How Can Girls Dress Like James Bond Style: 25 Examples

Other than the world-renowned spy, 007 or James Bond, what always seems to catch our attention in the Bond franchise are the Bond girls.

They are smart, seductive, and more than anything, unpredictable. Even if you do not share those qualities, you can at least try and look the part. 

Tips to dress like a James Bond girl

The chic style. Since the entire franchise came into being, Bond girls have been rocking the so-called chic style and grabbing everyone’s attention. They always seem to be in the limelight with their chic outfits, even when 007 is in the frame. 

Outfits. One thing that neither of us can deny is that no matter which Bond movie do we talk about right from the earliest ones, the outfits of the Bond girls have always been lavish and managed to be the talk of the town. 

Gowns. You would hardly see them wear anything other than a gown when an important moment arrives in the movie. Long, luscious, and free-flowing silky gowns are a trademark of the good old Bond girls that all of us love. 

how to style gowns

Swimsuits. When we talk about Bond movies, how can you forget that one mandatory swimsuit scene in every movie? You would always see them wearing the best swimsuits, fitted to perfection and in colors that make a stamen. 

How to style swimsuits

Make an impression. Even if they are not the most trained fighters or can never survive till the credits start rolling, they do know how to make an impression. Learn to make a long-lasting impression with what you wear. 

The makeup. One thing that has remained constant about all the Bond girls is their makeup. Most of them can be seen with loud makeup attracting all the attention in the room and carrying it better than anybody. 

Shoes. Bond girls know their shoes better than anyone. Even if they are not wearing the classic heels that they are known for, you would never find them slacking off. Some clean sneakers or, in some cases, boots are the way to go. 

Hair. You would never see even a single strand of their hair being out of place, be it the frills, the bangs, or the locks; they are always on point. Take good care of your hair, and you would be a step closer to looking like a Bond girl. 

Accessories. You would never see any of the Bond girls without their accessories, even to the least, they have a bracelet on to complete their look. Keep all your accessories close when you wish to look anything like a Bond girl. 

Their skirts. When they are not in their usual dresses or gowns, they prefer to put on some great-looking skirts. Mostly short or miniskirts, you would see them come out with great patterns and colors in their selection of skirts. 

How to style miniskirts

The physique. Let us be honest, out of all the Bond girls that we have seen over the past decades, all of them have been blessed with great physique right to the last Bond movie. Work hard on yourself if you ever wish to achieve that look completely and dress to compliment that body. 

Playful designs. When they are not at a party or a ball, or even a casino, in this case, they usually like to experiment with different designs on their clothes—the most remarkable of them being the iconic tiger of the leopard prints. 

Leather. Bond girls and leather are almost synonymous, and it is that one element that you must introduce in your wardrobe. From leather pants to bags, feel free to try everything you like, just like a Bond girl would. 

Gold. Their preferred metal has always been gold, and it always will be. Gold shows royalty and class, and when they really need to put on some earrings or a chain, you would most probably see gold other than, of course, diamonds. 

V-necks. V-necks should be patented by Bond girls simply because of how much they love and wear them. Deep V-necks can be seen in almost every other Bond movie, be it at the beach or the ball; learn to carry it. 

How to style V-neck dresses

Suit pants. To add to their mysterious vibe and unpredictable nature, some of them can always get the job done with their hands, and when they do, they are in suit pants. For more of the stronger Bond girls, suit pants are the best. 

White. White is a color that we repeatedly see in Bond movies, especially when it is worn by Bond girls. Everything from white heels, white handbags to even all white dresses, we have seen it all, and you could try drawing inspiration from those looks. 

Heels. You could never separate a Bond girl from heels no matter how hard you tried. From dancing at a party to running for their lives, they do all of it in high heels, and they do it with ease; what is stopping you? 

How to style white heels

Confidence. No matter which movie you are talking about, no matter how weird their names are, you would never see a Bond girl that does not look like the personification of confidence. Be confident in and about yourself, simple. 

Bracelets. Bracelets are that one accessory that you would see all of them wearing with all their dresses and gowns. Small things like that could make all the difference in an outfit. 

Exquisite fabrics. Silk, satin, and linen, fabrics that are light and free-flowing, are usually what they choose to wear to look elegant and classy, a trick you must steal. 

benefits of wearing silk

The no-makeup look. No one pulls off the makeup, makeup look than Bond girls. It is a skill to just do enough makeup to make it look natural; master this skill to look like a true Bond girl. 

How to nail no-makeup look

Smoky eyes. Smoky eyes have always been in trend, but they were made truly mainstream when Bond girls decided to take them to the big screen. Eye makeup is a big part of the Bond girl look; spend time perfecting it. 

How to style smokey eyes

Smell good. Just at the sight of them, you can make out that they smell great even through the screen. Make sure to always smell wonderful wherever you are; choose your perfume wisely. 

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