How Guys Try out New Styles: 35+ Fashion Tips

When it comes to style, guys do not like to experiment much or even try out new things. However, as one keeps growing, he also needs to keep evolving his style to look his best and dress for his age. Here is how you can break that barrier.

Tips for guys to try out new styles 

Be flexible. Be flexible in your mindset in the sense that you would try for yourself all the styles instead of discarding them in your head. Make it a habit to never negate any kind of style that you come across. 

Be willing to try out new things. Be willing to go out there and try the styles that you were either too scared or too shy to try on. Make sure that your first instinct is always to try and understand the reason behind the style. 

Visit new stores. Visiting new stores widen your style horizon and make you more aware of what is more famous in the style world right now and what the things you should stay away from are. Also, you can’t try new styles if you keep going to the same store. 

Try on different fits. Styles is all about the different fits, and you can keep trying on different fits as there is a lot more than just one fit that would suit you. From super skinny to regular or even relaxed, you can’t be certain until you try for yourself. 

Try wearing different patterns. The world of different patterns on your clothes is far and wide, and you would not be able to get enough of them once you start trying them on. Do not push away any pattern without giving it a fair shot. 

Experiment with various prints. Just like patterns, prints could also make a big difference if you inculcate them well in your style. Do not shy away trying on all the crazy prints that you can get your hands on. 

Try on new fabric. The fabric of your clothes makes all the difference in the world between making it look premium and comfortable and being a total mess. Make sure you always go for good quality fabric which will last longer. 

Push yourself. Push yourself to try on things that you have always run away from. Push yourself to try on different styles and build around them. Push yourself to be a better person and be more open-minded about what you wear. 

Come out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is all there is between you and your style journey. You need to leave your old comfort zone in the past and push your boundaries to find new comfort zones. 

Picture yourself. Before you make any decisions about your style or even buy anything new online, make it a point to always picture yourself in it. Know that just because you like it does not mean it will look good on you. 

Be confident. Confidence is the ultimate key to pulling off any style, and it is the only skill that you must focus on mastering. When you smell of confidence, you can make just about any style in the whole world, your own. 

How to be more confident while dressing up

Take baby steps. Developing and trying out new styles is a long journey, and you could not cover it in a day even if you tried to. Take small but significant steps and start with little changes to your current style. 

Try new silhouettes. The silhouette of your outfit determines what outline your body has, and the only way to play around with that outfit and develop a new style is to try all kinds of silhouettes and keep changing them. 

Know your aesthetic. Know the aesthetic that you wish to achieve with your style, and keeping that picture in your head, build around it. When everything comes together more naturally, you look super stylish. 

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Wear new colors. All of us have a few colors that are close to our hearts, but that does mean that we have to ignore all the other wonderful colors. Expand your wardrobe with a new selection of colors to choose from. 

Try a few different sizes. Even if you have been wearing the same size all your adult life and are happy with it, you could still be wearing the wrong size unknowingly. Try a size bigger or a size smaller to find the perfect fit. 

Wear different shoes. You must have more than a few sneakers in your wardrobe and should keep expanding that collection until you have one for every given event. Don’t be stuck on your sneakers or even boots; try new kinds of footwear. 

Experiment with leather. From the quality to the tanning technique to even the color, there are just so many things to consider when it comes to leather. Make sure you try different things and keep adding to your style. 

Wear different kinds of jackets. You cannot keep wearing that same style of jacket all your life just because it does the job for you. You need to be more demanding and try out different kinds of jackets like varsity, denim, bomber, etc. 

How to style bomber jackets

Start with your t-shirt. Your t-shirt is the simplest part of your outfit, and if you wish to start trying out new styles, it is a good place to begin with. Take your simple jeans and t-shirt to a new level with some accessories or some layering. 

How to choose the right t-shirt

Know the vibe that you want. Know the feel of the look that you are going for and have a clear picture in your head of what you want others to make of it. Dressing to impress is the one rule that you must follow all the time. 

Casual, semi-formal, then formal. Remember the order, when it comes to trying out new styles; it is always the casual first, then if you are comfortable, semi-formal, and only when you master it should you move to the formal wear. 

Find comfort. Instead of just sitting idle in your comfort zone, make sure to find the same amount of comfort in other styles too. If you are confident enough, you can make every style your own. 

Accessorize. Accessories are the soul of your outfit, and without them, nothing feels right. Make sure that with new styles come new accessories or even vice versa if you go accessory shopping a lot. 

 A good watch. Nothing beats a good old analog watch when you wish to go to the next level in terms of style. A good watch will compel you to build a new and fresh outfit around you, and it has to match its style to look good. 

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Try new fragrances. One thing that really boosts our confidence is when we smell good. A new fragrance calls for a new sense of style, and you would willingly experiment if you smell that good; keep trying out new fragrances. 

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Learn to mix and match. Learn to make the best of what you already have in your wardrobe and come up with creative ideas to turn them into new styles of outfits. Mix and match things that you never thought would go together. 

Work on your color sense. Color science is not something you master in a day, but if you keep reading, studying, and doing your homework on time, you will begin to see what colors work best in what combinations. 

How to color coordinate clothes

Dress to impress. Keep in your head that the only reason you are putting in so much effort is that you want to make a good impression. Dress to impress, and you would not have to worry about anything else. 

Work on coordination. Work more on how to coordinate your outfit better and how to make it come together in a more natural and organized way. A stylish man how to make different things work together. 

Learn from the best. There are hundreds of style gurus and influencers just waiting to be discovered on every social media platform possible. Just type in the keywords, and you will find all the information that you need. 

 Break the style barrier. Although there are a few style barriers that you must never toy around with, you need to know that those rules were also made by humans, and if you are confident enough, you can pull off every style possible. 

Get a big mirror. Getting a big mirror allows you to take a good big look at yourself and decide for yourself if the new style is doing the job or if you need to tune things more a bit. 

benefits of having a big mirror

Go window shopping. Window shopping is unarguably the easiest way to try out different styles with the addition that it does not break your bank. Try as many new styles as possible from as many stores as you wish. 

Check your current wardrobe. The first step towards trying out new styles is to go through your current wardrobe to know what you love to wear, what makes it work, and what are the things that you need to work on to make it complete. 

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