181+ Creative Trash Pickup Lines to Garbage Glamour

Trash is something people know and often feel about themselves. This feeling is quite a gut-wrenching feeling. But that does not mean that if your crush feels that way, you will keep them feeling that way.

Here are some one-liners that would use the concept of trash and twist it around so that it makes the one you love feel better about themselves. These are definitely fun and would be the better ones to go for. 

Cheesy Trash Pickup Lines 

Being a cute person and adorable in general definitely increases the chance of you dating your crush. Being cute all the way until you win their heart is somewhat of a decent plan.

However, not everyone knows how to come off as adorable and cute all the time. The following lines will help you with that.

You must have cleaned this house because the only trash left here is me. 

Even if you clean the house, there will always be trash left there. That is you. So let me take you out. 

Wanna come over and trash my bed?

I will let you be the constant trash in my life.

I am not a person who loves messes, but you would be the mess I will love always. 

The only mess I would never clean up is you. 

I hope you know how cute you look when you look like a mess. 

How do you look like a mess and yet so beautiful?

I would be the trash if you were the trash bin. 

You must be my trashbin because we definitely belong together. 

We are like an iconic duo, the trash and trash bin. 

I would love to be the bin you fly into. 

I hope my arms are enough for you to fly into. 

I would be the bin you dunk into. 

My bin is always open for your trash. 

You and your trash are what I live for. 

If you call yourself trash, then I must be the sweeper because I have to sweep you off your feet. 

If you call yourself trash, I would be morally obligated to take you out.

Would I even be an environment lover if I did not take trash like you out?

Since you insist on calling yourself trash, let me take you out tonight. 

I can take you out if you want. 

If you want, I can take out you and your trash with no questions asked. 

You will always have me take you out because I care about the environment. 

So why are you not ready? I thought you wanted me to take the trash out. 

You never have to worry about me not taking the trash out because all you gotta do is just be ready for me. 

Funny Trash Pickup Lines 

We all want to make our crush laugh, but how many of us are actually successful? Not a lot of us because most of the time, we do not know what their sense of humor is.

But this time around, you do not have to worry about that. With these pickup lines, you will definitely get them to laugh at your jokes, owing to how adorable they are. 

You can call me the trash man because I am always here for the trash you keep referring to. 

I would be more than happy to pick you up like I pick up trash. 

I thought I was here to pick up trash, but it seems like I am here to pick you up. 

I hope, as someone who identifies as trash, you would not be upset with me dressing as a garbage man for our date. 

You must be trash because you got me sweeping left, right, and center. 

I want to sweep you off your feet and pick you up like the trash you are. 

You are trash, but you are precious to me. 

You may have been someone’s trash, but for me, you are more precious than gold. 

You smell like the flea bottom. 

Based on your smell, I know I should take it out. 

Even if you did not smell so good, I would take you out. 

Let me take you out tonight, babe. 

You have been rotting in this room. Let me take you out. 

You would look so much better once you are out of this confinement. 

I bet some fresh air will do you good. 

If you smell bad, you do not have to worry about me. Come out with me, and the fresh air will do you good. 

Let me take you out so that you feel better. 

I will pick you up no matter what you feel about yourself. 

Even if you do not feel like going out, I do believe that going out will do you good. 

You remind me of a garbage bag, and you would be pretty in every shape. 

You would be good if you were small, you would be good if you were big. 

Honestly, honey, size does not matter to me. In every size, you would be something I want. 

I will want you regardless of your size. 

Super Cheesy Trash Pickup Lines 

Puns are amazing, so more puns make the sentence more fun. Also, the way someone reacts to puns makes it evident for you whether or not you two would vibe.

That is why here are some super punny pickup lines that will help you figure that out while making everyone laugh at how genuinely cheesy these are. 

You look beautiful when you shine like that. 

I do not want you to feel used ever. 

I would not use you because, for me, you are precious. 

If someone wastes your love, you can recycle it on me. 

I would be more than open to recycling with you. 

Let us be environmentally conscious and only wear one article of clothing at a time to save water.

I do think that us bathing together would be very economical. 

Do you know what would be economical? Us bathing together. 

You got a lot of junk, I see. 

I see that you love the environment a lot, but you have a lot of junk in your trunk. 

I would be more than willing to check your trunk. 

Let me take care of your trunk unless you are uncomfortable with it. 

Your trunk is something I want a taste of. 

Your trunk may not be dirty, but you certainly are. 

I do see you be the dirty girl you are. 

I have a sack for you. 

My sack is open to be filled. 

I think you have something for me that I would be more than happy to receive. 

My sack is quite empty, so you can try to fill it up if you want. 

I would let you fill up my sack whenever you want. 

You have a lot of junk that you can use to fill up my sack. 

My sack would look better when it is filled. 

I am waiting to be filled. 

You look like you are ready to be filled. 

If I fill you up, can I pick you up?

I can not wait to fill you up and take you out. 

So do you want me to fill you up first or take you out first?

You would be the perfect sack to fill up. 

Let me pick you up, fill you to the brim, and then take it out. 

I can drop you on the bed and fill you up if it is something you desire. 

I will give you everything you desire, including filling you up. 

Best Trash Pickup Lines Ever

Classic pickup lines will get the reaction you want every time without failure.

If you can not remember any of the above, the following are some liners that you can use whenever you want to get a positive reaction from your crush.

These take the best of all types of pickup lines and punch them together to ensure a positive reaction.

You must bin into me. 

I do bin into you. 

You remind me of a dustbin with how much junk you can hold. 

I can not wait to put my junk into you. 

If you want to be of use, I can dump some things in you. 

The only thing I want to dump on is my cum. 

You would be better on the receiving end of the dump than being dumped. 

I would never dump you with how cute you are. I think you need a license for that dump truck that you are driving. 

You must remind me to get a license because you do need one. 

You will get a ticket for so much junk in your trunk. 

Those jeans can barely contain the junk you are carrying around with you. 

Those jeans have some magical capacity because how are they carrying all that junk you have on you? 

You highly underestimate how better your trunk would look with my junk. 

I think my junk will complete your trunk. 

It would be better if you did let me take care of your trunk for you. 

I would be more than open to being in charge of refilling your trunk whenever everything is empty. 

I will take you out every week like I take the garbage out. 

You would be better at handling my junk. 

I think my junk would be better in your care. 

Since you handle junk for a living, how about you take care of my junk for me?

My junk has been waiting for some good touch. 

I think my junk would be very happy to receive your touch. 

Your touch is what my junk craves and wants at all times. 

I think it would be better if you did take advantage of my trunk and fill it with your junk. 

I see you being responsible every day, so I am assuming you would not mind taking me out every day just like that garbage. 

Cheap Trash Pickup Lines 

Being sexually attracted to someone is perfectly normal, but it is important for you to know to express the desire you feel for them without coming off as a sleazeball.

To help you with that, here are some pickup lines that will definitely get those gears turning in their head. 

You remind me of the garbage bag I need to take out. 

I think you are like a garbage bag because I know I should take you out, but I never do. 

You would be a responsible man if you decided to take me out. 

I am ready to be taken out whenever you are. 

I think I may not be the biggest and the most useful, but if you are c reactive, you will find a use for me. 

I think you can use me if you use your brain just a little. 

I want to recycle your shirt as my pajamas tonight. 

My bin is re3ady to be filled up. 

I can be the bin for you to put your junk in whenever and wherever. 

I would be more than open to being filled at all times. 

I think it would be amazing if you did consider filling me up like you fill up the dustbins. 

The pans I only care about are the dustpans that I can use on you. 

I could leave marks on you with the pans that I have here. 

My pans are more than comfortable leaving marks on you. So will you be on the receiving end of it?

You may not be precious to others or even to yourself, but you are the most important to me. 

Your size makes you the perfect fit for me. 

I would be the best when you actively use me. 

I am waiting to be used by you. 

Let me recycle your sheets as a drape over my body in the morning after. 

Flirty Trash Pickup Lines

Flirting can be considered an extreme sport, owing to how people flirt and how drastic the result of this flirting can be. You either end up with your crush interested in you, or you end up losing them completely.

But just like every extreme sport has a coach, the following will coach you on how to react when you are face-to-face with your crush. 

I think you would love taking me out like you take out that garbage. 

I think you are trash because you would look so much better in my sack (bed)

I do not think that you can help with global warming because you are the hottest amongst us. 

I never knew I could contribute to the environment in a bad way, but you definitely turned me into a whole AC for you.

Whenever I am around you, I can understand global warming because my body does get exceptionally hot. 

You must be a bin because you would be perfect for storing my junk. 

Let me hold your hand and take you out because even trash deserves to be taken out once a week. 

You can be the place where I dump all my love. 

I think you can handle my junk in the most professional way, 

I noticed that you take out the trash often. If I identify as trash, would you take me out as well?

My mom keeps nagging me to take the trash out, so keep your Sunday free.

I hope you have been doing great as of late. 

The only thing I want to waste tonight is my love for you. 

My love and alcohol will definitely get both of us wasted.

Good Trash Chat-up Lines 

Starting a conversation can be really scary, but that does not mean you should never do that. On the contrary, it is important that you start conversations easily because your nervousness can be felt by others.

That is why there are some chat-up lines you can use. These are perfect to begin the conversation with. 

I do not think you would be a waste of time. 

You must be a biological waste because I can not wait to take you out. 

I think the moment we speak, and it becomes dirty talk. 

If you think of yourself as trash, does that not mean you dirty talk all the time?

N matter how much you swear you are a sweet girl, if you consider yourself trash, that means you are a dirty girl. 

You are like the junk in my car because no matter how much I do not want to think of you, you always find your way into my thoughts. 

You are as persistent as the trash in my car because you never go away. 

You are like the trash in my car, you take up a lot of space, and I do not have it in me to throw you out of my life because we are now bonded. 

Garbage disposals grind a lot, so I am now garbage disposal. 

Garbage disposal will not be the only thing grinding tonight. 

As so-called trash, you would look better being out with me. 

I can take you out with me if I can take the trash out once a week. 

Dating me would never be boring for you because, just like garbage, I will take you out every week

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