121+ best Titanic Pickup Lines to Break the Ice

This article has a list of 100+ Titanic pickup lines. If you like Titanic movie, those lovely dialogues and romantic poses then these Titanic Pickup lines are good for you.

Try it with your friends, partners, crush or with anyone whom you love. They will love it for sure. 

Cheesy Titanic Pickup Lines

Try these Cheesy Titanic Pickup lines with your partner and act romantic.

  1. Are you an iceberg ’cause I’m the Titanic and I’m looking for something to break
  2. Please call me Titanic. I call you Pacific Because I want to hit your iceberg and sink into you.
  3. Have you seen Titanic? Did you like how the ship sank?
  4. Have you seen Titanic? You are so hot that you would have melted that iceberg.
  5. Hey, the baby is it an iceberg in your pants, or are you happy to see me?
  6. Hey girl, can I sink my ship in your sea?
  7. Hey, you look pretty cold like an iceberg. Lucky for me, I’m Titanic.
  8. You’re Jack and I’m Rose, shall we make space for you in front of the door?
  9. How much did the Titanic weigh? Enough to break the ice.
  10. I can’t stop you from sinking the boat. I know you said you didn’t want to date me, but people also said the Titanic was unsinkable.
  11. I will keep you in my heart until you date me.
  12. It’ll melt your iceberg
  13. If you want to please me, come aboard my ship.
  14. Let my ship crash into you like the Titanic. Treat it like the center of the ocean, except for the part that gets thrown overboard.
  15. Let’s play Titanic. You become an iceberg and I fall on you.
  16. Jack, please put your hands on me.
  17. Roses are red and violets are blue. Like the Titanic, I walk towards you.
  18. The Titanic and I have one thing in common.
  19. Titanic This is my icebreaker.
  20. do you want me to draw you naked? When I am with you, I am the king of the world!

Rare Titanic Pickup Lines

These Rare Titanic Pickup lines are good for you to try.

  1. Would you like to become a model for a French woman?
  2. You are my Titanic iceberg. I am ready to intrude on you at any time.
  3. You are the iceberg and I will go to you for hours.
  4. You are the iceberg and nausea will overtake you.
  5. Do you know I’m better than Titanic? Only 109 women disembarked on this ship.
  6. do you think you are hot now? Wait till you see my huge oven.
  7. you’ll get wet when I get off
  8. hey I wanna play titanic you can be the ocean and I will descend on you
  9. Hey, let’s play Titanic, you’ll be an iceberg and I’ll walk on you.
  10. Have you seen Titanic? Did you like the ending?
  11. I will sink my ship in your sea. How much did the Titanic weigh? Enough to break the ice. what works
  12. There are only two life jackets, so share them with everyone.
  13. You are my Titanic iceberg. I know you said you didn’t want to leave, but you also said the Titanic was unsinkable.
  14. Baby, I wanna hit your iceberg and sink like the Titanic
  15. You’re the iceberg, I’m the Titanic, and it hits you all night.
  16. Your lips are made for kisses. Let’s not waste them. I’m not drunk I’m just crazy about you
  17. Your lips look lonely can I hang out with them?
  18. Are you a wizard because every time I’m near you everything else disappears?
  19. I’m lost without you I never saw my dreams come true until the day I met you.
  20. If I had stars every time I thought of you, I would have the entire galaxy.

Short Titanic Pickup Lines

If you wanna impress your partner then these Short Titanic Pickup lines are for you. Try these.

  1. I want to steal your heart and commit the perfect crime.
  2. A sore lip, want a kiss to fix it?
  3. Someone calls her 9-1-1. Because my heart stops every time I’m near you.
  4. You are almost always in my heart.
  5. Is being sexy your full-time job?
  6. My heart stops, does anyone know how to perform CPR?
  7. Your eyes are like the setting sun Beautiful and hard to look away from.
  8. My heart stopped beating when I saw you.
  9. Head who wants to flip a coin, I’m your cock, your mine!
  10. I’m no photographer, but you can easily imagine us together.
  11. You don’t think you have a chance with me, do you? Well, you got it completely wrong.
  12. What was heaven like when you left?
  13. Did you feel that when I met you, you rocked my world?
  14. If being sexy is a crime, you are 100% guilty. Kiss me if I’m wrong But T-Red is still alive, right?
  15. Excuse me, I think you owe me a drink because you dropped it when you passed by.
  16. Kiss me if I’m wrong But is your name Sam?
  17. Beautiful pants! what are they made of? Boyfriend material? Do you like Star Wars? Because I want Yoda.
  18. I flirt with you, but I want to seduce you with mine (insert body parts).
  19. You’re definitely on my to-do list tonight.
  20. Your body is my wonderland and I want to be your Alice. Tell me your name so I know what to shout tonight.

Best Titanic Pickup Lines

Try these best Titanic Pickup Lines your partners are gonna love it.

  1. I don’t need Twitter. I already follow you and like what I see.
  2. I lost my teddy bear. Will you be my teddy bear tonight Are you a fireman? You’re getting hot and you’re drenching me.
  3. Are you a soccer player? I want you to touch down there.
  4. You must be in debt because you can feel their growing interest in you. Are you Siri I think you are autocorrecting me.
  5. Arrested? Because they think it’s illegal to be this good-looking.
  6. Hello, I’m Microsoft. May I collide with you?
  7. Do you like raisins? What is a date like?
  8. I think your popsicles are melting. Shall I lick you? Roses are red, violets are blue, you turn me on, and I want to do the same for you.
  9. are you tired? ‘Cause I’ve been thinking about you all-day
  10. I’m addicted to you, so I must be a raindrop.
  11. The best time has come, let’s work the magic. If you were a Transformer, I would call you Optimus FINE.
  12. Hold me so I can tell everyone that an angel touched me.
  13. Wait, let me hold my breath. Because you stole your good looks from me.
  14. Are you the type of man every girl wants?
  15. You look a lot like the future boyfriend I dreamed of. If you were words on paper, you would be fine print.
  16. You are very beautiful. You are like sunshine!
  17. my love for you is a circle it never stops.
  18. Why do I want to see the stars when I can always see them in your eyes?
  19. I am happiest when I am with you!
  20. Even if God made something more special than you, He had it all to himself.

Crazy Titanic Pickup Lines

Do you wanna try these Crazy Titanic Pickup lines with your partner? We are sure that they will love it.

  1. If I had roses every time I thought of you, I’d have more roses than they’ve given single people over the years.
  2. I’m lost in your eyes, so I need a map.
  3. Wow, someone like you only existed in my dreams until now.
  4. I finally found the girl of my dreams, you!
  5. Want to know what my life would be like without you? (covers eyes) Nothing. nothing without you
  6. If your beauty is time, you will last forever.
  7. I wrote your name in the sky I wrote your name on the sand where the clouds took it away. The wind blew it away. I wrote your name in my heart you can’t get rid of it. You are the reason love exists.
  8. Is beauty your full-time job?
  9. If you were a library booker, I would check you out.
  10. If I follow you, will you protect me?
  11. why are you wearing makeup? You are just playing perfectly.
  12. You are so gorgeous and made me forget my pickup lines.
  13. Excuse me, do you have a Band-Aid? I just fell in love with you and hurt my arm.
  14. You are probably the most beautiful person in the room. Something seems to be wrong with my phone… I don’t have your number.
  15. I swear we’ve met before. Were we in the same chemistry class together?
  16. You’re on YouTube because you can watch for hours!
  17. Are you playing soccer because I want you to be my keeper?
  18. I don’t need Instagram. I’m already following you
  19. Somehow you are always in my heart.
  20. I like your (insert clothes) can I talk.
  21. Is your dad a good boxer because you’re a knockout?
  22. You’re a perfect 10, so is your mom a gymnast?
  23. Did the sun come out from behind the clouds or did you smile at me?

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