171+ Flirty Volleyball Pickup Lines to Score

When we play or practice sports, it’s not just about winning or losing the game. It is a spirit of participating, sharing emotions, etc.

Volleyball is such a sport of overwhelming emotions. There is always a person with whom we practice all day; we share a bond with them and gradually get attracted to them.

So, if these things happen to you and you want to tell your feelings to that special one, we are here for you. We have Volleyball pickup lines for the two people attached to Volleyball.

Cheesy Volleyball Pickup Lines

Passionate about Volleyball? Or a sports fan? You might have a person with whom you want to share everything.

What is your next step? Don’t get confused. We are here for you to start your conversation in an interesting you. 

You must be a defense specialist cause you are the only one keeping my play alive. 

It would help if you were an excellent blocker cause I can see a big fat tip coming.

You must be a hitter cause I eagerly want to set you up for a perfect spike.

It would help if you were a receiver, as I have some fastballs for you.

It would help if you were a three-point pass cause you look perfect.

It would help if you were a Volleyball because I want to dive for you.

It would help if you were a Volleyball cause I want to hit you.

I’m curious whether you are good at serving your number, as you are good at serving a volleyball. 

You must be the hitter in Volleyball. Can you hit me tonight?

Crazy Volleyball Pickup Lines

The sportsman spirit is a crazy thing. Whether it be a World Cup tournament or just a race competition at your primary school, it fills you with overwhelming emotion.

So for your friend’s group who are crazy about sports, we have Crazy Volleyball Pickup Lines. Give it a try.

It would be best if you were my three-point pass cause you are perfect.

 Would you let me go deep or short?

I guess you are in an ideal-ready position. Can I spike into your net?

I may not be a one-person five-one team, but I have one serious dick, including five figures.

Babe, what do you want, picnic volleyball or jungle ball?

Do you want to see the flare in my new pants?

Babe, I guess you have to work on your ball-handling error. Let’s practice Volleyball.

Baby, can you take your ass a little up because I want to spike that?

Once I am done, you won’t get the time and power to attack and block this cock.

Rare Volleyball Pickup Lines

Trying something different is all we want, whether it be the new techniques for sports or the methods to impress your sports partner.

You might be trying to talk with her but might not know about the different ideas. We heard you.

Go through these Rare Volleyball pickup lines and check how you can speak with her differently. 

Forget about Volleyball; I love your balls.

Do you want to save some balls? Then you have to dive for my pants. 

You must be a Volleyball player. Cause I saw you on knees, and you look perfect.

Don’t worry about the net; we have the best protection.

If you were a setter, I would have hit you.

Are you a volleyball player? Cause I want to assist you with a perfect score.

If you were a Volleyball player, I would have given you personal coaching.

Even if you were a Volleyball player, I would not have blamed you for any fault.

I don’t want to play any decoy game.

Funny Volleyball Pickup Lines

Preparing for a Volleyball competition or a match is not a joke, but at least to break out the tension, we can make the environment a little chill, right?

So, here we have a few Funny Volleyball pickup lines for you to try on the court.

Let’s not go for Penetration.

I want to check your ass with my bump ass.

Are you a Volleyball player? So what do you enjoy the most? Float in the shadow or dive into deep

I can cry foul if you want to stop.

Girl, do you like to receive my point of service?

Babygirl, let’s make a great doubles team.

Where would you like to see my bump? In the attack line or the backcourt? 

Do you want to serve me tonight?

What do you want to play tonight? Defense or attack?

Flirty Volleyball Pickup Lines

Are you flirting with your Volleyball team partners, a Damn cool thing, right? Cause you are trying to make your Doubles partner your life partner.

So for cute stuff on the court, we have some flirty Volleyball pickup lines for you.  

I want to touch you more than three times.

Oh, that’s great you have knee pads. We can do a lot more things with it other than Volleyball.

I will come soon. I guess this would be the right time to run for a cover.

I may not be a service winner, so do you want to see how I score?

I know it’s not allowed, but can I touch you three times?

I have an idea for approaching you: I want to spike you hard.

I know you are familiar with using a block, but I still want to try. 

I just set you up well on the volleyball court; I’m sure I can also set you on the bed.

I want to serve my heart to you; would you do the same?

Short Volleyball Pickup Lines

Sometimes you might have time to go long and start a whole conversation to tell a person how you feel about them.

You can try these Short Volleyball Pickup Lines for such cases and tell them about your heart’s feelings. 

Are you a Volleyball? Cause I want to handle a lot of positions with you.

Do you want to set it up for the future? , Because it is the right time to dive.

Do you want to look at my power trip?

What would you like to have in the breakfast, Pancakes or me?

I don’t know about Volleyball, but I want to pass my heart to you.

Do you want me to serve you my ball?

Do you want me to go for a Cut Shot or Cross Court to score with you? 

This Volleyball might hurt you, but trust me, my balls will not go hard on you.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot on the court; wanna spend some time playing on my bed?

Best Volleyball Pickup Lines

Sports people are always attractive. The players working hard the entire day for each score attracts everybody.

So, if you plan to impress someone who plays Volleyball, we can help you. We list a few of the Best Volleyball Pickup Lines for you to try.

I know touching Volleyball three times is not allowed, so can I do this with you?

I get turned on to see you dive. Can you do it for me again, please?

When can we bump uglies, then why do you want to settle for set and spike?

I’m sure you are not a Volleyball, so can I touch you more than three times?

You turn me on whenever you dive in.

Playing with a ball is fine, but do you want to try my balls once?

I can serve you sound on the court and the bed.

I was very good at today’s match, so can you kiss me for that?

Let’s go to our room and watch the game together.

Super Cheesy Volleyball Pickup Lines

The hardcore Volleyball players might avoid the cheese on their platter, but the cheese on your pickup lines could be good.

So, don’t stop yourself from trying these super cheesy Volleyball pickup lines to make thighs go smooth. 

You look like a setter to me, so it seems I cannot take you on any double date tonight, I guess.

Volleyball is okay, but why don’t you play with me someday?

You are perfect in all ways; I’m sure you are a pass.

You look good on your knee pads, but why don’t you try it on the bed? 

You are the reason to make my heart race. But, unfortunately, I’m sure you are diving suicide. 

You must be a perfect set cause I want to smash that.

I love how you play on the court and in bed.

I wish you were a JCB cause you dig well.

I wanted to explore you; I wish you were a down ball.

Awesome Volleyball Pickup Lines

For excellent players like you, we have some fantastic Volleyball pickup lines that would help you to make friends on the Volleyball court.

You must be a tight set because I want to tip in.

I don’t want to play with your feelings; Volleyball is acceptable for me.

You must be a Volleyball, cause you are mine and love it.

Girl, you can do the same from the back as you hit it from the front.

You will use those knee pads, but not for Volleyball.

My Spandex is tight, but my other things are tighter.

Baby, please hit it hard, the Volleyball.

It would help if you were on the Volleyball, cause I want to play with you all day.

I know it’s not allowed in the game, but I want to touch you three times.

Beautiful Volleyball Pickup Lines

Playing games with your school friends is the best childhood memory you will ever have.

So, if sometimes you are planning a school reunion, you can try these sports (say Volleyball) pickup lines to make those memories fresh again.

Use those knee pads tonight; it will help you.

That Spandex makes your kiss look better than usual.

Can you please serve me your underhand tonight?

I blocked your good short with my good game, so I deserve your number, right?

I want to hit it from the back because I’m short.

It would help if you were a topspin. Just because of you, I am hitting the floor faster.

Warm-up? Dude, you don’t need that; you are already hot.

 I may play short, but trust me, I can go deep.

I can serve my heart to you only if you do the same. 

Catchy Volleyball Pickup Lines

Try these catchy tennis pickup lines and rock the day to make your court more enjoyable.

You are just blocks and blocks; you must be made up of Lego. 

You must be an Olympic Volleyball Player cause I want to dig you. 

If you were a down ball, I would have to dig you.

I love you more than Volleyball.

You are a setter. So, does it means I would not be able to take you out for a double date?

You are good at serving a volleyball. What about serving your number?

You are on our team. So I wanted to assist you with a perfect score.

Baby, I know you can hit both the front and the back.

Baby, you are as perfect as a three-point pass.

Good Chat up Volleyball Pickup Lines

To start a good conversation, you also have to use good words.

So, if you want to start talking with a particular person on the Volleyball court, you can try pickup lines. So, why not create Good chat-up Volleyball pickup lines?

If you were a hitter, I would have set you up a spike.

Forget about the world, and let’s just dig and pass.

Baby, what do you want to play with? Jungle ball or picnic volleyball.

Are your big feet shaft too? I want to see it.

I know you are good at handling Volleyball; can you handle me too?

I am good at handling Volleyball, can you do it too with my balls?

How do you like it, short or deep?…. In Volleyball, obviously.

Let’s go to the sand and prepare for the Volleyball match

Looking at your height, I can see you must be a player. So do you want an play with me tonight?

I know you are a good hitter in Volleyball. So, do you want to hit me instead tonight?

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