How to Choose Your Next Book: 25 Useful Tips

These are tough times that the entire world is going through, and it is advised to stay at home as much as possible. So if you are wondering what to do when at home, we would suggest that you read a book. Reading helps the mind to be focused and helps you concentrate more. 

tips for choosing your next book

Sequel: If the previous book that you read has a sequel to it, you should always go for it, provided that you enjoyed reading the first book. A sequel helps you understand the story better, understand the layers of the different characters, and how they develop.

Ways how you can read more

Prequel: If there is a new prequel to the last book that you read, you should go for it. This will help you understand the plot better and will also give you a background of the story.

Series: You can also start reading a new series that suits your favorite genre. It can be a trilogy like Lord of the Rings or a series of seven books like Harry Potter. 

Detective Novels: If your favorite genre is criminal thrillers or detective stories, you can choose any detective novel by your favorite author. We suggest the Hercule Poirot collection by Agatha Christie. 

Join a Club: If you still cannot decide what to read next, you can always join a Book Club. The members of the club will help you choose a book for you, and you will also have a lot of options to choose from.

Help from Friends: You can always ask your friends for suggestions on what to read next. They can always help you choose a book according to your preferences and likes.

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Social Media Groups: There are a lot of groups on social media platforms formed by book lovers. You can join any of these groups and get help from the members to choose a book that you would want to read.

Internet: You can find a lot of suggestions on the internet for books that you might want to read along with the reviews of the suggested books. You can go through these and choose the right one for you.

List of Best Books: Make a list of the books that you want to read or a list of all the bestsellers of the recent or the old times, and then follow the list accordingly.

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Head to the Library: You can always go to the library and then choose what you want to read next. Follow your instincts while choosing a book, and you will never be wrong.

Top places to read

Visit Bookstores: If you do not have a library membership, you can always visit a bookstore and choose a book from there. Scan through the various sections and pick a book that you might like. 

Talk to the Staff: You can consult with the workers of a bookstore or with the librarian to choose a book that you might want to read next. They have an amazing experience and can suggest to you the books that you will absolutely love.

Classics: If you have no idea what to read next, go for the classics, and trust us, you are going to love them.

These classics are an all-time favorite, and never will you not like them. Our suggestions: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pride and Prejudice.

Timeless Authors: If you cannot decide what to read next, just stick to timeless authors and choose a book by any of them.

Go to Bookfairs: You can always visit local book fairs and meet book lovers, authors, and booksellers and talk to them about books. These conversations will help you get an idea about the variety of books available and help you choose what to read next.

Watch Movies: It is not unknown to anyone that books are, in fact, better than movies. Movies are just the tip of the iceberg. However, if you are confused about what to read next, you can take the help of movies. Watch a movie, and if you like it, then you can go for the book.

Online Suggestions: Various online sites and applications can suggest to you what to read next according to your likes and preferences.

You just have to answer a few simple questions, and then you will be suggested a list of books that are suitable for you, and you can choose either one from them.

top sites for your book recommendations

Get a Reading Partner: Make a reading friend or a partner with whom you can read and discuss books. This way, you can expand your network and gain more knowledge about the various kinds of books. Your friend will also help you choose which book to read next and vice versa.

Trial and Error Method: You can choose a few books, and if you are unsure about which one to read first, then you can go with the trial-and-error method.

You can read the first line, first paragraph, or the first page of each book, and then you can choose which book you want to continue with.

Make a Jar: You can buy a jar and fill it with chits containing the titles of the books that you want to read. When you finish reading one book, you can choose a random chit from the jar and read the book that it contains.

Choose according to your Mood: If you are a moody reader, then you can choose a book according to your mood.

If you are feeling romantic, then you can go for the classic love stories by Nicholas Sparks. If you are feeling adventurous, pick up a book by Ruskin Bond, or you can pick up Sci-Fi and read it.

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Ask for Suggestions: You can take the help of social media networks and ask for suggestions from your friends or connections. This will help you expand your network and a wide variety of suggestions to choose from.

Random Selection: You can choose what to read next in a random manner. You can pick any book from the shelf and start reading it.

Google: You can Google about books to read and choose which one you want to read next.

Comics: If you want to read something light, you can read a comic book or a series of comics. This will help you lighten the mood and will also make for a good read.

Recommendations: There are various sites on the internet which will recommend to you what to read next. You can take the help of these sites and choose a book to read.

Keep a Tab on Release Dates: You can keep a tab on the upcoming release dates of the books and then pick them up and read it. You can either buy the book or read the e-book online.

Ask People to Vote: To avoid any confusion, you can make a list of books ask people to vote by creating a poll.

Re-read your Favourites: If you have nothing to read, then you can always re-read your favorite book or start over with your favorite series.

Just Grab the Nearest Book: If you have no clue what you want to read next, just grab the book which is near you and start reading it.

Bookstagram: There is a new hashtag trending on Instagram, and it unites all the book lovers on the platform. They share what they are reading and recommend new books for beginners.

Newspapers, Magazines, and Traditional Outlets: You can always refer to newspapers, magazines, and other traditional outlets for choosing your next book.

There are sections in these print media with new book recommendations, complete reviews, and upcoming release dates.

Ask a Book Lover: If you know any avid reader or a book lover, you can ask them to suggest a book to read next.

Discover your Reading Taste: Before choosing which book to read next, you have to discover what your reading taste is; that is what your favorite genre is. Once you know your type, it will become much easier for you to choose a book to read.

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Narrow your options: Once you have selected your genre, it is time for you to narrow your options down. Strike off the books which do not seem appealing from your list and then choose among the remaining. This will clear all the confusion and will help you choose better.

Online Quizzes: Multiple online quizzes will help you to decide what to read next. You just have to answer a set of simple questions, and then you will be suggested a specific book or maybe a genre.

Experiment: You can never dislike a book until and unless you have actually read it. So choose any book from any genre and start reading it. If you are lucky, you might as well love the book and the author.

Choose Cliché Books: Go with your all-time favorite cliché books if you cannot choose what to read next. 

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