140+ Amazing Wine Pickup Lines 

Pickup lines are often used nowadays with the rise of social media. That is why it is essential for you to know how to use words to get the correct type of attention and make the right impression.

In order to help you with that, here is a list of Wine pickup lines that you can use to get your crush drunk on your words. These will definitely be successful in making your crush feel your affection for them. 

Good Wine Pickup Lines

There is a very fine line between an enjoyable drink and a horrendous drink. Similarly, when it comes to pickup lines, there is a very fine line between a good pickup line and a lousy pickup line.

Therefore, it is essential for you to know how to use your words to charm your crush, and to help you with that, here are some pickup lines you can refer to. 

  • So I saw that we were drinking the exact wine. So I was wondering if you’d like it if you joined me and we finished this bottle together?
  • Some men like wine. I like moans. 
  • I wonder how many glasses of wine you’d drink before you consider moaning for me. 
  • I am not an exceptional beauty, but I promise you’d definitely like me after drinking a few glasses of wine. 
  • My taste in women is like my taste in wine- I enjoy broadening my horizon, and I am looking for the one. 
  • I can pick out good wines. But I can also make you whine really well. 
  • I don’t want to take you out on a museum date. So I was wondering if you’d like to go to the vineyard with me and taste a few wines. 
  • I wonder if I could taste pineapples when I drink you up. 
  • Being love drunk is better than being drunk. 
  • As much as I love drinking, being drunk in love with you beats alcohol every time. 
  • I don’t mean to be rude, but the more drinks I take, the prettier you become. 
  • You got me so high off of you that I am considering giving up drinking. 
  • I would probably go to alcoholics anonymous just to complain about how addicted and drunk I am because of you. 
  • I am not very creative, but if I were to make a glass of wine, I would name it after you. 
  • I need to taste you first so that I can make a wine that tastes like you. 
  • Do you think of names of wine as often as I do? I believe our name together is a good name for the wine. 
  • I think you will age like fine wine.

Super Cheesy Wine Pickup Lines 

Cheesy pickup lines are good, but it is better when the puns used are super cheesy. These showcase your sense of humor and quick thinking, which helps you to make a good impression on your crush.

You can also use these pickup lines in order to start the conversation that you’ve been dying to start with someone. 

  • Going out on a date with you would be incomplete without a good night kiss, just like any meal is unfinished without a fantastic glass of wine. 
  • I have always wanted a MILF, so I want to date you and just wait as you age like wine. 
  • Your first name and my last name together is a good name for a bottle of wine, especially a bottle we can open every year on a day that signifies the unifying of our marriage. 
  • I like my wine wet, just like I like my women.
  • I don’t want to assume anything, but I was wondering if you’re not waiting for anyone. Would you like to join me for a drink this evening?
  • Wine is rich in antioxidants, and I am not going to be surprised if you love wine because you look so young. 
  • I see you like a lot of different types of wines. Grapes, Rice, and all kinds of fruits. But how do you feel about a date?
  • I think we should never go to a bar because you will definitely make every alcoholic jealous as you’re the only thing that I am getting drunk on tonight. 
  • Being with you is good for my heart and my bank account because you’re the only intoxicating thing that I want to get drunk on. 
  • I thought I was going to lose control, but you definitely have some control over me. 
  • I am so glad we met because, finally, someone has a handle on me. 
  • Thank you, but you are the only thing I plan on drinking tonight. 
  • Girl, do you bathe in wine because how do you smell so intoxicating? 
  • You’re a rare breed of girl. I would rather keep you in my cellar and cherish you forever instead of letting you be outside in this harsh world. 

Funny Wine Pickup Lines 

A shared sense of humor is a good foundation for the relationship. That is why, in order to find who you have good compatibility with, here is a list of fun wine pickup lines that you can use to see if your crush’s sense of humor is your cup of vodka or not. If these pickup lines are successful, then congratulations, you have found the one. 

  • I just want you to know that you’re everything I have ever wanted, and I have a good Wagyu steak and an excellent bottle of wine set aside for you. 
  • You have been drinking that bottle for a while, but I can see you like taking your time. 
  • I don’t want to be rude, but I can assure you I will be lasting longer than that bottle lasted. 
  • Chardonnay is good. It lasts all night long, just like me. 
  • I have been trained to make wine, so I can assure you that I know when something will taste good just by looking at it, and girl, I know for a fact that you will taste great. 
  • I got some expensive wine right here, and I would hate it to go to waste. So do you want to join in and drink with me?
  • If you like organic things, then you’d love my taste. 
  • You’re like a fine wine that I would be rolling on my tongue all night long. 
  • Being drunk off of you is the best decision I have taken all my life. 
  • Winning your heart makes me feel like I won a rare whiskey at an auction. 
  • I will spend the rest of my life abstaining from wine because you’d be the only thing that I would be enjoying for the following years of my life. 
  • I think I am drunk because I couldn’t feel the ground under my feet the moment you walked in. 
  • You have messed me up because I swear the wine doesn’t have legs, but every time I see you, I feel like there’s nothing more intoxicating than your legs. 
  • Sparkling drinks look cute, but they have nothing when it comes to your eyes. 
  • Your skin glows under the light like this glass of whiskey glows. 
  • You’re the best friend I never knew I needed, just like this whiskey. 

Short Wine Pickup Lines

In order to come off as charming, it is necessary for you to be quick on your feet. So you have to figure out the easiest puns you can come up with on the fly and go along with it.

That’s why there are a few pickup lines that are short, easy to follow, and easy to use on the fly. These pickup lines are guaranteed to sweep them off their feet. 

  • I will buy you more drinks because I have heard that the drunker you get, the more attractive I will seem. 
  • We can keep drinking all night long because I do love wine. 
  • I prefer moans all the way, but with you, I am willing to give wines a try. 
  • Your legs are like two fantastic bottles of whiskey because they are what I want with me when I am depressed. 
  • You’re so hot. I swear you made my wine bland when I saw you. 
  • You had me at that whiskey on rocks. 
  • You can call me James Bond because I will definitely shake your world like that martini.
  • Drinking makes you dehydrated, so please be sure to drink water. 
  • We can drink all night long and laugh at your ex’s texts if you want. 
  • You make me want to pour my heart out to you just like I want to pour this bottle of wine down my throat. 
  • Fortified wine tastes good, but nothing tastes as good as the little piece of heaven that’s right there between your beautiful legs. 
  • I wish you knew how intoxicating you are because then you’d know how easy it will be for me to abstain from them just to be with you. 
  • What’s your drink order? Oh, sex on the beach? I got some sunscreen on me right now. 
  • Oh? Do you like sex on the beach? Of course, but isn’t it a little itchy because of the sand?
  • Jaeger bombs taste good when they are from body shots. 
  • Jellies have never been my favorite, but if you give me jello shots, I would totally drink them from you. 

Flirty Wine Pickup Lines for Her

Flirtation skills are a necessity in this society. That’s why here are some flirty pickup lines that you can use to make sure your crush knows how much you genuinely like her without coming off as creepy or weird.

These pickup lines are perfect for use on the first date or even just to begin a conversation with someone you’ve been dying to speak with. 

  • You can pound me like the whiskey you have been drinking through the night. 
  • You keep slamming your glass on the table. I wish you slammed me like that. 
  • You make me jealous of the glass because the way you grip it makes me wish it was my neck instead. 
  • I wish I were whiskey instead because then you’d actually open up to me. 
  • Whiskey is the best friend who keeps your heart warm at night, and I will be the best friend who keeps you warm at night. 
  • My vodka is definitely jealous of you because you made me drunk more than it has ever done. 
  • This wine got my head throbbing, and you got something else throbbing. 
  • I assure you that this is just a glass in my pocket and I am totally not pleased to see you.
  •  I am definitely ecstatic to see you, and it’s not my jeans faking it. 
  • I like more refined things in life- like you. 
  • If you want to taste this wine, I think it would be better if you tasted it from my lips. 
  • You’re like the finest wine I have ever seen, and I want to be addicted to you so bad, 
  • I don’t mean to brag, but I am loads of fun. 
  • Do you need a little liquid courage to ask me out, or should we try this again?
  • Do you believe in love at first drink, or should I buy you another one?
  • If you ever need a drinking partner, here is my number because I a something of a little geek when it comes to this. 

Cheesy Wine Pickup Lines

Pun-tastic pickup lines are the best pickup lines to use. These puns are unique and perfect to make people laugh. If making your crush laugh is your goal, then these pickup lines are the best to use.

These pickup lines are easy to come up with, and these pickup lines are easy to think of with the puns. You can make an impression with these pickup lines perfectly and efficiently. 

  • I am good with my fingers, I promise. Just like I mix good drinks, I make good wines too. 
  • Love? Thank you, but I prefer wines more. 
  • I would love to plant a vineyard in your ward. 
  • We can get wet s we plant a vineyard. Is that ok with you?
  • Oh, I am sorry you split some drink on you. But I promise you, and I will get you wetter. 
  • Syrah is spicy, but that’s nothing in comparison to you.
  • How about you kiss me and taste Persephone’s kiss on my tongue?
  • Beer is alright if you like basic drinks. But, come, sip this old-fashioned because, as you know, little girl, old is gold. 
  • You remind me of shots of whiskeys tonight. So, because you’re everything I have been thinking about since I walked into this bar, I will definitely pound you tonight. 
  • You’re the only 10 I see, so let’s get rid of that drink from Tennessee. 
  • I can definitely tell whether I taste someone mature or not. I can taste the ripeness on my tongue when I see you. 

Catchy Wine Pickup Lines 

Just like how sometimes a trend just gets set on social media, you can definitely set a direction with these pickup lines. Use these rare, never used before pun-tastic pickup lines to make an unforgettable impression on your crush and a new set of friends. These pickup lines are perfect for making everyone laugh and lightening the mood.

These pickup lines are the best conversation starters that you can use as ice-breakers during those awkward conversations.

  • I had never been jealous of glass until I saw how you care for your whiskey on rocks. I wish I were ice because then you’d actually want me. 
  • Looking at you suck on that straw kind of makes me wish I was a straw instead. 
  • The way you lick that salt makes me wish I was the salt instead. 
  • You suck on the lime as I would suck on you. 
  • Body shots look good, but what if we just took shots and pressed our bodies against one another?
  • I think you’re drinking fireballs because you’re getting hotter. 
  • You are like the shots in happy hour. I want to do you so badly and all through the night, but I am scared I will lose control. 
  • So can I get your number? You owe me a drink as you made me spill mine when you walked in. 
  • I really want to get you a drink, but I am going to be jealous of the glass that you will nurse between your fingers. 
  • I have never been into food play, but we can definitely do it if you like buttery nipples. 
  • I don’t know if you like eating fruits, but you definitely like your appletinis. 
  • Persephone’s kiss is basically like several different things on my tongue. Do you want a taste of it from me?

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