How To Use Hashtag On Social Media: 51+ Proven Ways

Hashtag are words which have sign # (pound) in from of them. A hashtag is a word or keyword phrase that hash, also known as the pound sign (#).

It’s used within a post on social media to help those who may be interested in your topic to be able to find it when they search for a keyword or particular hashtag. It helps to draw attention to your posts and encourage interaction.

How To Use Hashtag On Social Media

  1. Know the hashtag’s role- before you start using the hashtag on social media, make sure you understand their role, purpose, and effect on your posts. It may seem simple, but once you understand its importance, it becomes challenging to find relevant hashtags
  2. Know the relevance- using relevant hashtags is very important; it helps to bring traffic and audience to your posts. Using irrelevant hashtags will not get any targeted audience to your posts or brand. 
  3. Know the limit- don’t use too many hashtags on social media; every social media has different sets of hashtags that are used. 

• Twitter- on Twitter, we have a 280 character limit. Thus you have to use the hashtags within that limit. 

•  Instagram- on Instagram, don’t use hashtags more than 3-4 in numbers; keep them simple and related to the photos and Caption you have posted. Here used hashtags mostly belong to style and request to follow. 

• Whereas on LinkedIn, the hashtag used is more of a professional niche, seeking jobs or Referrals. 

  1. How to use – Firstly, understand how to properly use a hashtag, the sign # known as the pound is put in front of the word you want to use as a hashtag, there should be no space or punctuation while using a hashtag. 
  2. Account is not private- if you want your non-followers to see your content, then make sure your account is public so that people who don’t follow you know about your content. 
  3. Keep it comfortable- don’t use too lengthy or complicated hashtags; use hashtags that are easy to remember and can be found by people; using long, involved hashtags will not add any value to your post. Keep it short, simple, and crisp. 
  4. Don’t force hashtags- don’t force hashtags in your every post; if you find the hashtags relevant and specific, then only use them; otherwise, it’s okay sometimes to not use hashtags. 
  5. Know your competitors /niche – know what your competitors are up to, discuss with the people of your place about the use and relevancy of hashtags. 
  6. Identify the people of your excellent – identify your niche’s people using different tools such as buzz sumo. In, it will you to know the influencers of your niche. 
  1. Find hashtags using different tools- there are many tools available online to find the relevant hashtags for your content. Few tools are-

•Rite tag- helps you to find relevant hashtags with real-time engagement

• helps you find popular hashtags related to your content or brand and save your time. 

• Tag board – it will help you manage to see how your hashtags are doing across the different platforms and perform better on which platform. 

•Trends map – it will help you to understand which hashtags are performing in your geographical area. 

  1. Opportunity to build your brand- hashtags help you to make your brand on any social media since it is the most straightforward and effective way to connect with the audience. 
  2. Support a social cause- hashtags are used to create your brand and help create social awareness; # support farmers is the live example of the power of hashtags on social media. 
  3. Know which hashtags to use – you cannot use every hashtag on every social media platform; you should know the type of social media platform you are using and the relevant hashtags you can use there; it will help you to create significant impact on your audience. 
  4. Make your own hashtags- it may sound crazy, but yes, you can create your own hashtag, which you can use and even insist your audience to use the hashtag and make it popular. 
  5. Before you make your hashtag, research well, search whether the hashtag you are planning to use has been used before; if no, you are good to go; if yes, then try something new. 
  6. Listen to your social media – tools like Hoot suite stream the search of your hashtag and thus creating a better chance to find a hashtag for you. 
  7. Analysis – analyses your past hashtags, understand which hashtags performed better, which were medium and which low performers were, and then use them accordingly in your next posts. 
  8. Place it effectively- when you place a hashtag, use it with a caption so that people can read it along with a caption. 
  9. Take time to research- before using the hashtag, take time to research, don’t be in a hurry. A wrong hashtag will add no value to your post or content. 
  10. Don’t make it controversial – don’t use any controversial; any controversial hashtag may backfire and sometimes lead to a social media account suspension. 
  11. Learn from others’ mistakes – learn from other influencers’ mistakes, what mistakes they made great try not to repeat them. 
  12. learn which hashtag to use – learn which hashtag to use on which platform ayou cannot use every hashtag on every platform, for, e.g., On Intstagram, the most used hashtag is followed me. On LinkedIn, the most used hashtags are leadership and productivity. On YouTube, the most used hashtag is to subscribe.
  13. Save the hashtag – whenever you find any relevant hashtag related to your upcoming post, save it for future reference. In this way, you will have the collection of your own hashtags. 
  14. Plan it in advance – plan the hashtags along with the caption itself, don’t keep it for later, as later you may forget the type of content you had and hashtags you wanted. 
  15. Know your Audience- it is imperative to know your target audience so that you can plan your hashtags accordingly, know what they like the most and then plan to put your hashtag. 
  16. Cover your requirements- if you have many hashtags and are confused about which one to use, then simply take a look at which complete all your needs or which is more related to your captions, posts. 
  17. Understand how they work –they help you to gain followers by bringing Audience to your post and content. Whenever a person types a word related to your post, they will automatically reach your post. 
  18. What if I don’t use them- than most of the people won’t get to know about your content and posts as then they are not directed to your content directly.
  19. How much time will it take to get the perfect hashtag – it will take a lot of time and practice to get the ideal hashtag. Keep practicing. 
  1. What if my hashtag doesn’t go viral – it’s okay. Sometimes your hashtag won’t be perfect sometimes;, it will go viral; thus, it is essential to keep patience.
  1. Ask friends- ask your friends about the hashtags they use in their content. Discuss it with them, and those who are in the same niche as yours are added advantage. 
  1. Take suggestions from followers- take advice from fans about what kind of hashtag bought them to your page and use it frequently. 
  1. Make your hashtag- make your own hashtag but before that research, well, if it had been used earlier, try to be creative. 
  1. Include the hashtag in every post- try to include the hashtag in every post; initially, it may seem complicated, but eventually, you will become habitual. 
  1. Plan it – when you plan your content, try to arrange the hashtag simultaneously as at that time, you have all the ideas related to your content. 
  1. Keep it limited- quantity always matters over quality; thus, don’t go for amount while using the hashtag. Keep in mind that the better the quality of hashtag you will have, the more audience you will have. 
  1. Think like the audience- feel like the audience about what kind of hashtag you would like to see along with the content. When you place yourself in their shoes, you will have better ideas. 
  1. Try to search the hashtag by yourself on different social media platforms and see what type of content they will take you; it will help you to plan your hashtag accordingly. 
  1. Practice it out – practice makes a human perfect, it will take a lot of course and patience to understand how to use hashtag properly, don’t give up; you will get the results soon
  1. Create a brand – when you use the hashtag, you are using a brand; thus, try to keep the quality of content up to the bar. 
  1. When you make a new hashtag, ask your friends and fans to use it; it will encourage you to be creative and will connect you with them. 

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