How Girls Can Wear Solid Pastel Colors: 35+ Fashion Tips

Pastel shades are a personal favorite of girls who like to dress up in a fun and simple way. Pastel shades are soothing for the eyes and comfortable to wear, even on a hot sunny day. Here is how to pick the right shade and style it. 

Tips for girls to wear solid pastel colors 

Pastel dresses are perfect for any occasion. Dresses with pastel shades are not only elegant and classy but are also perfect for any given occasion. Get a few of them now so that you never run out of options.

Build your outfit around one shade. Make sure to keep one pastel shade piece as the center of your outfit and build your entire look around it. All the other components should try to complement it. 

Wear light dresses. Dresses made up of lighter fabric are a better option for pastel shades as they are more subtle and pleasant looking; it is a perfect match for any outfit or any look. 

Add a scarf. When wearing pastel shades, adding a scarf of a similar shade could make a big difference. It adds a nice touch to the outfit and brings it all together. 

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Throw in a hat. A light that is a perfect accessory to go with any pastel shade outfit. Be it at the beach or at the pool; you have to put on a hat with any outfit with pastel shades. 

Add blue to the pallet. Blue is one color that matches very well with most pastel shades. This makes your regular blue jeans a perfect match for most pastel shades. Next, pick a lighter shade of blue. 

Wear more white. White is going to be your next favorite color if you would be wearing pastel shades more often. It is that one color that matches really well with them and completes any outfit. 

Let go of dark colors. You might have to stop wearing colors like black and navy if you would be wearing pastel shades as it does not match with the vibe of the pastel shades. 

Find complementing colors. Find similar tones in the outfit that complement your pastel shades. Colors like pink and white, beige, and blue go well with each other as starting combinations. 

Wear colors that match your skin tone. Keep your skin tone in mind when picking your favorite pastel shades. There will be a few shades that complement your skin tone more than other colors.

How to find the perfect color of dress for my skin tone

Throw in a belt. A belt could be the last missing piece of your outfit and if you are going to be wearing one, pick one of a lighter shade and a slim build, preferable fabric belt. 

Wear a slim watch. When you are going to be wearing a watch, make sure it is not a black watch and has a slim strap. The colors that work the best are white and light brown or the pastel shade itself. 

Wear pastel shades tops. You have got to get yourself a bunch of pastel shade tops to make your wardrobe feel complete. They are easy to match and look extremely stylish when done well. 

Crop tops with blue jeans. It does not get any cuter than crop tops of pastel colors, and they are a perfect match for your blue jeans or shorts. 

 How to style blue jeans

Metals are pastel shades that match well. Be it a zipper or a silver chain, metals match well with pastel shades and make the outfit look very dynamic. Metal rings are equally great. 

Pastel shade pants are a must-have. Pants of pastel shades are perfect pants to wear to the office. They are light, classy, and match well with most worktops or shirts.  

How to style pastel shade

Get a few skirts. Skirts of pastel shades are great for any occasion, but they are that one piece of clothing that looks incredible with a single shade. Try the same color for both the top and the bottom. 

Wear jackets of this shade. Wearing pastel shade jackets is going to be your next favorite thing once you discover how stylish and colorful they are. They are the perfect layering piece to have. 

Have a matching handbag. Remember to make your outfit better by carrying a handbag of a similar shade to that of your outfit. 

 perfect matching handbag

You must get a few shirts. A few pastel shade shirts are a must-have for any girl. They are perfect for the office, extremely comfortable to wear, and very easy to style. All in all, a must-have. 

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Wear more of what you love. Wear more of the pastel shades that you love, the colors that you are most comfortable with, and you can experiment with other colors later on. 

Wear metallic heels. Heels are close to every girl’s heart, and if you are going to be wearing pastel shades in your outfit, metallic heels are your best pick for it. 

A pastel shade suit. Get an all pastel shade suit with the blazer and pants of the same shade. Wear it with any t-shirt or shirt inside, and you are good to go. 

how to style a pastel shade suit

Pink is your color. It is no secret how much girls love the color pink and if you are just starting out with pastel shades, wear as much pink as you want. 

Keep it fun and colorful. The heart and soul of any pastel color are that it is colorful and fun to wear. So keep these two factors in your head whenever wearing them. 

Try on different, more relaxed fits. Pastel shades are all about trying new and different things and if you wish to nail the look, try more relaxed and baggy fits, which match better with these shades. 

Do not overcomplicate things. Try to keep the outfit as simple as possible. For example, pick a pastel shade and make the whole outfit around it by complementing it with other colors and wear the right accessories.

Stay away from big and bold patterns. The whole idea of wearing pastel shades is to keep things subtle, and you cannot do it if you are wearing big, bold, and flashy prints and patterns. 

Why avoid big, bold patterns

Wear light-tinted glasses. Sunglasses are a big part of any look. For the pastel shades, pick sunglasses with a light tint that matches the pastel shade. Pick a white frame to make it look more natural. 

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