151+ best Vitamin Pickup Lines to Boost Your Romance

So are you planning or trying to approach a medical student or a professional doctor?If yes, then you might be looking for some good ways to impress them.

Well, pickup lines could be a good and easiest way for you.  We have a list of 100+ vitamin pickup lines.

These “Vitamin Pickup” lines will help you impress your loved one.

Cheesy Vitamin Pickup Lines

Try these cheesy vitamin pickup lines mentioned below for fun.

All I want is you and vitamin B.

Are you a multivitamin? because you got everything i need

You must be my supplement pills, cause you give me energy.

Is it vitamin C? I miss you so much that I get sick.

Vitamin ‘we’ could be a good pill for our health.

Baby, are you the calcium pill that hardened my bones?

I want you to look good and be healthy, so do you want some Vitamin pills?

Need Vitamin Me?

Girls take iron supplements? for you have shed my blood. I don’t need a vitamin complex, all I want is you.

Do you wanna have my Vitamin D?

I know you really want me, but please don’t bite before you swallow.

I want you to have some Vitamin ‘we’.

My doctor said I have a vitamin U deficiency. The only cure is giving vitamin C.

My doctor says I have a vitamin U deficiency.

What vitamins are you looking for? I’ve heard that semen is made up of lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Would you like Babies who are already hot, so they don’t need more chili extract?

Hey dude, are you my Vitamin pill, cause you make me feel healthy.

You need to be FDA regulated to treat, heal, and prevent my heartbreak.

hey are you vegan because i think you are missing vitamins 😉

Are you vitamin deficient? Because you think you need vitamin me.

I am advised to have a good amount of Vitamin D, could you help me?

Girl, I heard you need vitamin C. This is the “pickup lime”.

Short Vitamin Pickup Lines

You must try these amazing and short vitamin pickup lines we have mentioned below.

If the sun stops shining, I’ll be your vitamin D source. I’m dying and need your help. My doctor says I’m lacking vitamins.

Hey baby, you write that you’re taking Aleve, but I think you’re lacking vitamin M.

Come and meet, I can transfer some Vitamin D to your body.

I need some Vitamin C. Can I suck your lemons?

Is it milk? Because you’re not complete until I put in some vitamin D.

Take vitamins tonight.

I’m not a doctor, but I can cure your vitamin D deficiency

The doctor said I needed more vitamin U.

Are you stressed? I’ve heard that magnesium and vitamin D help… so does sex.

Do you want me to be your sunshine? A little vitamin D will make you feel better…

I think I’m lacking vitamins.

I care about anything, including your sweet vitamin A(ss).

Vitamins are essential to life…especially vitamin U

Hey you’re my vitamin I have to swallow it every morning

Are Babies Antioxidants? Because it suppresses free radicals.

I’m not a doctor, but it looks like you could use vitamin me.

Hey girl, listen, I’m so sick, the doctor said, “I need vitamin U…!”

I am sick. I must be suffering from vitamin U deficiency.

Hey my doctor says I’m vitamin U deficient

My doctor says I could use more vitamin U.

I heard it’s important to take vitamins during this time…I don’t have her A,B,C but I can give her a D.

As you deal with Covid and lockdowns, you should know how important vitamin D is.We can help you get it regularly.

Rare Vitamin Pickup lines

Impress someone and show them how intelligent you are by trying these lines from Rare Vitamin Pickup.

You look pale… Shall we go get some vitamin D together?

You appear to be severely deficient in Vitamin Me.

Miss, do you have rickets? I think I have vitamin D deficiency because I’m missing this vitamin D.

You seem to dislike the sun. Dw I have a lot of vitamin D

Are your allergies high?.Do you need vitamins?

May I take your temperature? You look hot today

Are you my obsession? I feel like I need to turn you off

Throbbing like a drop of adrenaline.

Am I attracted to you or just a blood sugar reading?

intensive care unit in a dream.

Simply tap up/down/left/right until the heat is gone.

Emphysema makes you swell pink, and chronic bronchitis makes you blue, but COPD doesn’t make me short of breath like you do.

Are you C-reactive protein? It’s from

They are systemic and I am lung. Even though we are apart, when we are together we become one.

My love for you is so strong that it cannot be dialyzed.

I can’t stop looking into your eyes, so I can be your eye doctor.

You should become a cardiologist. Because there is something that makes me want to give my heart.

Drowning? Because I feel the urge to give you CPR.

You are the sinus node of my heart. Not even a defibrillator can save me without you.

Funny Vitamin Pickup Lines

You must try these funny vitamin pickup lines that you must definitely try.

COPD? because you take my breath away

I didn’t mean to specialize, but you seem very special.

I would love to be your emergency contact one day.

Let’s share genetic information!

tonight my dream her ICU

you raise my dopamine levels.

Want to learn anatomy?

One apple a day, nothing can stop me.

I have my own multi-position bed

Baby, dilates my blood vessels!

EMTs occur as people sink a little over

minutes from now.

Have you ever slept with a paramedic? Want to?

Drowning wouldn’t be a bad thing if you could revive me by mouth-to-mouth.

Roses are red Violets are blue. You make my heart flutter. I think I have a Mobitz Type II!

Pulmonary embolism? I can’t breathe when I’m by your side

Plump cheeks are the cutest! Eat your cheeks until you’re diabetic, like two little apples blushing.

Excuse me, do you have osteoporosis? Because you’re giving me a serious bone disease!

Why don’t you give up this joint and study anatomy?

Left eye hurt? Because you look right all day long.

Quick Vitamin Pickup Lines

Below are a few quick vitamin pickup lines that you should definitely try.

Are you my obsession?

I think you should take her out with a girl, so I think your personality is very attractive and our protons match.

Hey girl, why do you look weak today? Eat healthy and take care okay.

I wanna date you, so may I know more about you.

I love to be with you forever, may I touch you once.

I wanna look at you every morning and wanna sleep with you every night.

I found every pulse in your body!

Sorry, I think I’ve lost something. A heart beat just looking at you.

Would you like to play doctor with me?

I warn you that organ transplantation can be very dangerous, but I will donate my heart anytime.

Don’t worry, my ligand and your receptor are a perfect match.

Hey baby, do you want to play with my corpus cavernosum?

Doctors told me to have an adequate amount of Vitamin D, so I came here to see you.

I can’t afford to lose you my love. 

I am a certified love doctor mastered over the years

He doesn’t look good, he needs a lot of vitamin ‘ME’

Be so focused that you cannot look away. It’s a way of making us feel like you’re so focused on them that you probably won’t even notice that you’ve been staring at them for quite some time.

The way you look at me is like hypnosis.

Hey, are you okay? I will pray for your good health, till then you can have my Vitamin D.

Come here with me and i will take care of your health my love.

Beautiful Vitamin Pickup Lines

We have listed a few beautiful vitamin pickup lines that you must try.

I know you are not allowed to date your patient, so I would like a different doctor

Even if I eat an apple every day, I can’t leave you!

Emphysema swells pink and chronic bronchitis makes you blue, but COPD doesn’t make me short of breath like you!

You cure my problems just like an MBBS doctor, love you.

I wanna see you healthy forever.

Hey, let’s spend some private time and I will give you my vitamin ‘D’.

I wanna kiss you right now, and suck your vitamin D.

Hey, do you wanna hangout with me?

Well, it’s important to check it once in a while, right?

May I take your temperature? because you look hot today. 

Do you have a fever? Because it looks hot!

Let’s be together forever, laugh at stupid things, go to parties, dance like animal and enjoy our life.

I wanna see you forever happy and with my side.

We can play the doctor for as long as you like.  I would check your body from every angle baby girl.

Be prepared to be checked and all Please take off your clothes!

Do you have a pulmonary embolism? Baby, you’re taking my breath away!

You look weak, wanna have my Vitamin D?

Take care of your health, as you have to be fit for tonight’s game plan.

I guess you forgot to take your supplements, wanna have Vitamin ‘Me’.

Hey, are you the conditioned stimulus? because you make me drool

I am nothing without you, I’m really in love with you.

It is true that love is the only disease and there is no cure or medicine to relieve the symptoms.

It’s nothing after all! Play doctor is for kids! Become an obstetrician-gynecologist.

I don’t want your baby, but I don’t mind honing my baby-making techniques with you. You give me a permanent arrhythmia so I must fall in love with you

You’re making my heart contract prematurely.

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