How to Have an Identifiable Style for Guys: 51+ Fashion tips

One needs to have an identifiable style that people can associate with. When you walk into a room, people must be able to recognize who you are both from within and without just by a look and make you feel approachable. Here is how you can do it. 

Ways to have an identifiable style for guys.

Do not copy. The first step towards making your style identifiable is to stop copying. Be it your idol, be it your favorite style icon, you can draw inspiration from them and implement the idea in your style but you cannot just blatantly copy it. 

Be comfortable. Be comfortable in your skin and whatever you are wearing. More than the outfit itself, your style will become more recognizable in the way you carry yourself and the outfit. Have confidence in yourself. 

Be original. Try to be as original as possible as it is the easiest to identify. People will be confused about you and your identity if your style is copied from someone and draw an unnecessary conclusion, be real in your stylish way. 

Know your aesthetics. Know the kind of aesthetics that best suit you and you feel comfortable in. Once you figure it out, people will most likely be able to identify you with the aesthetic that you are going after. 

Know your comfort zone. Know the extent of your comfort zone. Know what would be totally unlike you to wear and would surprise people. If you want to be identified, keep it simple but you are allowed to go crazy once in a while. 

Get inspired. Get inspired by the people that you have grown up idolizing as stylish human beings. Try and inculcate their style tips into your wardrobe and look for the hacks that they follow, however, do not follow them blindly. 

Be creative. Be creative in your approach whenever it comes to fashion. Style is an art and it very much is a medium to express yourself. Give yourself that artistic freedom and be creative with how you wish to project yourself. 

Sort your wardrobe. The very first step towards getting your style sorted is to sort or organize your wardrobe and whatever you currently own. Donate all that you don’t wear and don’t intend on wearing and keep only what is required. 

Accessorize. Accessories will always be an important part of your style. There can always be that one watch or that belt that people love on you and identify you with, invest in some quality accessories like that. 

Know your favorite colors. Know the colors that look the best on you and you feel extremely comfortable in them. Even if you can pull off all, there will always be a few you stand out in, focusing your outfits majorly around those colors. 

Focus on footwear. Footwear can make or break any outfit and if you wish to develop a recognizable style, starting with some good shoes would be a great place to start. People do notice shoes and you have to make sure that you have a clean and classy pair on. 

Be clean and hygienic. It does not matter what you are wearing if you are not clean. Even if you are not the best-looking person in the room, people will still identify you and your style as long as you are the cleanest. 

Do not be underdressed. It is better to be overdressed than underdressed most of the time. You can show up to a casual party in a suit but there is no way you can show up to a wedding in a pair of shorts, let people identify you as that person who is always well dressed. 

Know your style. Discover your style, find out what really makes you look and feel better and once that is figured out, you can keep building on it and people will most definitely notice it. Make sure to know yourself first. 

Plan your outfits. The easiest way to be the most identifiable stylish person in the room is to plan your outfits way ahead so that you do not have to rush and wear whatever you can find when the time opportunity finally presents itself.

Match colors well. Half your job is done if you can match the right colors. When you show up with a well-coordinated colorful outfit, people instantly notice you and appreciate your sense of style. Know the colors and the combinations that best suit you. 

Keep experimenting. Keep experimenting with your style and evolving it so that it becomes finer. When you dress sharp and look clean, people will automatically notice and your style becomes identifiable. 

Be well-groomed. Be well-groomed at all times no matter what the occasion or where you are headed. If you are well-groomed and always look your best, people will begin to notice you, and your style will become a lot more identifiable. 

Dress for the occasion. Dress according to the occasion and make yourself look like the most presentable person in the room, you begin to be noticed more. Put in the effort that you need to put in and results will show. 

Have a few special pieces. Have a few special pieces that not only define your style but are your weapons whenever you have to show up for something important. People should know that you mean business when you show up like that. 

Grow your wardrobe. A complete or at least a respectable wardrobe is not built in a day. You need to keep turning the screws thereby tuning them for a long time until you finally land in a sweet spot. Start with a few solid pieces and keep adding. 

Get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do the things that you have to, to make people notice you. Do not be that guy who looks the same every single day but keeps shifting your comfort zone. 

Stick to comfort. As much as it feels important to keep improving, sometimes you have to stick to the things that you know and the things that make you feel comfortable to make the people who have seen you know that you are here. 

Do your research. Do the proper research about what looks good on you, the things that you could change, the way people perceive you, and so on. Questions like that help you grow your style game by providing the right kind of feedback. 

Rate your outfits. A very healthy habit to build your style is to judge your outfit yourself rather than asking anyone else for it. You are the best judge of your life and at the end of the day, all that matters is your comfort and happiness. 

Talk to your friends. Talk to your friends about what looks good on you and according to their opinion, what would look better on you. They can give you a piece of their mind without any filters and that would be of great help. 

Read some fashion magazines. Fashion magazines are a great place to look for some outfit inspirations and gain more knowledge on what is trending. They also contain a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to stand out. 

Fit is the key. Understand that for guys, it is all about the right fit. No matter what the style or the color, if it fits you well, you are going to look incredible. Focus on the fits and you would easily be identified looking sharp at all times. 

Complement your proportions. Dress to complement the way you are built and to make your proportions look better. There are a few broad guidelines that you can follow related to the fit of your pants and shirts to make you look better. 

Become a smart shopper. Start shopping in a more organized way rather than running after-sales or buying things on a whim. Make a list of the items that you would like to add to your wardrobe and keep buying them over a longer period. 

Use belts. Belts are a great way to not only add proportions to your body but to make you look better and cleaner. They add a different touch to any outfit and make you stand out as a more stylish person. 

Play with patterns. Play around with different kinds of patterns that go with your body type. If you are on the leaner side, horizontal stripes would make you look wider while if you are a healthier guy, vertical stripes would help. 

Add more textures. Add different kinds of textures to your outfits. When you bring in new textures, you add a different element to your outfit and make it come together in a more organized way. 

Try new fabrics. Trying new and different kinds of fabrics that no one else wears would surely make people identify your fashion statement. Adding a bit of leather or maybe some denim once in a while helps a great deal. 

Use social media well. Social media is a great place to portray a part of you that you want the world to see. You are in complete control of what you want the people to see and if you post the right photos, people will identify you the way you want them to. 

Take your time getting ready. There is absolutely no shame in spending a few minutes more getting ready. You could either spend a few minutes now to look sharp or show up to an important occasion looking like a goofball, your call. 

Use a big mirror. Using a big mirror or a life-size mirror is the best way to judge your outfit and find any faults in it. When you see yourself the way people would, you know what things are working out and what needs to go. 

Spend on valuable pieces. You must spend on a piece that adds value to your wardrobe and add different flavors to it. Spending on the right shoe or a great suit would prove to be a justified investment in the long run. Spend wisely now, don’t regret later.

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