How to Be Outrageously Consistent: 51+ Proven Ways

Every single one of us has the potential to do much more than we realize. We stumble upon some fantastic ideas throughout our lives and go to great lengths to build things according to our visions we create.

Of course, that needs a lot of time, dedication, and effort to conclude finally.

But after the initial hype settles down, we often find it challenging to remain consistent and stay in the flow, and hence, consistency is a struggle for many.

Here are tips to be outrageously consistent. 

Commit seriously- The most crucial step before you commit to something is to ask yourself if you want to. So often, people commit impulsively without having a thought about the consequences. Instead, take time to decide and be honest with yourself.

Find your inspiration- The greatest tragedy of life is some people give up right before achieving success in their lives. So in your rough days, you should take inspiration from someone whose life story motivates you or a simple set of quotes that pushes you forward, or even a motivational song that can boost your competency and help you stay determined.

Isolate one goal at a time- Developing consistency is difficult but staying consistent is a lot more laborious. Human beings love laxity. When you fix one goal at a time, every work is easy. Otherwise, you make it burdensome by trying to do it all at once and reaching nowhere ultimately.

Fight your emotions- Our brain is a taxing organ. It uses a lot of energy, so we sometimes feel sluggish or tired even without any physical activity. Although sometimes, this is a biological trick one should not fall for, if you don’t push yourself, you will be stuck forever!

Forgive your failures- No one is perfect. We make mistakes every time, but you should know that that’s okay. As you pursue your consistency goals, you tend to misstep from time to time which is perfectly fine. Forgive your failures and move on.

Create a schedule- It is easy to pile on anything if you plan out your everyday goals somewhere. A calendar, planner, or scheduler helps us to keep on track. You will be able to do anything if you set rules according to your plans. Also, don’t forget to plan for your break time as well.

Learn to say ‘NO’- If you are committed to something, it is essential to stop yourself overburdening with unnecessary things that act as blockages in your efficacy. Prioritize your goals by immediately saying NO to things that don’t serve you, and don’t let any distraction drag you away.

Meditate to stay focused- We all know the benefits of having a meditative mind. You can balance your mind and soul and stay positive and focused on your work for a considerable time, which helps to keep yourself consistent enough and get your job done.

Be accountable- Don’t blame others for not being able to accomplish a task by yourself. Instead, hold yourself responsible for every action you take. Be it accidentally skipping your routine and taking a break or over-thinking about the outcomes resulting in the postponement of goals. You should try to make up by working your butt off the following days taking accountability in your hands.

Let go of old self-image- Sometimes, holding on to your past images, how you have been or what things triggered your works occludes yourself to change your habits for the better. Slowly, when your self-image begins to change, you start to be better on track and stay focused on your commitments.

Eliminate negativity- Negative mentality is a bane of consistency and willpower. Getting lazy, mean, or just doubting your ability will make you feel worse after a while. 

Take responsibility- Don’t take responsibility for the consequences but the actions or the steps you take in building something solid. Rather than investing your energy in contemplating the outputs, you will see great rewards when focusing on the process.

Value progress over perfection- When we start on something enthusiastically, our inner critic starts to pinpoint all the flaws and errors, often leading to disappointment and losing our consistency due to broadening attention to each detail.

Keep your expectations in check- Set your expectations more realistically. You obviously cannot expect results too early by hearing others’ overnight success stories. I am not saying that overnight success stories aren’t real but are rare and not a norm. However, unrealistic expectations can hamper your actions leading your consistency in danger.

Don’t fall for ‘Paralysis by Analysis’- With so much information out there, it is easy to fall into a trap due to analyzing every lead you get. However, when you start examining every detail during your initial phase of building consistency, you are less likely to produce any result and end up quitting.

Don’t over-think- If you constantly give up after every failure you face, it slowly becomes impossible to accomplish anything. So instead, be kind and move on with your work. Michele Barton, Ph.D., the Director of clinical health psychology at Behavioral Associates, said, “Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.”

Write down your progress- When you are having a rough day, looking back at your progress will help you regain enthusiasm and boost your energy to become more competent. Writing down your journey is an excellent habit one should opt for, and this will remind you how far you have achieved in your work, inducing confidence in you.

Decide not to give up- Decide in advance that you will stay strong and never give up despite the adversities. It would be best if you have a plan figured out for the hardships that may come through. When writing the goals down, make sure you are committing to complete them. If you don’t break your commitment, you will be successful.

Identify rooms for growth- Fear of failure buds from the blind spots for which we remain under-confident in our lives. Identify your weak areas so that you can improve yourself and be a better version of yourself. As an output, you will be confident in your work and can be consistent enough.

Have patience- To stay consistent, you need to keep a lot of patience. Consistency is directly proportional to your amount of patience. So, gear up yourself in training how to remain patient.

Stay honest with your work- Honesty is the key to remain consistent in life. Consistency comes when you can face the truth and challenge yourself to improve every day. It would help if you do not try to escape reality, find your loopholes and work towards your accomplishments.

Watch your company- People around you influence your life more than you realize. So choose people who surround you with positive vibes, those who can inspire and motivate you, challenge you and help you unconditionally in achieving your goals.

Celebrate accomplishments- A famous quote says, “Failure slaps you in public, but success kisses you in private” ~ No matter how small your success is, celebrate it, which will later motivate you to accomplish bigger things in life.

Get proper sleep- Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep is considered a healthy lifestyle that helps your brain function properly. Chronic sleeplessness can cause your anxiety and stress levels to go up every time you face some hitches. Doctors recommend that sleeping a considerable amount helps to block negativity and remain persistent in life.

Accept every situation- Acceptance is a crucial trait for people to stay consistent in any journey. Life can be hard sometimes, which doesn’t mean that time will never change. So try to adjust yourself and be adaptable to every circumstance that life throws you at.

Choose efficiency over creativity- Creativity always has its place. Still, when you start something and are in your initial phase, creativity can misuse your pace in anything you want to achieve. So don’t waste your creativity on petty things. In the long run, unnecessary creativity can make it challenging to remain consistent.

Use reminders in your everyday life- Reminders can be in any way you want. Either you can write out your daily plans on your sticky notes and place them where you can focus or where you are bound to look, and therefore, this is a great way to keep your consistency levels in check.

Find a reason to stick to- It is normal to feel sluggish or pressurized due to everyday struggles you may go through to stay consistent after some time since you started. Hence, it is required to find a reasonable point as to why you have decided to pick that particular struggle; while choosing your ambition.

Trust yourself- While you are working hard for your goals, never refrain from believing in your potential. A lot depends on how positive you can think about yourself to stay consistent. Positivity triggers your thinking as well as your actions. Challenges are usual to face; hence this should not be an excuse.

Limit your complaints- Whining constantly about things not working out in your way isn’t conducive to an upbeat personality. When we complain, we focus more on the problem and not the solution. Giving excuses or complaining about things turn your mind negative and damages your consistency levels.

Practice self-talk- This is a great way to measure your accomplishments and consistency. Self-talking will boost your energy levels and enthusiasm to continue doing your work despite any setbacks because you are your best critic and motivator. Research shows that even a slight change in how you talk to yourself can be a decisive factor in determining your actions.

Give importance to improve consistently- Hope builds consistency. In other words, when you do the same thing daily and expect different results, this is called insanity, as defined by Albert Einstein, the well-known scientist. He revealed that the idea of success lies when you can do the same thing over and over again while improving upon it.

Communicate clearly- Communication is the key to success, be it your relationships or official propagandas that you want in your life to bring accomplishments with you. When you can express your emotions, you develop a strong bond, and those conversations turn into a routine. So, never bottle up things inside and communicate clearly to build consistency and a firm foundation.

Prioritize your workload- There will be days where you get swamped at work, and you become confused about what and where to begin. But if you face this situation every day at work, it becomes impossible for you to stick to your initial schedules. Therefore, you got to edit your routine daily and sort things based on priority to continue remaining consistent, no matter what.

All in all, each of us has got potent capabilities, which are often dormant, and we do not foresee the consequences of using those powers that lie within us, a lot of times because of our fears and insecurities to take risks in life. And therefore, if you want to direct your lives in a particular direction, you must take control of your consistent actions, and that won’t be possible if you cannot release negativity from your life. So, lastly, it’s not what you do once in a while, out of interest, that shapes your lives but what you do consistently to build your empire. 

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