200+ Mesmerizing Video Game Pickup Lines

Meeting your crush online is no longer a strange phenomenon on the internet, thanks to the rise of social media and video games. With gaming, you not only get to be entertained but also have the chance to meet the love of your life. So, it is only fair that you’re ready for that occasion when it happens. Here are some pickup lines to help you with that. 

Cheesy Video Game Pickup Lines

Laughter is the best way to get someone’s attention. That’s why everybody often tries their level best to make their crush laugh. A similar sense of humor makes someone attractive in someone’s eyes. It is a great feeling to make your love laugh; these are the best pickup lines. These are pun-tastic and amazing. 

  • Your firaga has me and my heart on fire. How can you be so cruel to me? 
  • Are I in a game where you used thundaga, or did I get hit by lightning because how are you so electrifying?
  • You need to stop hitting the pause button because my heart stopped. 
  • I did not know that you were a thief! Do not deny it because you have my heart, and I did not give it to you. 
  • I need to start working out because you are the bomb, and I want to be your proud handler. 
  • Do you know the mask from the movie The Mask? I do not need that to be crazy about you. 
  • You are my magi-girl, and I love you.  
  • Your body makes me wish I was a war of warcraft player because it gets me all wow. 
  • Stop hacking my account and making my Autobot miss. 
  • It would help if you stopped messing with my aimbot because all I see is you. 
  • My passion for you will always rise from the ashes like a phoenix. 
  • Please do not be sorry for speaking because I love hearing you talk. 
  • You are a witch because how can you paralyze me with just your gaze? Who will heal me now?
  • I have been gaming for a while and will use the same to steal your heart. 
  • You are my very own Yoru because how are you so elegant?
  • Are you the Flash because why is time slowed down since we met?
  • Your beauty and purity remind me of a game character. If you can guess, I will kiss you. 
  • I am a huge kingdom of hearts fan, and you have me hooked on your kingdom of the heart. 
  • I will be king kong for you if you ever need me to be the same. 
  • I will jump over every obstacle thrown my way to be with you. 
  • You are the treasure in temple run everyone is always chasing after.
  •  I think you are like the rare edition of my favorite game. You are everything I imagined, but better. 
  • If you accept this ring, you will be my player two for the rest of our lives. 
  •  I want us to respawn together for the next seven lives because without you, I will be lost. 

Quick Video Game Pickup Lines

If you’ve ever put in the spot, you deserve to make a fantastic comeback with your pickup lines. The pickup lines mentioned here are the best to use to make that recovery when you accidentally word vomit out of anxiety and have dug yourself a hole. These are the pickup lines for you when you feel like all hope is lost. 

  • You may not kill my joy, but you are my killjoy because you make me feel so comforted and loved. 
  • You remind me of that magic flower because being near you makes me burn so much. 
  • I a burning up for you, and I wish you could use some water on me. 
  • Finish him? More like finish me!!
  • You are magical because my heart just flew away, and you can see them go now. 
  • My life bar is quite low, but you are stupid if you think I will not fight for you. 
  • I have a very low serotonin bar. I wish you knew that you refill it every time. 
  • You wind me up every time before I shoot, and sometimes I wonder if you like that a lot. 
  • I will catch all of you with my bare hands and love it. 
  • Many things are hot, like Din’s fire, but not as hot as you. 
  • I bet our kinstones will fit together. 
  • You are the Link I have been looking for to complete my world. 
  • I would be a miner for you, baby. Just say the word. 
  • I may not be a chemist, but I know you are the most precious ore, and I do not even play Minecraft. 
  • You must be out of this world because how are you real?
  • You are as rare and unexpected as ice in Minecraft, but I love you regardless. 
  • All of my hearts, all five or one of them, belong to you.
  • Even if you fall, I will always pick you up. 
  • If I am with you, I am down to fight with everything, even with fear. 
  • You are like the Hitman because you sneakily came into my life and caught me. 
  • I may not be Italian, but you are the only star I have for my Mario. 
  • You have me levitating like you cast a wingardium leviosa. 
  •  I never had asthma, but you do make my breath count low. 
  • The only fantasy I have is you. 
  • You will be my first and final fantasy. 
  • You have filled my mojo container since the day we met. 

Super Cheesy Video Game Pickup Lines

Like your favorite pizza tasted better with some extra cheese, so do pickup lines. So, of course, cheesy pickup lines are the best pickup lines. But super cheesy pickup lines are better than those. With excellent puns and adorable references, these pickup lines are the funniest ones you can use if you love making puns. 

  • I am a gamer, and I am more than capable of getting you wet without using the storm.
  • You do not know Sova, but you are like her because you are the apple of my eye. 
  • I hope your joystick is up for a ride. 
  • I have loads of guns for you to choose from if you want. 
  • If you are not careful, I’ll shoot all over your face. 
  • If you like long barrels, I have something to show you. 
  • Don’t be scared, and I can do a smooth insertion. 
  • Relax, I am a gamer. I will be in and out in a moment, and you wouldn’t even realize. 
  • No matter how much I code my game, none of the characters will look as pretty as you. 
  • Take my hand and wear this golden ring to be my player 2. 
  • We will be the player power couple if you are into it. 
  • I feel breathless whenever I am with you. 
  • If I were Mario, I would win every race just to see you. 
  • You must be exhausted after all the running you did in gameplay. 
  • I have a tomb I want to raise with you. 
  • I think you crush me because every time I ask you, you buffer like there is a lag. 
  • Let’s have a one on one game, baby. 
  • I bet I can take you down with one move. 
  • You have me addicted as Viper has me addicted to her toxicity. 
  •  If you are a cypher, I would be ok with necrophilia. 
  • You are my very own stress ball. 
  • I will make my bed in the 8th castle so you can be the princess. 
  •  You have swept me off my feet like a mortal kombat.  
  • Have you cast an Aeroga because why am I flying every time we see each other?
  • Nothing can pull us apart and keep us away from each other. Not even the sand of time. 
  • I was looking to score, but I keep seeing you. 

Funny Video Game Pickup Lines

Laughter is the best medicine. They make your day and create a fantastic impression. If you wish to make a good impression, making people laugh is the best thing to go for. That’s why funny video game pickup lines are the ones you should go for when you have the confidence and charisma to show off your sense of humor. 

  • I can explore your tomb. 
  • Do not worry. I can not wait to explore the wilderness. 
  • I will turn you into the climax edition I have been craving for so long. 
  • I have a blade, and you have its sheath so let me sheath my blade?
  • Let me sit on your lap, and you can start working on this game.  
  • Let me help you level up on the game of love. 
  • Your virginity is the big boss I want to beat. 
  • Let me diffindo your clothes and take care of you. 
  • I do not have a scary joystick, so come wrap your fingers around it
  • If you were to seduce me, it would not be tiring because my resistance is low.
  • I am open to seduction if you want. 
  • I want to explore your cleft dimension. 
  • You are unfreakinbelievable, and I wish you knew that. 
  • Our life is a game, and the final boss is death. 
  • Let me do you in the dark without issues because I am proficient in shadow magic. 
  • I got some justice I can use on you. 
  • Stop acting so rogue, woman. 
  • You swept me off my feet like a rogue. 
  • These gems have nothing on your sparkly eyes. 
  •  You finish me like I am in Mortal Kombat. 
  • You are like those notes because I would search everywhere for you. 
  •  Will you like to rig my shotgun?
  •  Where is the X to press?
  • Do you think you are ugly? Let me press X for doubt. 
  • You are like the care package I am dying for.
  • Let me rejoin the lobby so you can fall in love with me again.

Rare Video Game Pickup Lines

There are a few super standard pickup lines. But, unfortunately, everybody uses them, and your crush can just brush you off the moment you use them. But to ensure you don’t feel that way, here is a list of rare video game pickup lines. These will show your niche interest in games and references. In addition, you can show off your knowledge and your charisma by being able to make up a pickup line on the spot. 

  • Every game is a good game with you. 
  • I prefer trojan on my hard drive
  • I have a hard drive for you to take a ride on. 
  • Christmas came quickly because you are everything I have been waiting for.  
  • I bet the next level with you would be just as fun. 
  • You make my thighs burn like a laptop. 
  • I can not wait for us to be Wii.  
  • I want you to chase me like boo, please. 
  • You have a high charm bar, I see. 
  • I love you more than my K/D ratio. 
  • Phantom or not, you are not ghosting me. 
  • I will collect as many points as you want. 
  • You are my map pack pro. 
  • I have a shield to use, so let me know when you are close. 
  • I was hoping you could take me with you because it might be dangerous. 
  • You are my very own Omen. 
  • If you choose me, I will make you happy. 
  • Your dad got some slick fingers. 
  • Take my flag home with you because I want to mark you. 
  • I got some space for you to invade and pillage. 
  • Portals and guns go hand in hand, do they not? 
  • Let’s be Chocobos together. 
  • I have a comfortable base for you. 
  • Want me to take you to bed? I can do this!

Cheap Video Game Pickup Lines

The sexual attraction is very flattering, but you must know how to say it. That’s why here are video game pickup lines that will help you make up sexual pickup lines with confidence and charisma dripping from your statements. These will help you make a good impression on your crush while making them aware of your attraction towards them. 

  • You can play with me if you want. 
  • Let me play with you completely. 
  • I want you to be my player 2 for my life. 
  • Let me check your wilderness.
  • I can walk up and down your valley if you want. 
  • I have a rifle you can mod if you want. 
  • Let me dig you like people dig diamonds. 
  • I am more than good at dual welding if you’re down. 
  • My fingers can work combos off console too.
  • I will loot your clothes if you are not careful.
  • I bet I can turn that drop rate quickly. 
  • I will explode on you and make you cry. Call me to tear gas. 
  • You can blow my cartridge. 
  • Let me ride you like a cute pig. 
  • I can use my fingers on you like my controller. 
  • I want to push all of your buttons every day. 
  • I will turn your switch on. 
  • Choose. Backdoor or front door?
  • I am like a free game. It will be a lonely night for you if you do not take me home. 
  •  You make me happy like steam. 
  • You excite me like boss battles.  
  • You are hotter than my CPU.

Flirty Video Game Pickup Lines 

If you feel like the sexual attraction that you’ve towards your crush can’t be contained anymore, then these are the best pickup lines for you. These aren’t as sexy, but they are heavy with sexual innuendos.

If your crush gets it, then congratulations. You two have a similar sense of humor which is essential in dating. Having a compatible sense of humor is the best basis for a relationship. 

  • You have frozen me over completely without even casting spells. 
  • Your Halo is so pretty, and I love it. 
  • Stop accio-ing me because I am working. 
  • Did you just alohomora my heart? 
  • Falling for you damaged me. 
  • My goods are here for you to take, pillage, and enjoy. 
  • You are the most Magical person I have seen. 
  • Your memory is burnt into my head.
  • Your peach makes me want to call you princess peach. 
  • We can play a lot tonight and explore new territory. 
  • I will help you set new records tonight on the bed while we play. 
  • You would be the final fantasy mine.
  • Your bed is my base, so can I drop by? 
  • Are you up for some assault with a friendly weapon?
  • Let me suck you up like BigOcto, so be good. 
  • Chug me like those energy drinks you drink when you game.
  • My ass is refreshing like that monster you drink. 
  • You make my heart race like when I am deep in the game. 
  • You say you have no feelings but act blushy with me. That’s sus. 
  • You are the imposter among us because the rest are all my Bros.
  • You make me happy, like winning a tough boss battle. 
  • If you are not good at this game, I can help you with them. 

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