How Guys to Dress up For a Wedding: 25 Fashion Tips

The wedding that you have been invited to needs you to look your best and show up at the occasion in your best fit. You need to clean up nice before you show up to such an important event, and we are here to guide you through the process. 

Tips for guys to dress up for a wedding 

Your best suit. It is that time of the year to bring out your best suit. All of us have that one suit that we can rely on to make us look our best when we need to. Bring out your best-fitted suit for the wedding and look sharp. 

How to choose right suit

Wear all black. Wearing all black is always a great option to wear to any wedding if the dress code allows it. Not only do you look a lot slimmer, but a guy always looks great in black formals. Make sure it fits right, and you would make all the ladies notice you. 

The theme of the wedding. Keep the theme of the wedding in mind when picking your outfit for it. Also, keep in mind the location before you go out shopping. It is important to blend in with everyone at such events. 

Dress shoes. Bring out the best dress shoes that you own to go with your favorite suit. Also, know that it is one of those occasions where you can wear one of those super shiny leather dress shoes which reflect like a mirror. 

How to choose right dress shoe

Sleek hair. A suit and a wedding call for a sleek hairstyle and cleaning up really well. Time for you to man up and get back, brushing your hair to match and complete to clean dressy look perfect for any wedding. 

Skincare. It is time to give some extra care to your skin so that you glow on the day of the wedding. Time to give it some more love than usual so that you can stand with all the pretty faces that you are going to meet there. 

The right tie. The suit does not look as good as it can until you find the right tie for it. Make sure you find one to match the wedding vibe and tie it to perfection. A tie can take any outfit to the next level, and you get a new look altogether when you take it off later on. 

The perfect shirt. Find the perfect shirt for the wedding and make sure it fits you like a glove. Even if you do not want to suit up completely or put on a blazer, if the shirt is right, you would be just fine with just the shirt itself. 

Pants. Everything from the length, the fit, the pleats, to even the inseam and the fabric, everything needs to be to give you a perfect look. Remember that if your legs look good, your whole body looks more proportionate. 

How to choose perfect pants

Fun socks. Time to have some fun, after all, it is a wedding. Instead of those same old boring white or black socks, put on something exciting for people to notice when you take a seat, and the sock shows itself. 

Accessories. Your accessories are going to play a big role in your wedding look. Be it a bracelet, a locket, or even some rings; you need to put on something just to add a new flavor to your suit and make it look better. 

Your watch. You have no other choice but to put on your best watch to match with your outfit to complete it. It is the easiest way to make people take you more seriously and is also an immediate conversation starter. 

Belt. The right belt could make all the difference between a great outfit and an average one. The simplest and oldest trick in the book is to match your belt with either your shoes or your watch strap to look your best. 

How to choose right belt

Matching. Try to make your outfit as synchronized as possible by matching different parts of it with each other, like matching the accessories with the color of the suit, matching the belt with the shoes, or even matching the socks with your tie. 

Color co-ordination. Try to color coordinate your outfit so that it comes together more naturally and makes you look better. All of its elements should point towards the same direction to make it look well put together. 

Pocket squares. Pocket squares could pull off an outfit by themselves, even without a tie, if done right. Try to keep it simple and fun to look your best. Also, check out different ways in which you can use a pocket square. 

Cufflinks. Cufflinks make the sleeves of your shirt look crisper and make it look more organized. Make sure you get a pair that is minimalistic yet attractive and does the job right to add the finishing detail. 

How to choose the right cufflinks

Fit. It is all about the right fit when it comes to looking your best for a wedding. If it fits you right, you already look better than half the people in the room. Make sure everything fits the way you want it to. 

Grooming. Grooming yourself for the wedding is only going to help your clothes make you look better for the wedding. Make sure you do everything in your power to groom yourself well. 

A trim or a shave. If you love your beard, you should probably get a trim, and if you do not love it enough, you should get a clean shave to get that fresh look. It is the easiest way to look your best and a few years younger immediately. 

benefits of shaving

A fresh cut. It might be a great way to try out a new haircut and experiment with your look. It is also a great time to surprise everyone with your new experiment; talk to your barber soon. 

Follow the code. It is nothing but a sin to break the dress code at a wedding just to stand out from the crowd. Do not be that guy who breaks the code but treats it as a challenge and has your personal take on it. 

benefits of following dress code

Dress to impress. Remember that all that effort you are putting in to look your best is worth the effort as you would be a lot of new and interesting people. Plus, you would want to look your best for someone so close to you. 

Tuck in. Remember to tuck in your shirt the right way to achieve the perfect formal look. Also, make sure that no excess fabric hangs out from your waist and makes you look messy. 

Why is tucking in shirt a good option

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