How to Work Better from Home: 55+ Proven Tips

Work from home allows you to be more relaxed and flexible in your job. But, it will become a headache if you do not set boundaries. You should keep the right balance between your work life and personal life. Therefore, we brought key points which help you to manage your job from home efficiently. 

If you want to achieve the higher targets without taking work-stress, follow the below-stated tips to work better from home:

Here are Proven Tips for You to Work Perfectly from Home

1. Fix your work timings and stick to it. Make a routine for yourself and follow it strictly throughout the whole day so that you complete your work on time.

2. Choose the place where you want to sit down on a regular basis. Choose a place in your room where you will sit down every day for your work. 

3. Set some boundaries with the people in the house. People who are in your house may disturb you during your work. So, make some boundaries from them to concentrate on your work. 

4. Schedule your break timings as per the company policy. You should schedule your break timings according to the policy of the company in which you are working.

5. Take breaks twice a day (15 minutes each) if you are self-employed. If you are self-employed, then you can schedule your break from work according to your convenience; it can be 15 minutes or 20 minutes twice a day.

6. Set up a different mobile number for attending calls from colleagues or bosses to avoid any disturbances from your friends or family. You can set up a new number that will be only for your bosses and your colleagues from your workplace. It will help you to not get disturbed by the family calls and messages. 

7. Select the fast internet service provider to avoid issues due to a bad network connection. Doing work from home is based on online work, so you have a strong network connection to avoid network connection issues. 

8. Organize your workspace before starting the work. Organizing your space where you sit and will make it easy for your work there. 

9. Clean your working space and desk regularly. Your workspace should be cleaned every day so that it does not feel dirty and you can work there with a fresh mind. 

10. Always get ready with the technology back up plan. Sometimes technology can while you are working. A back plan should always be ready with you if the technology which you were using currently fails.  

11. Get ready for the work in the same way you dressed up for the office. Get ready for your work as you did when you used to go to your office daily; it will keep you motivated.

12. Do not eat lunch or snacks at your desk during the breaks. Avoid eating your lunch or snacks at your desk where you work. It can get dirty, and if it gets dirty, it will be very hard to clean.

13. Mediate daily to calm your mind from work stress. You should meditate every morning to reduce the pressure or the stress that you had in your work. 

14. Make sure to eliminate all distractions from your work area. Before getting to work, make sure to eliminate all the distractions that you can have while at work.

15. Choose comfortable office furniture. You should choose the furniture for your work that makes you feel comfortable. It keeps you in a good mood during your working hours.

16. Put your mobile phone aside. Use it only during the break or lunch timings. During your work hours, you should put aside your mobile phone and concentrate on your work. Use it only when you get free time from your work or at break timings.

17. Walk for 20 to 30 minutes daily to keep your mind fresh. Going for a walk for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes regular basis will keep your mind fresh and will help you to be better at your work.

18. Make sure to buy noise-canceling headphones to do better communications. You should buy headphones that can be used for calling and it has a noise-cancellation feature. It will help you to listen more clearly.  

19. Avoid sitting the whole day at the same place but takes standing or stretching breaks frequently, not more than 3 or 5 minutes. Get up from your seat and do some stretching more often to avoid cramps. You can stretch for 5 minutes and then go back to work once again.

20. Be committed to the deadlines. Do not miss deadlines of your work; be committed and complete it on time.

21. Do not make excuses to take leaves or breaks. Do not give excuses to take a break from your work everything.

22. Maintain professionalism with your boss and team members. Be professional even while doing work from home with your boss and the members of the team.

23. Give instant replies to texts or calls from the office or boss. Give immediate replies to the messages or calls that are related to your work. 

24. Do not take unnecessary leaves just because you are working from home. You may get lazy while doing work from home. You should take leaves from your work unless necessary. 

25. Never expect an instant solution or answers to your queries. Never disturb your boss or team members for quick replies unless it is very important. They may be busy.

26. Never send emojis during professional communication through the chat system. Using emoji in the chat of your work will show that you are not a professional at your work.

27. Do not take things or words of employees or boss personally to avoid stress. Often your boss or employee’s words will try to hurt you, but you should not take it personally.

28. Keep your personal and professional life different. You should draw a clear line between your personal and professional life. Do not mix it up.

29. Spend time with a pet or child after the frustrating meeting to calm your mind. When you get frustrated with your work, take a break from it and spend time with your pet or child. 

30. Be conscious about the team’s schedule so you can ask queries when you need help. You should be aware of the schedule of your team to know when to as queries when you need to help. 

31. Eat properly to maintain health so that you could deliver productive results. To deliver productive and efficient results, you should eat properly and maintain your health.

32. Have a light exercise for 15 to 20 minutes to stay physically fit. A light exercise regularly will help you to stay physically fit and will help you to be active during working hours.

33. Spend time with family or loved ones after work to maintain balance in personal or work life. To maintain a balance between your personal and professional work-life, spend time with your family.

34. Listen to light music at low sound to keep your mind fresh. Listening to soft music at low sound will help to keep your mind fresh.

35. Inform your friends and family not to create any disturbance in-between job timings. To avoid disturbance during your work, inform your friends and family before to not disturb you. It will help you to concentrate on your job and be more efficient.

36. Assume you are in the office. During your work hours, assume that you are working in your office.

37. Do not engage with work throughout the day but communicate with co-workers in-between just as you do in the office. Do not only work in your office to communicate with your co-workers as you did when you were in your office. Create a friendly environment at your workplace. 

38. Put the status such as offline, lunch, tea breaks so that your team members know when you are not available for the day. Do not leave your status online, having your lunch or snacks; rather, change it to offline; if you get caught doing that, you will be charged a penalty, or you will fall into some trouble.

39. Bring a good office chair that provides a comfortable posture. Buy yourself a chair that keeps your posture straight while you are sitting for hours-long for your work. 

40. Consume one cup of green tea to maintain the mind’s freshness. To maintain a fresh mind, consume a cup of green tea daily.

41. Keep your body hydrated by drinking the right amount of water. Drink water to keep your body hydrated during your working hours.

42. Avoid spicy fast food such as burgers, pizza, etc. Try to avoid junk food and spicy food because it can affect your health.

43. Eat healthy quick bites like walnuts, fruits, shakes as your evening snacks to be more energetic. To increase your energy, you can consume dry fruits during working hours—fruits like walnut shakes, etc. 

44. Your sitting space should have proper lighting arrangements. The lighting arrangements of your workspace should be proper other wise it may affect your eyes.

45. Stay away from kids to be more focused on work. Your kids may get disturbing sometimes so, to concentrate on work, stay away from them for some time. 

46. Try to start work early before the office timings to increase productivity. Working early before office hours will make you more productive. 

47. Take your meals on time. Consume your meals on time so that you do not work on an empty stomach.

48. Do not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will be very bad for your health.

49. Be active on time for all online office meetings. Do not dodge online meetings even if it is boring; instead, be active. 

50. Avoid taking naps during lunch breaks. Taking naps during the break will make you unable to resume your work. 

51. Do not take the advantages of lunch or tea breaks for personal use. Taking advantage of lunch breaks can get you in trouble. 

52. Change your clothes once done with the job timings. Instantly freshen up yourselves as the job time gets over.

53. Spend time with your pet if you are a pet lover to be relaxed. Spending time with your pet or lover will help you to get relaxed. 

54. Always check the time you are spending on assigned tasks. Check on the time you are spending on your work. 

55. Set self-determined deadlines. Giving deadlines to yourself because it will help you to submit your work on time.

56. Do not attempt several tasks at one time. Avoid multitasking because things can get messed up.

57. Take sound sleep of 6 to 7 hours to get better work output. You should get a good quality of sleep to increase your productivity.

58. Do not take alcohol. Consumption of alcohol can affect your health and, in turn, you not be able to work properly.

59. Always try to maintain a positive environment in the family to work in peace. A positive environment in your family will help you to work in peace without any disturbances. 

60. Take performance feedbacks from boss or employees to bring work efficiency. Taking feedback is the best way oy increase or be better at your work. 

61. Avoid online sites such as shopping, social media, or games to get rid of distractions. You may feel boring during work hours, and you would try to surf other sites like shopping, social media, etc. Try to avoid those habits.

62. Note the essential points discussed in the meeting for reference purposes. Taking note of important points during a meeting can give a lot of help to you afterward.  

63. Try to plan your day one night before to be ready in advance. Plan your next day to avoid confusion in your work and life.

64. Start your work by reviewing the previous day’s report so that you will know where to head next. Keep a record of what you are doing because it will help you to kick start the very next day.

65. Create your week plan to be more productive in the future. A weekly plan is very beneficial for your work and your discipline. 

66. Switch your work location frequently to recharge your mind. Your both mind and body can get clogged by sitting in place to avoid that change your sitting place from time to time. 

67. Maintain professionalism during work timings by avoiding personal calls. Avoid personal calls during hours; this will help you to maintain professionalism.

68. Make sure to keep the speed up of your equipment and apps to avoid discrepancies. You should keep your equipment and apps updated to avoid problems.

69. Celebrate small work victories to keep yourself motivated. Celebrate small victories for yourself if you did well in your work.

71. Make sure to prepare a to-do list before starting the work in the morning. As soon as you get up in the morning, prepare a list to know what to do when.

72. Stay away from all social media handles. Avoid social media handles because it takes a lot of time. 

74. Do better communication as a poor response creates misunderstandings, repeating work, etc. You should do communication in better ways to avoid misunderstandings and repeating the work. 

75. Work together through apps or emails to achieve productive results. Use different apps to get better, productive results.

76. Install valuable time-saving apps to deliver good work. Install apps on your device, which will you to be more efficient in your work.  

77. Speed up your typing level to save extra time. If you take too much time to time, then you are not doing well. Practice being better in typing. 

78. Get knowledge about all the keyboard shortcuts to save time. You can use keyboard shortcuts if you are using a PC or Laptop because it saves a lot of time. 

79. Discover your more productive hours and plan the work accordingly. Find out the timings at which you are more productive and work accordingly to get better results.

80. Be comfortable with your computer first to maintain good performance. Get comfortable with your computer to get better at your work.

81. Never hesitate to ask for technical help if you are stuck in a certain area. If you are stuck in some technical problem, do not hesitate to ask for help from your team members

82. Keep up the right posture to avoid pain or restlessness. Sitting in the wrong posture and cause a bad effect on your body’s position. So, try to sit in a posture that will not harm your body structure.

83. Be socializing with your friends once a week to keep the same freshness in work. Being social with your friends once a week will keep alive the freshness at work. It will be a lot of fun for you and will regenerate your energy and mind.

84. Enjoy your own company to analyze your lifestyle. To analyze your lifestyle, spend quality time with yourself. It will help you to improve at work.

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