How Girls Can Keep up With Fashion Trends: 51+ Fashion Tips

It is very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of fashion trends if you are not guided well. It is important to distinguish the right and stylish trends from the absolutely ridiculous ones and if you face trouble doing so, keep the following things in mind. 

Ways to keep in mind while following girly trends

Know your fashion blogs. Know the fashion blogs that provide you the right information and keep you updated with all the information that you need on the latest trends. Such blogs are easy to come by and are a great source of fashion information. 

Follow celebrity trends. Following your favorite celebrities and what they wear to events or even daily will let you know what is in trend. Most of them are styled by professionals who know right and wrong. 

Express yourself. Learn to express yourself through your outfit and if you manage to add the recent trends to your clothes, you will let everyone know that you are well aware of what is going on right now.

Know your body type. Dressing according to your body type is the smartest fashion decision that you can take. Follow the fashion trends that accentuate your physical features while covering the drawbacks, and you’d look amazing. 

Know your aesthetics. Fashion is all about aesthetics and trends are nothing but changes in aesthetics. If you are one for the loose and baggy aesthetics, or you enjoy the street style, you would know what trends to follow. 

Follow the right trends. It is very important to tell the right trends from the wrong ones. The lines do get blurry sometimes but you have to make out the difference to look your best and stand out negatively and weirdly. 

Popular trends are not always the best. Just because everyone is following the trends and it is extremely popular, does not mean you have to follow it too, it is not reason enough for you to do it. Find out if you really wish to follow it. 

Pay attention to your favorite designers. Designers know everything about fashion and they more or less set the trends. Follow the designers whose works you really like and pay attention to the collections that they are dropping. 

Go window shopping. Window shopping is the best way to know and figure out what is trending and what is not. If a few stores are selling similar items, you know they are in and what you have to buy the next time you are out shopping. 

Know your influencers. Influencers play a big role in the fashion choices of a lot of people. A right influencer can make your life and a crazy one might even destroy it. Pick one you think would be the best for your style. 

Instagram is a great place. Instagram is a great place to let you know about all the new fashion trends, it even has a trending space to let you know about the things that are hot right now. Just search for fashion and you would have all the information. 

Use social media well. Use social media to your advantage by uploading or searching for fashion content. You would never run out of fashion ideas even if you keep scrolling for days, just find the right pages and people. 

Follow fashion events. Fashion events are the real places where all the trends are set and the changes are met. Follow the important ones like the Met Gala or the various fashion weeks that take place all over the world. 

Check out the new collections at your favorite store. Checking out the latest collection that your favorite brands have dropped this season will let you know about what is in trend and what is out of it, check more than a few stores. 

Follow the new seasonal trends. Trends change especially during the change in the season due to new drops. It is best to follow the seasonal releases to know the trends. The fall and the summer collection are usually the biggest. 

Notice the styles at important events. Notice the styles that people are carrying at important events be it the showbiz industry or a sports event, you will always find people dressing up. Notice what the people are wearing when millions are watching. 

Complement your body type. Dress to complete your physical features and to make them look better. Following all the right trends will be of no use if it does not match your body type. Know what to wear and then work on the trend. 

Dress up for the occasion. Dress up for the event or the occasion that you are going for. Every trend is about dressing up correctly and you have to keep it in your head the next time you visit a special gathering, make sure you are dressed for it. 

Make it look effortless. Dressing up should look effortless and natural no matter how much effort you have actually put in to get ready. Follow the trends that you can add to your style easily and almost effortlessly. 

Fashion vlogs. Fashion Vlogs are a great way to know about recent trends. They not only tell us about outfit ideas but even take us shopping with them and let us in on the inspiration behind those outfits. 

Get a magazine subscription.  Getting a subscription to a fashion magazine might be the easiest way to step up your trend game. They have detailed articles on what to do and what to stay away from this season and they have the research to back it up. 

Follow street style. Street style has been growing in popularity all across the globe and if you are someone who likes to experiment with different fits, then street style is all for you, you are bound to get some eyes rolling. 

Ignore the hype. Following trends is great but you should not pay attention to any unnecessary hype around it. Things can be hyped up in several ways and most of the time, it will not meet your expectations. 

Focus on the quality. Focus on the quality of the object or piece of clothing that is trending rather than its brand value or the tag. If it is worth every penny that you will spend on it in the long run, then you should move forward with it. 

Understand the long-term benefit. Understand the long-term benefit of the trend rather than it fading away in a few months. Rather than focusing on trends that will more likely fade away in a few months, focus on things that are always in trend. 

Do not overspend. One should always stay away from overspending no matter what the product is or how trendy it is now. The bitter truth is that even if it is the hottest thing right now, it would not be nearly as popular in some time and you would regret the decision of buying it. 

Spend on important clothing pieces. It is completely alright to spend money on pieces that are in trend and add a lot of value to your current wardrobe and will likely be fashionable for a considerable amount of time. 

Be careful with hair trends. Hair trends should always be dealt with with caution. You should think about everything through and through when it comes to your hair as there is no going back once it is done, keep it simple. 

Visit your favorite stores more. Visit the stores that you love buying clothes from more so that you get a better idea of what is in trend and what is considered to be out of fashion. Quick tip, if it is in a few stores, it is a green flag. 

Use fashion hashtags. The simplest way to look at all the trendy stuff online is to use hashtags like fashion, trend, and outfit in your social media and scrolling would become a lot filtered, and you would see only the posts that you want to see. 

Wait for a few days. Just when the trend is gaining popularity, do not rush into it but wait for a few days to see if it is slowing down or if it is worth your time. Waiting for anything from two weeks to a month is a good idea. 

Trends are temporary. You have to realize and accept that trends are temporary and no matter how much you love that tie-dye hoodie, it will probably be considered lame or too flashy within the next few changes. 

Experiment with fabrics and patterns. Trends are all about experimenting and if you have already figured out your style, you have to move on to try different fabrics, prints, and patterns to keep things interesting and fun. 

Do not feel shy. Do not feel shy or insecure about any trend that you wish to follow. Be proud of whatever you are wearing and do not let anything stop you from making you feel happy and good about yourself. 

Try new aesthetics. It is time to venture out into the world of growing trends and try out various aesthetics for the sheer fun of it. Stop thinking about how it will look on it and go and actually try that top and find out for yourself. 

Be bold with your choices. Be bold with your choice of trends and own up to carrying them with pride. You are allowed to express yourself in whatever way you see fit and if it makes you feel happy, go on. 

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