How Guys Can Choose the Perfect Footwear: 30+ Fashion Tips

Your footwear is the heart of your outfit, and it has the power of making or breaking it. When it comes to footwear, you have to find the perfect pair every single time to feel confident and look your best comfort. 

Tips for Guys For choosing the perfect footwear 

Why is brand important while choosing shoes

Size is the key. Understand that when it comes to footwear, it is all about the size. No matter how much you spend on it or how incredible it looks, it is going to be useless unless it matches your foot size and fits like a glove. 

Buy one pair at a time. Do not just get inspired one day all of a sudden and go on buying as many shoes as you like. Instead, focus on one good pair at a time, and get to know about the things that you like about footwear and what you prefer. 

Get a shoe rack. You have got to have fixed secure storage space for your footwear in your house. Shoes do tend to get dirty a lot and accumulate a lot of dust if kept idle; get a rack at least to keep them well and in perfect condition. 

Get a cleaning kit. A shoe cleaning kit will turn into your best friend when you start looking for the perfect pair. You need to have a complete cleaning kit to make sure they are always as good as new. 

Know your style. Know what your style is to the core and what you truly love in a shoe. Once you have figured out what your style is, you will be naturally inclined towards the shoes that go with your style and are a perfect match. 

Keep your wardrobe in your head. When looking for the perfect shoe, you have to have a clear picture of your wardrobe or at least your outfits in your head to make a good call. Although the shoe in itself is not perfect, you’ll turn it into one. 

Buy a few extra laces. A few extra laces will come in handy in a lot of different situations. They are great if your current laces need replacement, but if they are of a different color, they add a different vibe to the shoe. 

Focus on the material. Focus especially on the material of the footwear to check if it is comfortable for your feet, if it will last you for a considerable amount of time and if it looks great on your feet. If all three conditions are met, you have a perfect shoe. 

The built quality. The built quality, which means the techniques and the raw material used in making the shoe, also play an important role in the functioning and looks of the shoe. If the built quality is great, they are worth the money. 

Originals only. When it comes to the right footwear, you have to trust the big brands to deliver every single time you spend money. So stick to buying original footwear and buy it only from trusted sources. 

Why should you buy original shoes

The classics. There are a few classic shoes that have been perfect since they were created, and they will stay that way for a really long time. The Air Force 1, the Superstar, the Old Skool are only to name a few from the list. 

Keep them shining. You need to do everything in your power to make them look as good as new and to keep them shining, and only then will they actually become the perfect footwear that you can choose every single time. 

Do not overspend. While some shoes are definitely worth the big bucks, you should stay away from overspending or spend too much on shoes that will just lie idle in a few months. Instead, spend only on quality items. 

Wait for a sale. Almost all the good shoe brands do have a season sale, and you can find some great deals if you look carefully. It is always a better option to wait for your favorite footwear to go on sale rather than buying them immediately. 

Ignore the hype. Ignore all the things, especially footwear that is surrounded and showered in the hype. They are not worth the price tag that comes attached to them and is just a great market strategy to drive people on. 

Focus on the leather. Focus on the leather of the shoe, be it a sneaker, a dress shoe, or some boots. The type of leather being used is extremely important as you would make out the difference in comfort and durability. 

How to take care of leather shoes

Invest in dress shoes. A gentleman must invest in some good dress shoes. Just a few good pairs are enough to take you through all the weddings, formal events, or even some get together and are perfect to go with your suit. 

How to take care of dress shoes

Build your shoe collection. Your shoe collection will not be ready and will be far away from perfect in just a few weeks or even months. However, your style will develop with time, and so will your shoe collection, making smart decisions. 

What type of shoes should you have in your collection

Know your ankle length. The ankle-length of the shoes is very important, especially for shorter guys. High tops are a bit more difficult to pull off compared to lows or mid-tops, and you need to know what makes you look taller. 

Try a few different sizes. Try a few different sizes before you finally decide on one, and make sure you know what size you are now that we have more half and quarter sizes in the market. Also, know your size in both UK and US measurements. 

Buy a few different colors. If you are completely drooling over a certain model of footwear, you must buy it in a few different colors to make sure that you do not run out of options, better to buy now than regret later. 

Start with the basics. To find the perfect footwear, you need to start with the basics like a good clean white pair, an active pair, more dressy footwear, and maybe even a boot and take it from there to keep implementing changes. 

Use colorful laces. Colorful laces are a great way to make any shoe interesting from boring, and they are perfect when you are not only trying to stand out from the rest but also want to just have some fun with your shoes. 

Have different kinds of shoes. Spread out into buying all kinds of shoes like sneakers, sports shoes, dress shoes, and even boots and all maybe a few other categories so that you have a wide variety to choose from when the time comes. 

Love your feet. Love your feet, and make sure they are always comfortable in whatever you put on. End of the day, your perfect piece of footwear will always be the one that makes you feel like you are floating in the air. 

Socks. The perfect pair of footwear is always assisted by the right pair of socks, and you have to buy a few fun and funky pairs to make you feel perfect. 

How to choose the right pair of socks

Pick the right silhouette. The silhouette of the shoe makes it what it is. If it is nice and sleek, you would want to wear it on nicer occasions; if it is relaxed, you would want to wear it more casually and so on. 

Chunky. Chunky sneakers have been growing in popularity ever since they made a comeback, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Try a few chunky pairs to find your perfect pair to go with your casual and stylish vibe. 

How to style chunky sneakers

Clean and crisp. Shoes that are clean and crisp would be perfect for any occasion and would match well with any outfit. The tricky part is to find a crisp pair and remember that you can never go wrong with a clean white sneaker. 

Look for the brand name. The brand name does matter a lot when it comes to footwear, as not only does it make it more recognizable, but you are guaranteed a certain standard of quality whenever you buy from a certified brand. 

Know your schedule. Know the right time for you to buy shoes. It should usually be a cycle of wear and tear and replacement, and you ideally should not have more shoes than you actually need. 

Patterns. Patterns on shoes are considered to be extremely fashionable with the latest trends, and they might be perfect for you to experiment and push your comfort zone. 

Customize a pair. There is no better feeling for someone who is looking for a perfect pair of shoes than getting a pair customized for yourself, with all the details that you like right from the shape to the design. 

Longevity. The time for which the shoe would last should also be taken into consideration while buying it. Examine everything from the sole to the inner padding to make sure it has the resources to handle the pressure. Also, make sure it does not start smelling while wearing. 

How to make shoes last long

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