How Girls Can Wear the Right Jewelry: 35+ Fashion Tips

It is always possible for things to go horribly wrong when it comes to your jewelry, and you have to know exactly how much and what to wear with what.

Make sure that your jewelry complements your outfit and does not make things worse. Here is how you can do it. 

Ways for Girls to wear the right amount of jewelry 

Accessorize well. Understand that you need to wear your jewelry to complement your outfit and not for it to stick out and stand apart on its own. Pick the pieces that go well with what you are wearing and match the vibe. 

Match with your outfit. The simplest way to know the right amount of jewelry to wear is to match it with your outfit and find pieces that go extremely well with the color or the texture of what you are wearing. 

Know your style. Know the style that you are looking to achieve with your fashion decisions, and then ask yourself if that piece of jewelry fits in or stands out. If it is too old school or too modern for it? 

Mix and match metals. Mixing different kinds of metals is a great way to accessorize your outfits. Instead of wearing one piece of every metal, try to get fewer pieces with more metals to make your outfit richer. 

Diamond. When you wear diamonds, there is no need for you to wear any jewelry whatsoever. A single diamond is enough to get your outfit going, and you would know exactly the right amount of jewelry to wear with this. 

How to style diamonds

Know when to stop. The key to wearing the right amount of jewelry is to know when to say no to yourself and when to stop just putting on jewelry for the sake of doing it. When you know that, you wouldn’t have to do anything else. 

Earrings. When it comes to earrings, it is a lot easier to go wrong simply because of how many styles and shapes you can wear them in. Keep changing them to keep the outfits interesting but do not go overboard with it. 

How to style earrings

Rings. Try to create more layers with the rings that you are wearing but do not shove one ring in each of your ten rings. Know the right ring for the right occasion, and make sure to match it with your outfits. 

Chains. Chains are a great way to make your neck look more streamlined and in shape. However, pay attention to the length and the metal with which it is made to make sure that you always look your best. 

How to style chains

Bracelets. Bracelets are not that hard to pull off, but you have to know the limit of how many you can wear and what kind you should wear with what outfit. You should probably stop if you cannot see your wrist anymore. 

Watch. A watch becomes even more of an asset in your outfit if you add some kind of precious metal to it and use it as a piece of jewelry. After that, you can seldom go wrong with it, and luckily you can wear just one watch at a time. 

Keep experimenting. The only way that you can find out for yourself what is the right amount of jewelry for you to wear is to keep experimenting with them, and with time, you will surely realize what works and what does not. 

How to experiment with jewelry

Keep it simple. The safest option when it comes to jewelry is to keep things simple. Simplicity will always be considered elegant no matter where you are. So do not try too hard but just keep things as simple as you can. 

Be minimalistic. Minimalism is a way of life and not just any way but a great way. When it comes to jewelry, minimalistic jewelry is going to steal the show nine out of ten times, and the best part is that you do not even have to put in any effort for it. 

Don’t look for trends. Following trends is not really a good idea with jewelry. They are supposed to be timeless pieces while trends, as we all know, are temporary. So you should probably avoid them wearing the right amount. 

The right necklace. There will always be a decision for you to make whenever dressing up, whether to wear a necklace or not. More often than not, you should say no unless you are absolutely sure as it is the safer option. 

How to choose the right necklace

Pick special pieces. When you pick the pieces that have some sort of sentimental connection with you, you naturally feel better and stay away from taking away from their charm. 

There are no rules. Understand that there are no rules when it comes to fashion and you are allowed to wear anything you love. However, that also means that it is also your responsibility to not overdo things. 

Bangles. Bangles can take an outfit to the next level because of the special charm that they bring, but it is also important to know that they are for special occasions and should not be overdone every single day. 

How to style bangles

Know what you are focusing on. Know what part of your outfit you are focusing on so that you can build your outfit around it. You can stay away from overdoing things in this way. 

Gold and silver. Gold and silver will always be your two faithful options when it comes to dressing up, and you can rarely go wrong with them unless you mix them or overdo things. 

How to take care of gold jewelry

Take off the last thing you put on. This is a quick fashion tip that everyone should remember. When you are done dressing up and are satisfied with how you look, just take off the last thing that you put on, and you would be good to go. 

Do not be flashy. It is also very important to now flaunt your jewelry or be very flashy about it. Your complete outfit is supposed to come together in a package and not for it to look flashy individually.

Know the occasion. Probably the most important point to keep in mind when it comes to knowing the right amount of jewelry is to know the place you’d be wearing it at. If it is appropriate for the occasion, it must be alright. 

How to take care of silver jewelry

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