100+ Best Witch Pick-Up Lines 

From Salem stories to vampire diaries, witches have been an exciting topic. The most magical and fascinating topic that one can talk about with anyone. These stories have been passed down through multiple generations. 

These Witch pick-up lines can be an excellent starter for your conversations. They are funny and intelligent and will immediately get your partner’s attention. In addition, witches are the most potent Halloween icons. They are the embodiment of confidence and power. So, this powerful creature will turn the tables for you in your dating life. 

Flirty Witch Pick-Up Lines 

Healthy flirting matters to your heart and good well-being. It may come off as a temporary source of satisfaction, but sometimes it can also lead to building beautiful relationships. Using the correct words for your partner, you can flirt in any social setting.

Flirting may not always come with much reassurance, but it is an entertainment source for so many people. The biggest flirts are always the happiest, and it’s time for you to feel happiness. 

  • Your witchy soul is always allowed to cast a spell on me. 
  • Your pointy hat is so sexy. 
  • Damn, that buckle belt on your hat looks so awesome. 
  • I plan on making my magic wand disappear. 
  • Do you have a magical creatures book?
  • You remind me of flaming hot Cheetos. 
  • Were you born from a fire witch? Because I find you smoking hot. 
  • An evil witch has cursed me. Do you plan on curing me?
  • Have you ever seen a girl on a broom before? If you haven’t, it’s time for you to look at me.

Crazy Witch Pick-Up Lines 

We are aware that you plan on making it interesting. Crazy witch pick-up lines are going to give your conversation a fresh and perfect start. Getting rejected is a part of the deal, but you must not think about it while talking to your favorite person. 

  • I am a witch, and I plan on living my life confidently with you.
  • If you ever decide to leave me, I will haunt you for the rest of your life. 
  • The Little Witch inside you keeps coming back to haunt you. 
  • You are indeed a magical being. My favorite Witch. 
  • Are you a witch? Because I always see you at Halloween parties. 
  • I love your warts; do you want to see mine?
  • You remind me so much of a goblins broomstick. 
  • Are you a witch? Because you seem a master at making something stand without even touching it. 
  • Did you cast a spell on me? Because you look like a witch. 
  • Must you be a witch from the 1690s? Because your whole body is on fire. 
  • You are like a spine on a magical creature’s book. 
  • Hello, are you a princess or a witch? Because your personality is magical.
  • If you are a witch, you can only ride this broom. 
  • Be my Witch, and I will be your wizard. Always going to be at your service.
  • If you were a frog, I still would have kissed you. 
  • Are you a witch because my brain is still spellbound? 
  • My little Witch, your spell is so strong because I am still under your spell. 
  • I wish to be under your spell all my life.
  • I just wanted to let you know that I am tired of riding this old broom. Do you have something fresh and new?

Short Witch Pick-Up Lines

Pick-up lines should be short and cute. You need to deliver it correctly, and you are all set to find yourself a date without any worries. Short pick-up lines can bring a chuckle and a huge smile. 

  • I am not mean, but a confident green machine. 
  • I should come back to my house and meet my cat. 
  • Is that a magic wand in your pocket, or are you just delighted to see me?
  • You do not need to worry about those warts. They are only on my face. 
  • Baby, my heart only burns for you. 
  • I would love to look at my striped stockings on your floor. 
  • I have got good news for you. My wicked feelings are finally brewing for you. 
  • Let me look at the tarot cards. I can see the possibility of us dating in the future. 
  • You are wickedly good.
  • Something is charming and wicked about you. 
  • Do you put scare spray on your hair? Because I am scared. 

Funny Witch Pick-Up Lines 

If you plan on wishing your friends or your significant other a happy Halloween, why don’t you use these spooky and funny Witch pick-up lines?

We got you covered even if you are not a naturally funny person. If you wish your personality to stand out across your group, you have to make everyone laugh because that is an easy way to make them never forget you. 

  • Do you know who turns the lights off on Halloween? The lights switch. 
  • What do they call those witches who stay together? Broom mates. 
  • Are you aware of what sign was posted in the witches’ parking lot? Toads are violators. 
  • If you go to a witch school, they will teach you spelling. 
  • If you are a witch, you won’t be able to read anything written in cursive. 
  • What would you call a witch that lives in a desert? A sandwich. 
  • The scary go-round must be your favorite ride at the fair because you are a witch. 
  • Your favorite kind of music must be snap, crackle, and pop.
  • I am going to show up as a wizard at your party. 
  • Your favorite bedtime story must be rags to witches. 
  • I can teach you how to make a witch scratch. You have to take the ‘w.’ 
  • What would you call an extremely nervous witch? A twitch. 
  • Where does your frog sit? On a toadstool. 
  • Why couldn’t the witch sleep? She had a dizzy spell on her for a long time.
  • Do you want charm bracelets?

Quick Witch Pick-Up Lines 

You must come up with quick pick-up lines while starting a real-life conversation. It helps you in creating the best kind of impression on the one that you are trying to impress. 

  • You must love your little broomerangs. 
  • Steven Spielberg must be your favorite director. 
  • Game of crones is your favorite show. Isn’t it?
  • Do you know why witches hate wearing regular hats? Because there’s no point in it.
  • Please, sit down for a spell. You must be feeling tired. 
  • What is typical between a candle and a witch? They are both wicked. 
  • Wizards hate making their witches mad because wizards know that witches will put them under a cold spell. 
  • How do you play your music? On a broom box? 
  • It’s no time to party. It’s time to sweep.

Rare Witch Pick-Up Lines 

Witches like it when it is rare, and you must keep that in mind while you are on a mission to impress a witch. Halloween is incomplete without witches. It is necessary for you to come up with the best kind of rare pick-up lines if you want a date this Halloween. 

  • What would you call a fast broomstick? A vroom stick. 
  • Do you use your easy coven for baking your birthday cake?
  • My Witch, why was your broom late? Did it oversweep?
  • Did your broom hear the new dirt?
  • Why is the air so pollution free? The witches swept the sky. 
  • You will hear my broom talking. 
  • If we ever decided to go out. We are taking your broom for a safe flight. 
  • Is your favorite animal a cat? Because you are a witch. 
  • Should I send my cat over since you are interviewing for a cat attendant?
  • The best place to find information about you is on wickedpedia. 
  • Look at your witch watch and tell me the time. 
  • I am scared of you because of your resting witch face.
  • I don’t think witches fart. Rather than farting, they cast smells. 
  • Let’s practice witchcraft since it’s your favorite hobby. 

Catchy Witch Pick-Up Lines 

You need to select a catchy pick-up line to impress the women that you like, or someone can easily take her from under your feet. Conversation starters shouldn’t be boring. Make your conversations interesting by using a catchy witch pick-up line to create a bold impression. 

  • Did you lose your way because your pointed hat put you in the wrong direction?
  • Do you buy pencil sharpeners because you want to keep your hat pointed?
  • Do you love traveling because you are filled with wanderlust? 
  • I suggest you sign up for a spelling bee contest because I’m 100% sure you will come first.
  • Witches can smell brew from far away because they have a great sense of spell. 
  • Keep calm, and always carry your broom and wand. 
  • Is this how you party when you are a witch and famous?
  • Babe, you have got me under your spell. 
  • Where are my witches at?
  • I try to creep it real. 
  • Do you want to hop on? I have got a broom with a great view. 
  • Which one of you can fix my broomstick? 

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