How Girls Can Style in Black T-Shirt: 36+ Fashion Tips

A black t-shirt is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. It is simple, it is comfortable and you can style it in whatever way possible. Make sure you nail the fit and keep stocking on those black t-shirts as much as you want. Here are a few fresh ideas for your favorite t-shirt. 

Here are Tips for girls to style your black t-shirt

Like an overshirt.  The easiest way to style your black t-shirt is to wear it with a shirt on top of it and turn it into an overshirt. It is fresh, stylish and the great thing about the black t-shirt is that you can wear any shirt on top of it. 

With black sneakers. A black t-shirt provides the best base for any kind of layering plus it can even become a complete look on its own if paired with the right kind of footwear. You have to match the black t-shirt with some black sneakers to get the perfect look. 

How to style black sneakers

An all-black look. An all-black look can be your go-to outfit idea no matter where you are headed. Match all the other parts of your outfit to the color of your black t-shirt and you would have the perfect outfit for the day. 

With a skirt. To get a cleaner and crisper look with your t-shirt, just pair it up with some black or navy pleated skirt along with your favorite pair of heels. Make sure the skirt fits you right and let the black t-shirt work its magic. 

Under a blazer. This one is for the office when you don’t feel like wearing a shirt. Wear your black t-shirt under a blazer with some pants or even a skirt and do not forget to tuck it in to get the perfect semi-formal look, finish it with a pair of loafers. 

With denim. A black t-shirt and denim are a match made in heaven and this is unarguably the most comfortable and relaxed look that you can wear.  Preferably dark-colored denim-like blue or black would do the trick. 

How to choose the right denim

White contrast. Try and introduce some white contrast into your outfit when you wear your black t-shirt. The safest way to add the color white to your outfit is to wear some clean white sneakers with whatever you are wearing. 

Rolled up sleeves. Even if your black t-shirt is short-sleeved, rolling them a few times creates a new look altogether. It turns your regular black t-shirt into the boyfriend t-shirt that all of us love to wear and relax in. 

The oversized fit. Unarguably the most relaxed and coolest take on the classic black t-shirt. The oversized fit looks a lot better with the black t-shirt and can be completed with some denim and high-top sneakers like the Chuck Taylors. 

How to style oversized t-shirts

With red checks. The classic red and black flannel shirt is the best shirt to pair the black t-shirt with. With some black jeans and boots or even some high tops, it creates the perfect casual look and makes you look like a rockstar. 

Style with boots. Black boots work the best with the classic black t-shirt given you pick the right ones. This is the classic example of the rockstar look and is considered stylish even to this dare, make sure to master the half-tuck to complete the look. 

Match with some navy pants. Going for the same clean and crisp look, match your black t-shirt with some slim navy pants to look your best. You could even try some textured pants because your t-shirt is already solid to provide the perfect base. 

Tuck it in with high waist jeans. High waist jeans are a personal favorite of all the girls out there simply because it makes the waist looks more streamlined. The black t-shirt is undoubtedly the favorite pairing as it makes the upper body look slimmer. 

Pair with some shorts. Some denim shorts with the black t-shirt is the classic summer look and is enough to make you feel stylish and comfortable for the season. You could even try the half-tuck here to make it look more natural. 

How to style shorts

Under the overalls. Overalls are not something that you can wear every day of the week but when you finally decide to put them on, make sure to wear the black t-shirt underneath. It makes the perfect base to wear with it. 

The grey-black look. Grey is one of those colors that matches and blends perfectly with the color black. You could try and pair your black t-shirt with some ash grey or even charcoal pants or skirt. The grey jeans are also a great option. 

Pair with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are yet another staple in any girl’s wardrobe just like the black t-shirt and they are a perfect match for each other. You do not need to wear anything else when you put these on. 

Match with some baggy jeans. The baggy aesthetic has been in trend for quite a long time simply because of how comfortable and body-friendly it is. Match your black t-shirt with a pair of dad jeans to nail the baggy aesthetic. 

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Leather pants are the best. Leather pants are like the second layer of skin that all of us need to look stylish. They are not as uncomfortable as they look and are a great match for the classic black t-shirt to create a great look. 

How to style leather pants

Under a bomber jacket. A black t-shirt is a t-shirt to wear when you want to layer your outfit. It creates a slim layer and allows you to wear even puffy jackets like the bomber without looking out of shape or puffy overall. 

How to style a black bomber jacket

The cropped t-shirt. The black cropped t-shirt is just perfect to wear casually with some high waist jeans for a casual free-flowing look. Add a zip-up hoodie on top to create the perfect layer. 

Use it as a dress. If the black t-shirt is long and oversized, it can even be used as a dress with a belt worn around it. Pair it with some thigh-high boots or sneakers to complete the look and you’d be good to go. 

Match it with a mini skirt. The mini skirt is perfect for you to tuck in your black t-shirt and get a clean look for not only your workspace but also a casual day out with your friends. 

With the leather jacket. It does not get any better than this and you cannot top this level of coolness when it comes to your black t-shirt. Pick a nice slim leather jacket and you have the best rockstar look possible. 

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