How Girls Can Choose Footwear: 35+ Fashion Tips

Your footwear is a big part of your outfit, and it can either make you stand out amazingly or look out of place. It is all about that perfect shoe or the ideal pair of heels that anyone would die for; here is how to achieve that perfection.

Here are Tips to choosing the perfect footwear for Girls

Know the occasion. The tip to finding the perfect footwear is to know the place that you would be wearing that footwear too. Trainers for running and working out, heels or dress shoes for formal events and sneakers for casual occasions, etc. 

Match your outfit. The simplest way to choose the perfect piece of footwear is to ask yourself what would look best with the outfit that you are wearing and take it to the next level. Then, all you have to do is match your shoes with your clothes. 

Go through your wardrobe. Check what you have in your wardrobe currently so that whenever you think of buying or even picking footwear, you would know exactly which one goes with what and make the outfit perfect. 

White shoes. You can never go wrong with an elegant pair of white shoes, even if you tried to. They go with literally any outfit and are fit for any occasion. A clean white leather sneaker is your ideal shoe and the perfect footwear. 

How to take care of white shoes

Heels. You have got to have a few pairs of heels to match with those elegant dresses to wear to those important events. A pair of simple monochrome heels, preferably black or red, would turn out to be your perfect footwear. 

Trendy sneakers. Trendy sneakers would always be in high demand just because of how versatile and perfect they are for casual occasions. You can always find a top ten trendy sneakers list if you are confused. 

Age-old classics. There are a few sneakers in the history of shoes that have been considered to be classics ever since they came out. Of course, you can never go wrong with some classic Superstars, Chucks, or even some Vans. 

Look for a sale. Instead of buying the shoes when they drop or when they come back into stock, wait for them to go on a sale, which usually happens at the end of the season. Then, they would become a perfect pair for the price you’d spend. 

How to buy the perfect pair of heels

Do not overspend. A good piece of footwear is definitely worth spending over, but you need to differentiate between spending wisely and overspending. Spend on a shoe that is worth the investment in the long run. 

Why should you not overspend on shoes

Build a shoe collection. A good shoe collection is not built in a day or even a year. You need to keep adding valuable pieces of footwear to your collection, and one day you will have a perfect shoe for all your clothes. 

How to build a shoe collection

Get a shoe closet. The very first step towards choosing the right footwear for your outfit is to get a shoe closet to help you manage your shoes better. The more that you love your shoes, the better they will serve you. 

How to choose a good shoe closet

Keep your outfit in your head. Whenever choosing footwear, you always have to keep an outline of the entire outfit in your head. You need to make sure that your footwear blends right with the outfit and is perfect for it. 

The silhouette. The silhouette of the shoe is extremely important not only for the outfit but also for your comfort. Pick sleeker shoes for crisp outfits and more comfortable ones for a more relaxed and casual vibe. 

The material it is made of. The material of the footwear is very important for your comfort along with its durability. Cheap material will not only hurt your foot but will fall apart in no time and is not worth the investment. 

Look for brands. Footwear is one place where you should trust the known and reliable brands blindly simply because of the quality that they provide and the tight competition in the market. So you would never go wrong with Adidas, Nike, Puma, and so on. 

Originals only. There are a lot of fake shoes going around in the market, and some of them are such incredible replicas that they seem indistinguishable from the real ones. Make sure you buy your footwear from trusted places. 

Keep it clean. Any shoes that are taken care of well and are clean and crisp will become the perfect shoe for any occasion. Take care of them well so that they can take care of how your outfit looks. 

How to clean my shoes

Right size. If you do not get the size right off the shoe, then no matter how stylish or fancy it is or for how low the price is, all will be in vain. You have to nail the size every single time that you go out to buy some footwear. Know your size in all formats, US, UK, and China. 

Try a few different sizes. Try a few different sizes before you finally decide what size you are. Especially since there are half or even three-fourth sizes becoming more popular in the market, it has become easier to identify the exact size of your foot. 

The inner lining. The inner lining of the shoe is just as important as the material of the shoe. Whether it has been stitched, glued, or made using any other method plays a huge role in making it the perfect shoe for you. 

The cushioning. The cushioning in a shoe is extremely important to take good care of your feet. The insides of the shoe need to be nice and soft so that you can wear them for a longer period comfortably. 

The elevation. One of the best parts of a good shoe is that they make the person look taller, especially the girls who are relatively short. Some heels could make you look close to half a foot taller; could you ask for more?

Get it in different colors. If you find a shoe to be extremely comfortable and stylish, it pretty sure comes in a bunch of different colors. So get a few of them so that you have one for every outfit, and you do not regret it after it goes out of stock. 

Buy a few shoelaces. To make your shoe fun and interesting and also to be on the safe side, it is great to have a few extra shoelaces of different colors. They not only change the vibe of the shoe but are perfect for some fun. 

How to style colorful shoelaces

Keep adding shoes to your cart. Instead of buying shoes the moment that you open your favorite website keep adding them to your cart and checkout only after a few days to make sure you are still in love with that shoe. 

Stay away from the hype. It is very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of hype that shoes, especially sneakers, come with. There is an entire industry in the footwear market based on overpricing and hype; try to stay away from it. 

The sole. The sole is to the shoe what a soul is to us human beings. It keeps the shoe going, and if the sole does not have enough grip, you are likely to fall over. So walk a few steps in the shoe before you buy it. 

Why is the sole of the shoe important

The outline. The outline or the shape of the shoe is just as important as the material it is made up of. Focus on the shape and the outfit that it goes best with to make a perfect match. 

Comfort. Comfort has to be the number one priority when it comes to shoes. Even if you are willing to die for those new pairs of heels, they probably are not worth it if they aren’t at least remotely comfortable to wear. 

Durability. The durability or the period for which the shoe lasts is very important. A good shoe lasts for anywhere from one to three years and sometimes even more if it is taken care of and is of good built quality. 

Foot support. Good footwear is all about foot support. Even the most painful heels provide you with enough foot support to make the legs look better and the outfit better constructed. 

The quality of the leather. The quality of the leather is the primary factor for any good leather footwear. Anywhere from leather sneakers to boots, the quality of the leather is of paramount importance as you would be able to feel the difference. 

Great socks. Nothing makes a pair of footwear more perfect than some fun socks to go with them. Make sure you get a few pairs next time. 

In-soles. If the insides of shoes are not cozy enough, but it looks great, you can turn it into the perfect footwear by sliding in a few insoles to make it more comfortable and fluffier. 

Shoe care kit. A good shoe care kit can turn any ordinary piece of footwear into the perfect shoe that you have been looking for. The complete kit will make sure that they get enough love. 

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