189 Creative Weather Pickup Lines Will Cool You Off with Romance!

When we are out of the conversation, we use only one line. This could be annoying. So next time you feel the same, don’t ask about the weather; try these weather pickup lines. 

Cheesy Weather Pickup Lines

The weather could be a good topic to start a romantic conversation.

So try these Cheesy Weather Pickup lInes to impress your date and make them smile.

It may take a long time to get naked as I wear so many layers, but you can watch me.

I couldn’t find my scarf. May I wrap you around my body?

Black ice is not the only thing that can bring me down to my knees.

Did you hear today’s weather report? You will enjoy a few more inches of me tonight.

You must be a busy two-way street with parking on both sides, as I hope you will be plowed well tonight. 

You are even hotter than the fireplace.

I like your earmuffs. We may talk dirty tonight, so my roommate will borrow it. 

It’s very cold tonight; let’s sleep on the bed, and I will cuddle you all night.

Candy-cane ha, ve your number.

My roommate’s work/classes were canceled too. Can I come over?

Crazy Weather Pickup Lines

Do you know what’s crazy about the weather? It is never the same, just like your ex. Lol.

Try these cringe and crazy weather pickup lines with your friends and make them laugh.

I know it’s cold tonight, but I can still make you feel hot with my body.

 Are you a snowball? Because I want you to melt in my hands… or my mouth.

May I deforest your windshield while you get ready for work?

It doesn’t matter, even if it’s cold outside; whenever I think of you, I get hot.

Did an icicle just melt in my pants? Or am I thinking about you all over again?

Let’s go to my room and make some snow angels… in bed.

We don’t need to build a fire tonight cause my body is already on fire.

Lose the sled and ride me instead.

You make me feel like I am snow or something. One touch, and I melt.

Let’s play Blizzard. I am the snow and if you want, you can blow me.

Funny Weather Pickup Lines

We used to enjoy every weather when we were kids but, nowadays, we don’t enjoy anything.

Well, don’t think much and try these funny weather pickup lines with your knowns and make them happy about what’s happening in nature.

I want to take you out for the ride in my bobsled. And by bobsled, I mean my bed.

It’s supposed to snow on Friday night. What are you doing?

I can come to your home tonight, but only if Yuletide-y up your place.

You can leave anytime with me, and I’ll close your school tomorrow!

What do I have to do to get his mittens on those tit…ens?

Will you come to my place? You can surely lower my heating bill cause you are too hot.

I like your earmuffs. Can you give it to my roommate, cause you and I will be talking dirty tonight?

No need to put up fire tonight, cause girl, your body is so hot already.

Eh, girl, you like snow? Because I want to give you something white this Christmas.

Those snow pants of yours would look better next to my bed.

Flirty Weather Pickup Lines

The best way to impress your crush is to e a little sweet and talk about romantic weather. Isn’t it cute?

You can also try these Flirty weather Pickup lines with them and make them happy.

I will heat you with my hot thigh veins.

Just like a snowflake, I melt whenever you touch me.

Do you want to have a hickey on the morning breakfast?

Well, it looks like I will have to jacket off this winter.

I lost my scarf today. Can I wrap you around me?

Can you hold my hand gloves? Cuz I wanna hold your hand forever.

Can you protect me the way my SPF protects me?

How’s it shining if the sun didn’t come out? Og, I guess it’s just you who is smiling.

Is it a sunburn, or are you always hot?

Do you have water wings? Cuz heaven might miss an angel who can’t swim very well.

Rare Weather Pickup Lines

Tryinsomeme food every time is boring, right? Just like trying the same pickup lines again and again.

So, don’t be bored and try these Rare weather pickup lines.

Do you want to have such a string bikini made from recycled polyester?

Do you love hot summer nights? Cuz I am damnn good at Dungeons and Dragons.

Don’t sweat the petty things. Pet the sweaty things.

Everything reminds me of beach balls over here.

Get me some cooling ice or gel. Cause you I feel hot as a sunburn.

Have you been hitting the gym? Because this air is conditioned.

Hey baby, other than the sun, something else rises every morning.

Hey ladies, I am ready to go down every night. 

Get out of your clothes if you can’t take the heat.

Hey, you’re so sticky!

Good Chat up Weather Pickup Lines

Want to start a good conversation with that hot match on tinder? Then you better start with something good.

Try these Good Chatup Weather Pickup lines and impress her.

I really want to serve you some cold coffee tomorrow morning at my place.

How far back does your beach chair go?

How was your last skinny dip? I can surely make your next one better.

How’s your warm sector?

I rarely noticed you in the winter months.

I don’t wanna be cool; I just need your body heat.

I feel like I’m in Scandinavia because the sun never sets when I’m with you.

I really need a double-wide hammock in my yard.

I hope there’s a fireman around because you’re smoking hot.

I LOVE corn on the cob.

Best Weather Pickup Lines

You can try these Best weather pickup lines with your date, and you can make your day a little romantic and beautiful.

I love doing the back float.

I love how the ocean pounds the surf.

I don’t need to see the sun again because your eyes light up my world.

I prefer the European version of sunbathing.

May I see what’s happening behind your sunglasses?

I forgot to take bring my towel, may I get in yours?

I’m drowning in the ocean, and I might need mouth-to-mouth now.

I’m going to hide my car keys inside my pocket, where no one would try to find them, and I would let you drive me crazy.

I’ll want to dive into that body… full of water.

I’m not good at swimming. Can you save me with your lifeguarding experience?

Short Weather Pickup Lines

What is the good thing about summer? First, you can try all the hot dresses. Girls know about it. You can try these short-weather pickup lines. 

I’m here on vacation; you can take full advantage of my body.

I’ve been watching your kayak and am in an oar with you.

Should we implement the ideas I have in my mind for the surfboard leash?

Your body is even hotter than the sun on the hottest day.

If you were a day, it would be the hottest summer day.

Hey, are you summer? Cause damn; you are so hot.

Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

Are the summer rainstorms hot? Or is it just me?

Is it pronounced tong or thong?

Is that a mirror in your pocket? Or just a stream of sweat pouring down the inside of your thighs and around the backs of your knees, thanks to 90% relative humidity?

Catchy Weather Pickup Lines

You might need to do something special to catch your crush’s attention. So try these Catchy Weather Pickup Lines with them. 

Is there anything in your pocket? You just can’t control yourself looking at me? 

Is that an inflatable mattress?

Is that snorkel bigger than most?

Baby, have you got enough sandbags? Cause the storm isn’t the only thing that will be flooding your basement.

Be careful with me. People call me a reason for flash floods. You can watch it in your lower elevations.

Damn girl, is your name Irene? Because it seems like you are the best at blowing.

Do I make you saturated?

Did you hear the latest storm report? Unfortunately, they changed the forecast to sexy.

Do you want to collect my precipitation?

Let’s make out in the rain.

Beautiful Weather Pickup Lines

Try these Beautiful Weather Pickup lines with your beautiful date, and you can make her smile. 

Don’t worry; I have got the best spill protection.

Feel the rush of my monsoon!

Girl, if you want, I can be your umbrella.

Girl, sometimes I go into a tropical depression when you do not reply to me.

Have you ever experienced a massive storm surge?

Hurricane Irene is known as Category 3, but when I had your name, it was a perfect 10.

I bet I can increase your dew point!

I can make sure my presence can make it wet in your area.

Do you know why the clouds are grey today? Because you stole the blue color from the sky and put them in your eyes.

I got something stormy in my pants. Do you want one in yours?

Awesome Weather Pickup Lines

Are you trying to impress someone who loves nature? Then trying weather pick-up lines would be good for you. So try these awesome weather pickup lines with her. 

I have a huge, huge umbrella collection.

I have skittles in my mouth. Do you want to taste the sweetness of the rainbow?

I wish you were the rain and I would be the land because even if it rains like cats and dogs, you will still fall to me.

May I kiss you in the rain so you get twice as wet?

I want to make you wet, one way or the other.

I want to bang you like a screen door on a rainy day.

I’d like to get on your waterspout.

If it’s impressive for you, you must see how many inches I just accumulated in my pants.

If you need any help, I can tape your windows, but I don’t know whether the things won’t still get wet.

Let’s return to my place if you want to taste the rainbow.

Super Cheesy Weather Pickup Lines

Try these cheesy weather pick-up lines to impress your crush and make their day.

Suppose you will leave with me. Then, I will close your school tomorrow!

Let me be your umbrella. I want to walk like those cute couples with you.

It’s too hot; why are you wearing these many layers? Let’s remove them all.

You may use the umbrella if you want, but I’ll keep you wet.

No relationship is as bright as the sun all the time, but we can share one umbrella and survive the hard rainy days together.

Just like summers, she acts and then walks like rain.

Skittles the way to taste the rainbow.

The storm is known for destroying things. Well, I also have something that can destroy you down there. 

There’s a hurricane coming. Evacuate your pants.

Quick Weather Pickup Lines

Below are a few Quick Weather Pickup Lines with your friends, and enjoy with them. 

There’s a winter storm warning. You’re getting eight inches tonight.

Trust me, hang out with me, and I surely will name a hurricane after your name.

Do you want to touch the storm in my pocket?

Want to know the difference between my Storm and me? It only takes two minutes to get me up and to run.

Want to see my lightning rod?

Life is not good all the time. Can you be the sun on my dark days?

You advect my moisture.

Hey, are you sunshine and rain, cause you make me hot and wet.

It may not be the rain, but I can surely make you wet tonight.

You can stand under my umbrella.

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