How Girls Can Style in White T-Shirt: 25 Examples

White t-shirts are something all of us have grown up wearing. Even if our style has evolved over the years, this white t-shirt has always remained a constant in our wardrobe. Especially because of how stylish and versatile it is, there are a lot of ways in which you can wear it. 

Here is how you girls can style your favorite white t-shirt

Pair it with black jeans. Black jeans are the ideal type of bottom wear to wear with your white t-shirt. High waist, skinny, or even just regular black jeans would be perfect to match with your white t-shirt, don’t forget your favorite sneakers to complete the look. 

Put on some blue jeans. Next comes the classic light or deep blue jeans, which make for yet another great pairing for the white t-shirt. This is a great look in itself, but don’t forget some white sneakers to complete the whole look. 

An all-white look. If you are putting on a white t-shirt, you might as well go ahead and complete the whole look with some white pants and shoes to create a monochrome outfit. White shirts would also be a great alternative. 

how to style oversized white t-shirts

With long pants. White t-shirts are just so great at pulling any outfit together that they look equally good with long and baggy pants. Make sure to tuck them in and finish the look with some comfortable footwear. 

Under a shirt. It does not get any better than the over-shirt look when it comes to white t-shirts. Pick colors of lighter shades like blue or pink to create a more balanced look, but it is totally alright if you are feeling adventurous and pick darker shades to wear over it. 

With a stylish blazer. This is the modern office or semi-formal look that everyone else has been rocking and loving for a long time. Just wear your t-shirt underneath your blazer in place of a shirt, and it would be the perfect work outfit. 

Pair it with any jacket. A white t-shirt can be paired with any kind of jackets like leather, denim, or even varsity, but they always look a little bit better with some blue jeans and a green bomber, which does not get better than this. 

Match the right accessories. When looking for a complete look with the classic white t-shirt, you need to have the right accessories. Metallic jewelry is the right way to go with it and keep the makeup on the lighter side. 

Put on a long skirt. Long skirts are not only incredibly comfortable to wear, but they are also a great match for your favorite white t-shirt. Because the outfit’s base is so solid and simple, you can go ahead and try as many different prints with the skirts as you want. 

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Wear a white crop top. If you are going to wear a white t-shirt, why not make it a bit cooler by picking a white cropped t-shirt. It is much cooler and looks incredible with any kind of high waist bottom wear. 

how to style white crop tops

Tie the end of the t-shirt. If your t-shirt happens to have lost its shape, but you still want it to look its best, just take the loose ends and tie it into a knot. This trick always works wonders with some blue jeans. 

Pair it with high waist jeans and a skirt. White t-shirts work best when paired with anything high waist. Be it high waist jeans or high waist skirts, just tuck your white t-shirt in, and you will have the look that you want. 

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With joggers or pajamas. For more of a sporty and relaxed look, or maybe when you are out for a run, pair your favorite white t-shirt with some comfortable joggers or pajamas and finish the look with some classic trainers. 

how to style pajamas

With formal pants. Again targeting the same semi-formal area, match your white t-shirt with any formal pants in your wardrobe, and it would look equally good. Finish the look off with some dress shoes or leather loafers. 

Wear it under a blazer and skirt set. If you do not wish to wear a proper suit, just get a matching set of blazers and skirt and wear it with your white t-shirt providing the perfect base. Some clean white sneakers would be perfect for the look. 

Make it into a dress. If the white t-shirt is long enough, you can almost turn it into a proper dress with some shorts underneath. Wear some low-top sneakers to complete the whole look, and maybe get a jacket to wear over it. 

Pair it with some baggy jeans. The baggy and relaxed aesthetic has been popular for quite some time now. If you are not a skinny jeans person, do try out some baggy jeans to pair with the white t-shirt. 

Fold the t-shirt sleeves. Folding the t-shirt sleeves gives you a whole new look altogether, believe it or now. For the whole boyfriend t-shirt look that has been going around, folding your short sleeves could make all the difference. 

Tuck in the t-shirt. If you ever feel like you need a fresh change in your white t-shirt look, all you need to tuck in your t-shirt with whatever you are wearing, and you will notice the change yourself. Give it a nice and clean tuck to look your best. 

Wear it under overalls. Overalls might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are going to wear them, make sure to wear your white t-shirt under it to get the complete look. Denim overalls are the right way to go. 

Pair it with some checked pants. Checked pants are not something you see daily simply because of how hard they are to pull off and pair. However, they are a perfect match for your white t-shirt, a perfect pair. 

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Leather pants are a great match. Who said that leather pants are out of style? They are still very much relevant if you are willing to wear them with your white t-shirt and finish the look with some boots. 

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With white glasses and a hat. If you are going to wear a white t-shirt, you better do it the right way, and the right way to do it is to match it with some white shades and a white hat to go with it, maybe even a white hairband to go with it all. 

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Floral or animal prints. Because the color white is so minimalistic and elegant, you are allowed to experiment as much as you want with the rest of the outfit with wild prints like floral, animal prints, tie-dye, and so on. 

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