185+ Tree Pickup Lines- the pickup line

Who has not seen the beautiful green trees around them? These trees are everywhere and provide us with oxygen which is important for us to survive.

That is why here are some pickup lines that can make your crush realize how important they are for you, almost as important as oxygen and trees. 

Cheesy Tree Pickup Lines 

Trees are a majestic sight to behold. Seeing a canopy of the tree may not necessarily get you flustered, but it will certainly give you a tempting sweet feeling in your tummy.

If you ever find yourself feeling that around someone, then it is better not to lose the person. These will help you to leave a lasting impression on them. 

  • You seem clumsy. How about instead of falling from a tree, you fall in love with me?
  • You would be better off falling in love with me than falling from that branch 
  • Will you climb me like that tree?
  • I think you would be better off climbing me instead of that tree. 
  • You can be my monkey and climb on top of me whenever you want. 
  • You seem to need bandaids a lot. Would you need the same when you fall for me?
  • You could fall from a tree, but how about you fall in love with me instead?
  • Have you ever thought of yourself as a rubber tree? I think you would be good as a rubber tree because I would tap you. 
  • I think this rubber tree is not the only thing that would look better tapped. 
  • You would be more useful to me like this rubber tree once I tap you. 
  • You have a sweet syrup in you that I am dying to taste, so let me tap that.
  • I would tap you just to taste you if you would let me. 
  • I like dates. I was hoping you would like it too. Preferable with me. 
  • You remind me of palm trees because I can see dates whenever I see you. 
  • You got me swaying my hips like palm trees. 
  • I am like a palm tree, and I am always swaying. 
  • I would sway from side to side for you, just like a palm tree. 
  • You remind me of a maple tree because, just like that, you have a particular scent. 
  • You smell as good as a maple tree. 
  • I bet if I tapped you, I would get to taste something delicious. 
  • You got me wishing I was a resin tree just so that I could encapsulate you like this. 
  • I wish I was a resin tree so that I could trap you just like this. 
  • I got some milky fluid for you, but you will only get it when you tap me. 
  • I feel like if I tap that, you will give me white fluid in return. 

Catchy Tree Pickup Lines 

Being environmentally conscious has become a trend of sorts. But that does not mean that your feelings for your crush are just a trend. On the contrary, these feelings are magnificent and valid and deserve to be treated as such.

But what if you are not good at expressing how you feel? Fear not, for these are the ones that will help you with that. These following one-liners will help you express yourself. 

  • You are as hot as firewood. 
  • You would be hot as firewood while you are burning up and even before you start burning up. 
  • You are burning up, and that is why you are the leading cause of global warming. 
  • You are like endangered sandalwood. 
  • I think you are special because you are the sandalwood I have been looking for. 
  • You smell as sweet as sandalwood. 
  • You must be a botany person because you would love the wood you give me.
  • I heard you are doing research in BOtany. So I was wondering if you would like to research my wood.
  • My wood is just like every other wood around you. It is hard and waiting to be touched. 
  • Let me stroke your wood to see if it is hardwood or softwood/ 
  • You definitely are a descendant of the gods because you can even bring dead trees back to life. 
  • You got me swaying in my feet like leaves in the wind. 
  • You are like a goddess because you definitely have me growing. 
  • You are magical because this tree thought it would not grow anymore, and yet, here we are, growing again. 
  • I could give you all the wood you would need for the entirety of your life. 
  • I am more than capable of handling wood. 
  • My hands may be soft, but this wood for you is anything but soft. 
  • I am anything but soft for you. 
  • I hope you prefer hardwood because my wood is definitely hard for you.  
  • Could it be lumber in your trousers, or are you just happy to see me?
  • This lumber reminds me of you with its girth. 
  • That wooden plank is not the only thing that is waiting to be hammered into this wall. 

Short Tree Pickup Lines 

A short tree is in no way any less of a tree in comparison to bigger trees. Similarly, your love is no less valid if you are someone with fewer words.

That is why, if you so please leave a good impression using fewer words, then these are the ones to go for. 

  • I have a bucket of fire to drown your forest. 
  • You could drown my forest any day. 
  • Do you have a forest? That is okay. I am willing to explore everything. 
  • Your wilderness deserves to be explored. 
  • A little vegetation will never scare me. 
  • You are very wrong if you are worried that I will be surprised by a little forest. 
  • I am dying to taste your tree sap, so care to share?
  • You remind me of the grasslands during heat because you are definitely on fire. 
  • I see you have a forest for me. Care to see if my wood would look good in it?
  • My forest would look better with your wood in it.
  • Complete my forest with your wood?
  • Your wood is all that I need to complete my forest. 
  • Your wood can definitely be planted in my forest. 
  • I like to keep my forest a little trimmed. Is that okay?
  • Your wood would be an amazing addition to my forest. 
  • Have you ever thought of yourself as a pine tree? I bet you could prick me if you want. 
  • I think you are like a pine tree because if I grip you too hard, then I might get a mess on my fingers. 
  • My hands are waiting to touch your pine. 
  • Your pine cones are begging to be touched the way I touch the trees. 
  • The trees respond to my touch the way you respond to me. 
  • You are like the tree because you breathe oxygen into me. 
  • You get me alive just like trees do 
  • You are soothing to my eyes just like trees are soothing to my eyes. 
  • I have a maple tree that is waiting to be sucked the sap out of. 

Quick Tree Pickup Lines 

Just like a quick glance at the trees can soothe your eyes after a long day in front of the screen. Similarly, these pickup lines will certainly soothe your crush after a day of awkward flirtations.

These are genuine and come with a breath of fresh air that your crush will appreciate. 

  • If you were a tree, I would be a squirrel because I would definitely climb you. 
  • Let me climb up on you like a squirrel. 
  • I hope you are okay with nuts because the squirrel in me definitely wishes to store a few nuts in you. 
  • I have some nuts for you.
  • I hope you are into bamboo. 
  • I have the girth of a bamboo. 
  • I do not mean to brag, but I am as lanky as a bamboo. 
  • I will be the only book you would ever care about, a bamboo. 
  • I hope you are eco-friendly because, just like bamboo, I am very much into sustainability. 
  • I have a green thumb. I will make anything come alive. 
  • Have you ever felt alive from a touch? For I will make you come alive with just a touch f my finger.
  • My fingers are green, for they will fill you with life. 
  • Let me show you how alive you become whenever I touch you. 
  • Based on the way you are, you are definitely concerned about the environment. 
  • The only footprint I care about is the carbon footprint you leave on my bed. 
  • My bed is the place begging to have your footprints on. 
  • You have left quite a footprint on my heart. 
  • You leave carbon and body natter at your wake wherever you go. 
  • You seem to be the kind to hug trees. 
  • You remind me of Koalas with the way you hug trees. 
  • If I were a Koala, would you be the tree I could climb?
  • Your thighs are as thick as eucalyptus trees. I feel like a Koala that would enjoy hugging it. 
  • Let me grab onto your thighs like it is a eucalyptus tree. 
  • Nothing can ever decrease your beauty, just like the rain forests. 

Rare Tree Pickup Lines 

Finding a tree that no one has ever seen before is everything a botanist wants. However, you could make your crush feel just as elated with the following rare pickup lines.

These are one of a kind and will definitely get your crush feeling something for you. 

  • You are like a canopy I never had. 
  • You shield me from harm like the canopy shields the ground from the sunlight. 
  • You are the breeze through the canopy, for you are refreshing. 
  • You are deeper than the rainforests in the Amazon. 
  • You are like the amazon because you give me a breath of fresh air, 
  • You are the rainforest that keeps the whole world alive. 
  • You are forever young in my eyes, like the ever-green forest. 
  • If you were a forest, you would be an alpine forest with how beautiful you are. 
  • With how much you like the cold, I would assume you are in an alpine forest. 
  • Among all the forests you could visit, you would be in a hardwood forest because you definitely get my wood hard. 
  • I heard you are comfortable handling wood. 
  • Let me take care of you like I take care of the wood in the crafting class. 
  • I will respect you like I respect my wood. 
  • I will treat you as delicately as I treat softwood. 
  • You are like softwood because of how delicate you are. 
  • You smell beautiful and exquisite sandalwood. 
  • I bet you are the rare sandalwood in this world full of fake ones. 
  • You are as precious to me as the sandalwood is to a merchant. 
  • I would be stupid not to give you the value that you deserve. 
  • You deserve protection just like the forests deserve our protection. 
  • I will protect you like we protect all the forests near us. 
  • You are the forest for me because you deserve to cover a minimum of 33 % space in my bed. 
  • My bed is the land that would be better conquered by you. 
  • I hope you are open to covering the land with your roots. 
  • I hope your roots grow all over me the way the tree grows on land. 

Flirty Tree Pickup Lines 

Taking care of trees can be difficult when you do not have a green thumb. But that is not the case for anything else. Similarly, if you are having a hard time flirting, the following can definitely help you with it. 

  • Falling can be scary, but I assure you that it is pleasurable when you fall in love with me. 
  • You would be better with me, just like life is better with trees. 
  • You are the bright green that I am to see after long hours of work. 
  • You soothe my eyes like watching the garden does for me. 
  • You are as tall and sturdy as a tree. 
  • I wonder if I can climb you like the tree I used to climb as a child. 
  • Let me take care of you the way most people take care of their garden. 
  • You are the most precious tree in my forest so let me treat you as such. 
  • I hope you are open to me treating you like the tree that you are. 
  • You are as significant in my life as the tree that grows in the middle of the road. 
  • My life is a road, and you are the tree that has presented itself in the middle of it. 
  • I do have a feeling that instead of blocking my path like a tree, you are simply guiding me in a different direction. 
  • I let you direct me in the right way, as a tree does. 
  • I was in a great storm of mind when you fell in my lap, just like trees do. 
  • You are stronger than you think you are, for no storm can ever make you fall. 
  • Your roots have encapsulated my heart. 
  • You stand tall with your roots choking my heart, but I find myself enjoying it. 
  • I enjoy your company as much as a bird enjoys the company of a tree. 
  • I have holes where you can hide your nuts until you are confident you can use them for something else.

Best Tree Pickup Lines ever 

Just like how every forest has one tree that is the biggest, strongest, and has several different generations linked to it, making it the best, similarly, these are the pickup lines that are best at what they do.

These will definitely leave a lasting impression.

  • Your nuts do seem quite precious. 
  • I will take good care of your nuts in my hole. 
  • The only nuts I am not allergic to are the ones that do not grow on trees. 
  • You are as strong as a bamboo tree. 
  • My love for you will be there until you find a mango on an orange tree. 
  • Your love is as citrusy as an orange. 
  • You have me feeling the tanginess of your love with the way you behave. 
  • I have never been afraid to get dirty, so I am open to taking care of the gardens. 
  • Your garden looks quite unkempt, but lucky you, I have magic fingers. 
  • If you are not opposed to it, I can take care of your garden for you. 
  • Let me be the one to take care of your garden even when you can not.
  • Your mind is the garden that deserves to be loved and taken care of. Let me be the gardener for that. 
  • Your beauty never ceases to amaze me, just like the forest never ceases to amaze me. 
  • You have me astounded like the forest has me astounded. 
  • If it were not for you, the ice caps would not be melting because you are way too hot. 
  • You are the main cause of global warming with how hot you are. 
  • Have you ever thought that you should plant trees? Because of how hot you are, you can definitely cause global warming to get worse. 
  • I love you like the banyan tree loves the ground. 
  • No storm can break my love for you, just like a banyan tree can not be broken by just a storm. 
  • It requires more than a storm to break my heart. After all, my love for you is as strong as the roots. 

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