarising yourself with those.

That is why these pickup lines will be your first step into the world of astrology. Using the basic traits of zodiacs, here we have some punny pickup lines perfect for date nights. 

 Heard you are an Aries. I want your goal for tonight to be taking me to bed. 

With how relentlessly you are approaching me, I bet you are an Aries with a goal to get me into your bed. 

I heard you are an Aries and I just want you to know I am open to being raw in bed. 

Sensual are we? You must be a Taurus. 

With how good you are with your touch, I have a feeling you are a Taurus. 

I am a Taurus, Love. I am good with all 5 of my senses and I know how to use them properly. 

I am cancer, so the only way we will have sex is if you are willing to put emotional labor into this. 

I am emotionally invested in you before I am remotely aroused, as I am a Cancer. 

Honey, I am a Leo, I will blow your mind when I am done with you.  

With how stoic you are, you could be making others feel like you do not want to be wooed, but I know, Virgo, how badly you want to be wooed. 

You have touched my feelings with how unassuming you are and I know you want my attention. 

You could be chiseled as much as you want, Libra but when I take you to bed, I will not stop until you are losing yourself. 

I will make you lose yourself Libra, for I am a Gemini/Aries/Aquarius. 

I hope your adventurous spirit remains in bed, Sagittarius because I will give you the trip of your life. 

You have such an elegant air about you and I can not wait to destroy it completely, my lovely Capricorn. 

I would enjoy corrupting you very much, Capricorn. 

Your aloof exterior can fool others but you are an open book to me Aquarius and I know you want me. 

I see you are an Aquarius so you must work hard and play even harder in bed. 

I will make all your dreams come true in bed if you are with me. I am a Pisces.

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