How Guys Can Focus on The Dressing: 35+ Fashion Tips

When dressing up clean and crisp, it is all about those small details that people notice. You have to be very refined in your clothing decisions always to look your best. Although this skill takes a lot of time to master, here are a few tips that will surely help you. 

Tips to focus on the small details of dressing for guys.

Shoes. Your shoes require your attention more than anything, and you need to focus on the minutest details to make sure they are as clean and crisp as they were when you had just got them, which makes you look a lot better. 

How to choose the perfect pair of shoes

Cleanliness. The cleanliness of your outfit is very important, and you need to focus on every simple detail, from stains and wrinkles on your clothes to any sweat patches or marks that you would not want people to see. 

How to keep clothes clean

Accessories. It is great to accessorize and make your outfit look richer. However, it is very easy to get lost while accessorizing and getting things mixed up. So make sure you wear your accessories only as much as you want to. 

Tie. Your tie is that small part of your outfit that can instantly make or break an outfit. Picking the right color or the right pattern is one thing, but half of the charm lies in mastering the tying technique of wearing a tie. 

How to choose perfect tie

Socks. Socks are more important for your outfit than you realize. Keeping them clean and fun can do so much for your outfit and make you look so much more confident than you realize. Keep them clean and look fresh. 

Handkerchief. It is always the sign of a true gentleman to carry a clean, white handkerchief, and making this a habit can take you a long way. So always remember to carry one in your pocket every time you step out of the house. 

Hair. Pay close attention to how your hair looks and focus on details like frizz, loose strands, or it just falling out of place. As much as you would like to be carefree, you will feel a little off until your hair is in the right place. 

Iron. Ironing your shirt and pants before you put them on is a great way to instantly look a lot better and make your outfit cleaner and fresher. Details like that play a huge part in your style in the long run, and you should turn it into a rule. 

Buttons. The buttons on your shirts are just as important as the shirt itself. Make sure that they are of a neutral color so that they do not stick out when you wear them. Also, look for shirts with buttons to keep the collar down. 

Belts. The perfect belt would be the one that matches with your watch, or even your shoe shows no sign of wear and tear and does the job effortlessly. Also, make sure the buckle of the belt is not too big and bold to spoil everything. 

Matching. Matching parts of your outfits is a great idea, but if you can make it a point to match your accessories along with your outfit, you would have no problem looking your best. Focus on that detail. 

Pleats. The best way to look clean and crisp in your formal outfits is to pay close to the pleats on your pants. Make sure that they are in the right place, and anything from one to two pleats should be fine. 

Cufflinks. Cufflinks are yet another small detail that can just take your formal outfit to the next level. Not only do they make the cuffs look super clean, but they are also a great way to personalize your outfit. 

Watch. A single wristwatch has the power to take your outfit to a whole new level. Just make sure that you pick the right one with the right outfit and that it matches in some parts, either in color or in texture, with what you are wearing. 

Collar. The collar of your shirt or your t-shirts makes all the difference in your outfit. Make sure that it is always clean and stands straight, the way it is meant to. Do not make it droop or fall down, looking all careless. 

Length. The length of your pants or your jeans, the length of your shirt or t-shirt are going to determine how your proportions look when you dress up. When you pick clothes of the right length, you naturally look better. 

Folds. You can either fold your jeans or your shirt in a neat way and look clean or just do it haphazardly and destroy your outfit. Make sure you pay attention to that part of your outfit. No more than two or three folds are needed. 

Grooming. Grooming is hands down the most important part of dressing up, but we also need to focus on small details of grooming like the underside of the beard, the sideburns, or even managing our body hair. 

Nails. It is just as important to take care of nails for guys as it is for girls. No one likes to look at unclean or untrimmed nails even when they shake your hands; make sure to keep them in check. Cut and trip them timely. 

Shirt stays. Shirt stays are a great way to make your tucking in look more refined. It makes your outfit look crisp by holding the shirt in its place after tucking it in, no matter how much you move around or what you do. 

Crease. The crease on both your shirt and your pants is just as important to make it look clean and crisp. In addition, it gives off an impression that the clothes are fresh off the rack and you have just put them on. 

Experiment. You need to keep experimenting with your style and make it a rule to try one new outfit or one new style every change of season. Follow the rule, and you will understand how important small things like that are. 

Scuffed footwear. You should stay away from any form of scuffed footwear no matter how much you love that sneaker or that boot. There is always a time to let it go, no matter how close it is to your heart. 

Perfume. Perfume is that small part of your outfit which no one really notices at first glance but plays a huge part as people begin to come closer to you. Make sure to apply the right amount in the important places to make it last longer. 

How to apply perfumes

Wear in your jeans. Break in your jeans before you begin to wear them everywhere and every single day. They take some time to adjust to your body, and the longer they stay, the better they look. 

How to choose perfect pair of jeans

Underwear. Your underwear should be comfortable enough to help you move around and layer on top of it as much as you like without feeling uncomfortable. Also, make sure that it does not pop out and show itself while moving around. 

Glasses. Your glasses or your spectacles need more of your love and care. There will always be a few frames that look better with certain outfits and do not go well with the others. Pick the right man for the right job. 

How to choose good pair of glasses

Pocket squares. Pocket squares with or without the tie are a great accessory to go with your suit and kind of complete the entire look. Understand that matching it is okay but trying different colors and patterns is equally fine. 

What are different types of pocket square folds

Unbuttoning. You have to know when to button your shirt to the neck and when to let loose and unbutton a few buttons. There are a few occasions and styles where unbuttoning a few buttons only makes you look hotter. 

Tucking in. Tucking in your shirt is an art, and you need to know exactly when and how to do it. Besides knowing the occasion, there are also a few different methods that you can use to achieve that perfect tuck you have been looking for. 

How and when to tuck in shirts

Hat. A hat could do a lot of good things for your outfit only if you are open to trying new styles and outfits. Make sure to also focus on its productivity. 

Jackets. Jackets are all about the right fit and the correct fabric, but people often fail to notice that they also need to be worn according to the weather and not just because they look good. 

Chains. Chains are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can rock one, you would definitely stand out. You could even strap one to your jeans and see how that works out for you. Pendants and necklaces also look great if done right. 

Pen. A pen is the simplest accessory that you can carry with your formal outfit, and yet it makes you look mature and educated. It makes you look more learned, and if you focus enough on small details like that, you are bound to look extremely good. 

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