211+ Vitamin D Pickup Lines to make your crush float

Below is a collection of smooth and dirty vitamin D pick-up lines and opening battlements that work better as Tinder openers than Reddit. Fascinates

Cheesy Vitamin D Pickup Lines

Try these Cheesy Vitamin D Pickup Lines if you are trying to impress a friend of yours who is into Vitamin supplements.

My doctor said I have a vitamin D deficiency. Do you want to come back to me and save me?

If the sun stops shining, I will be your source of vitamin D.

Are you milk? Cause my body needs you.

I’m not a doctor, but I can cure your vitamin D deficiency

Are you feeling stressed? I’ve heard magnesium and vitamin D help… so does sex.

Do you want me to be your sunshine? Give me a little vitamin D, and I’ll feel better. Could you give me some D?.

They’ll give it away. Look pale… Why don’t you go to my house and take some vitamin D? I’m serious.

You should know how vital vitamin D is when dealing with Covid and during a lockdown. You don’t have enough vitamin D

You don’t like the sun, Dw. I have a lot of vitamin D

Are you the sun? I want that vitamin D.

Are you a vampire? I’ll let you suck my vitamin D every day!

Miss, you seem to be missing your daily vitamin D.

Hi, ma’am; I’m a doctor. I can add some vitamin D.

You look malnourished; should I give you some vitamin D?

Call me Mr. Sapuri. I’m here to provide you with vitamin D

, so I have some vitamin D for you.

If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine too. So that’s your vitamin D level.

Hey, are you vegan? I think it’s a vitamin deficiency 😉


My doctor said I have a vitamin D deficiency. Do you want to come back and save me?

Girl, I heard you need vitamin C. This is the “Pickup Rhyme.”

If the sun stops shining, I will be your source of vitamin D., But you are deficient in vitamin Me.

What vitamins are you looking for? I’ve heard that semen comprises lots of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Would you like

milk? Because you’re only complete once I put in some vitamin D.

Please take Vitamin Me tonight.

I’m not a doctor, but I can cure your vitamin D deficiency

Are you feeling stressed? I’ve heard magnesium and vitamin D help… so does sex.

Do you want me to be your sunshine? A little vitamin D will make you feel better…

It looks like you need to get more Vitamin Me.

Vitamins are essential…, especially Vitamin U.

Rare Vitamin D Pickup Lines

Try these Rae Vitamin D Pickup Lines if you are tired and bored of using the same boring pickup lines.

Baby, are you an antioxidant? Because it suppresses free radicals.

I’m not a doctor, but it looks like I can use Vitamin Me.

Hey girl, listen, I’m so sick; the doctor said, “I need vitamin U…!”

I’m not feeling well…it must be vitamin U deficiency.

My doctor says I can use more vitamin U.

I heard it’s important to take vitamins this time of year… Unfortunately, I don’t have an A, B, or C, but I can give you a D.

You need to know how vital vitamin D is when dealing with Covid, and I’m here to help you get your vitamin D regularly during the lockdown.

You look pale… take vitamins with me. Would you like to drink D? I’m serious.

You appear to be severely deficient in Vitamin Me.

Hey, do you have rickets? I have vitamin D deficiency because I’m missing this vitamin D.


Do you have any allergies? Need a vitamin?

I hope you’ll take some Flintstones vitamins today as I build your bedrock.

Eosin is red. Collagen spots are blue. I’m stuck preparing my slides, but I’m thinking of you.

Hello, baby. Do you have medullary thyroid cancer? I have pheochromocytoma, so MEN2B.

May I call you Pia Mattel? Because you are always in my heart

hypokalemia? Every time I fall in love with you because when I see you.

Isn’t this psoriasis eye candy!?

You look like her CD56+ lymphocytes. Natural killer.

Is Trendelenburg just out of control?

Baby girl, I want my ligand in your receptor.

Can I check your Chofstek symptoms? Because you know I bet on it.

Erythema red. Cyanosis is blue. I couldn’t concentrate on my breathing and looking at you.

Miss, you are my growth factor.

Since it is irradiated, the irradiation method is the calcification of non-enhanced CT.

Miss, it doesn’t matter if you have diabetic retinopathy. I believe that love is blind.

I Caught all Kluber Busies around.

Pulmonary embolism? You make me short of breath

, girl; I think I have insipid diabetes because I can’t concentrate on urinating when I’m around you.

Are you my kidney? I can’t leave you because I know I can live without you.

Short Bank Loan Pickup Lines

Try these Short Bank Loan Pickup Lines if you plan to impress someone.

QT, so you have an EKG too?

Broca’s aphasia? Because you leave me speechless.

Miss, you’re a supplement because I can’t control the irresistible urge to distract you.

It’s eroded articular cartilage, causing osteoarthritis because my knees are weak.

I may not be her, but can you tell if I’m smooth or rough?

The Roses are red. Violet is blue. Please come to my clinic; I will not charge to examine you.

Do you have purulent arthritis? Because I want to bet on it.

Did you cut my phrenic nerve? You take my breath away

Do you know which muscles in your lower extremities cause the lateral rotation of your neck? Your gluteus maximus.

Are you PGE2? Because your overheating body raises my temperature.

Berry aneurysm? Because I can’t stop inspiring you.

Do you suffer from a vulva? Because I knit you so much.

Baby girl, you can be the fat of my stratum corneum.

Is it an exothermic reaction? Because you spread your enthusiasm everywhere.

Girl, You should start taking folic acid because you want to get pregnant quickly.

Intensive care unit in a dream.

Is it a laryngoscope in your pants, or can’t you hold back your joy when you see me?

It should be called a quick reaction, girl. You stopped my heart for a while,

Those tight pants are uncomfortable.

Miss, are you an orthopedic surgeon? Because you take my limp.

Is the young lady my ex-boyfriend? Because you’re in my bones

I know you have enough bones in your body, but I can give you one more if you need it.

Excuse me, do you have osteoporosis? Because it will change the bones to a severe condition.

Girl, You must be the lateral pterygoid because my jaw drops when I look at you

, girl; maybe you’re the optic chiasm that changes my world.

How to do a torticollis makes me dizzy.

I wish my love for you were like an artery.

Miss, I’ve only ever seen my adductor muscles. If you see me more often, you’ll find out more about me, Longus.

Pericarditis can be cured, so don’t rub it tonight.

Touching my body deflects my girlfriend’s P waves upwards.

Best Vitamin D Pickup Lines

If you plan to make your laugh gf/bf into vitamin d supplements, then these Best Vitamin D Pickup Lines could help you.

Girl, I can be your AV node’s SA, so can you adjust my pace to feel the climax faster? I want to live in

Blood is red; cyanosis is blue. Every time I think of you, I get tachycardia.

Coronary artery?

Girl, can you play cards because you’ve wrapped my heart around you? Because we want to squeeze you in between preload and post-load.

My love for you cannot be dialyzed. it’s so strong,

Miss, are you a nerve cell?

I want to unzip your genes so DNA helicase.

Hello, my name is Adenine. I can make a good couple with you.

You seem to be terminal. Nice cut.

There must be a lot of proline because he’s naughty.

Hey, can I get to know you better? Are you a wild type or a knockout

girl? You are here 22Qter, so I assume you are at the end of the long arm of a small acrocentric chromosome.

Is it cytoplasm because I want to fill the organelles inside you?

I was all alone! Lonely TCGTATGG hopes to partner with his like-minded AGCATACC.

You are very hot. They are denaturing my enzymes.

How about eggs for the following day? Cooked or fertilized?

Do you know the best thing about cells next to the cytoplasm? Nucleus.

I may not be a restriction enzyme, but I want to kill you.

I don’t know what happens to histones that are acetylated. They turn me on.

Miss, do you think it’s clozapine? Because you make me drool like crazy.

Miss, you are like propofol. You are a cracker

Apothecary Rx Rated.

Is your name Succinylcholine? It’ll paralyze you.

Miss, do you carry around memantine? Because you are giving me excitotoxicity.

Propranolol is red; digoxin is blue. But baby, you torment me every time I see you.

I can’t control my feelings for you. Can I have an Imodium?

Call me Metronidazole

Can you help me? This is due to the lack of vitamin U.

Miss Norepinephrine? Because you make my heart beat faster!

I don’t know about creatinine clearance, but it can’t be pulled out of the system.

Good Chat up Vitamin D Pickup Lines

These Good Chatup Vitamin D Pickup lines mentioned below could be a good option if you are trying to impress someone.

Pharmacists are available at the store.

Heather, Portia, Marlissa, Camilla, and Erin can’t have a baby with you, but I sure can!

Girls, don’t hide opiates in your bra. You have a cheeky set.

May I take your temperature? You look hot today,

Are you my obsession? I can’t control the urge to stop you

My heart is racing like a drop of adrenaline.

Do you think I’m attracted to you, or do I have varying blood sugar levels?

Blood is red; cyanosis is blue. Girl, my heart throbs when I think of you.

Intensive care unit in a dream.

Baby girl, your hot body makes me faint.

Shall we tap each other up and down until the heat is gone?

You envelop my heart like my coronary arteries.

Miss, can you throw some monoclonal antibodies at me?

Increases dopamine levels.

Want to study anatomy?

Are you a C-reactive protein? Because you are in the sweet stage.

They are systemic, and I am lung. So we may be different, but we are still one he is.

No one can dialyze my love for you. Very strong.

Girl, I want to be your eye doctor because I can’t take my eyes off you.

Caught all Kluber Busies around.

I hope you will be my cardiologist.

Drowning? Because I want to give you CPR.

Because not even a defibrillator can save me without you.

COPD? because you take my breath away

I’m no expert. But you still look unique to me.

I’m not a doctor, but I’m always the contact person for emergencies.

Let’s share genetic information!

Hey baby, do you want a gynecological examination?

I got a stethoscope from you.

Do you have a fever? Because it looks hot!

Crazy Vitamin D Pickup Lines

Try these Crazy Vitamin D Pickup Lines. You are going to love it.

I am an organ donor. What do you need?

Let’s both become doctors. Let’s fuck!

Are you a cyborg? because you take my breath away

Regenerate to make the penis bigger.

My heart beats only for you, miss.

Even if you eat an apple daily, you won’t leave me.

Talking to you causes asthma. Is that possible?

You have set me on fire since you entered the room. You’re so hot; can you hear my heart? Your name.

Are you a nurse? Because you cured my erectile dysfunction.

Doctor, my heart is broken.

Are you a cardiologist? Because I want you to have my heart in this life.

Why don’t you give up on this joint and study anatomy?

Are you a cardiologist? Because I wanted you to take care of me.

Baby, I want to dissect your brain to see if you’re thinking of me too!

Could you be an eye doctor? Because I can’t stop looking into your eyes

Are you a boxer? Can you get on your knees and hit me twice in the head?

Did you raise the bar in the high jump?

Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only 10, I see!

Do you like fitness? How about incorporating mine into yours?

Are you using that adduction device to crush me with your thighs later?

Are your feet tired? You were in my head all day long.

Can I have a jersey? What are your name and number?

Can you close the bracelet?

How can I operate this machine?

Did you fart? Because you blew my mind!

Have you heard the latest health report? They say you should increase your intake of vitamin ME.

Do you believe in love in the first sentence? Or do you need to curl that barbell ten more times?

Do you have bandages? Because it’s cut!

Do you have a card? I keep getting lost in your eyes

Do you have a tape? Cause I’m wholly ripped.

Incredible Vitamin D Pickup Lines

We have a list of Awesome Vitamin D Pickup lines for our audience, who wants everything to be perfect and excellent.

Do you know any workouts to reduce breast size? Mine is a little too big and unwieldy.

Do you know karate? Because your body is kicking.

Do you often crouch here?

Do you like your homeroom teacher?

Want to see me doing squats?

I saw you checking out your package. Do you work for UPS?

Don’t go to the zoo today… (turns) There’s a python outside.

Sorry, I have lost something! My Chin

Does a girl need to improve protein macro?

Girl, I heard about you in fitness. Would you like some Fitness!Šk?

Girl/boy, You show sports very well!!!!

Hello. Did I say my balls were bigger than my biceps?

Hey baby, are you a boxer? You’re one hell of a knockout, so you have to!

Hey baby, how much does a polar bear weigh? Neither did I, but it broke the ice.

Hi baby, I have saprotrophic hypertrophy all over.

Hello everyone! I saw you from across the room when you came in, so it’s your turn to find me.

Hello, it looks like you’re new to this gym. I want to be the first man to disturb you.

Hello, you just got here. I want to be the first man to disturb you.

Hello, my name is [name]. Remember, you’ll be screaming it out later tonight.

Would you like to be my special push-up partner?

Why don’t you come to my house and sit on my feet while I do sit-ups?

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