How to Find Your Personal Style- for Guys: 51+ Fashion Tips

It is very important to express yourself and who you are in every way possible. Expressing yourself through your style will take a lot of time and experimenting. Finding your personal style will take a long time and it starts with self-love.

Ways to find your personal style as a guy

Be comfortable with yourself. Be comfortable with who you are and what you would love to wear. Your style journey would begin when you decide to love yourself and embrace who you are. 

Check your wardrobe. Check the contents of your wardrobe and make sure there is nothing in there that you do not love. The more organized your wardrobe the easier it would be for you to identify your style. 

Know your favorite colors. Know the colors that make you stand out and also make you look your best. There will always be a few colors that bring out the best in you even if you look good in all of them, figure out your style around that. 

Know your fits. Know the fits that you feel more comfortable in and the fits that make you look better built than you actually are. Finding your style is all about finding the right fit for your body type. 

Know your patterns. Know the patterns that look the best on you and keep trying different patterns to grow your wardrobe. Anything from horizontal and vertical stripes to abstract prints, keep trying till you find your favorites. 

Know your fabrics. Know the fabric that would make you look better in any atmosphere. Be it denim or leather, have a few kinds of fabrics that you can rely on any given occasion and you would have a great place to start your search. 

Dress for the event. Dress for the event that you are headed to so that you have an image in your head about how you want to present yourself and what you must wear to do the same. It is all about the right clothes at the right time. 

Dress for the weather. Weather plays a huge role in deciding your clothes for the day. One who does not dress according to the weather and maybe wears a leather jacket on a hot summer day will definitely look out of place and stupid. 

Be clean and organized. The simplest way to find your style and carry on with it is to set a few ground rules. The basics would be to always be clean, crisp, and organized in whatever you are wearing. 

Be groomed. Your grooming is probably the most important part of your style and you need to take better care of your skin and hair so that they give you that extra boost of confidence that you need to pull off any outfit. 

Be punctual. Being punctual and disciplined about your body would take your place. Visit your barber regularly and make sure to visit your favorite stores punctually. Also, it would be great to be punctual for an important event.  

Get inspired. Get inspired by the style of the celebrities that you have looked up to since you were a kid who is still considered to be stylish. Inspiration is what will truly develop your personal style. 

Wear your favorite shoes. Make sure to always be on top of your shoe game and impress people when they notice your footwear. Any outfit can be taken to the next level with a good pair of shoes and you have to pair them every time you step out. 

Wear stripes. Wearing different kinds of stripes can guide you in the right direction in finding your style. Horizontal and vertical, both kinds of stripes have their fair share of advantages and highlight different aspects of your body. 

Experiment. Experiment with your style once in a while to find out if you need to change or add something new. Do not stagnate with your style but keep stepping it up with the change in trends over time. 

Find comfort in what you are wearing. Be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing and you will soon realize that style comes from within you and not the other way around. Love yourself and be confident. 

Do not get intimidated. Do not get intimidated by anything that the other person in the room might be wearing or what he thinks about what you are wearing. As long as you are comfortable, there is no reason for you to worry. 

Wear clothes that make you feel confident. All of us have different places from where we find confidence. Wear clothes that make you feel a bit more confident and they will become an integral part of your personal style. 

Spend on quality items. Do not think twice before spending on a piece that adds quality and versatility to your wardrobe. They would probably last you a lot longer and would prove to be a great investment over time. 

Stay away from the hype. Hype is a lot of things, good for your personal style is fortunately not one of them. Stay away from any kind of hype when you aren’t sure of your style yet, it is only going to make things more complicated. 

Rate your social media profile. Rate the photos or the outfits in your photos and figure out what looks better and what you need to let go of the next time you are clicking those pictures. Do not be modest with yourself. 

Get your outfits ready last night. Get your outfits for the next day sorted the night before. Bring the outfit together and keep it in a single place so that you can get ready effortlessly the next day, keep the accessories close too. 

Be effortless in your clothing. Style is majorly about coming across more confidently effortlessly. The less that you seem to have put in the effort the better it is for your style. Put in effort 

Carry everything well. No matter what outfit you are wearing, even if it was put together at the very last moment in a haphazard way, carry it like it is all a part of the plan and that everything is going exactly how you imagined. 

Keep your shoes on point. Good shoes equal a good outfit and a good outfit equals good style. So, if you have good shoes you will have good style, simple. Invest in a few good shoes that can carry you through anything. 

Be clean and presentable. Be presentable enough for every occasion and be clean in your approach. Make these two factors the foundation of your style and you would have no problem getting around. 

Smile more. A smile is the only accessory you need to not only complete your outfit but if you are looking to identify your style, it is the only thing that you need. There is no problem in the world that a true smile can’t solve. 

Love what you are wearing. Be in love with what you are wearing and wear only what you love. When you love what you wear, you start emitting those emotions in the air and people soon begin to resonate with them. 

Look at your old photos. Look at an old photo album or any old photos to see how much you have changed and how much has your style evolved. If you have come this far, there is no reason for you to stop now. 

Observe the people around you. Observe the people around you and in your group to check what their style game is like. You should get motivated to step up your style and motivation can come out of anywhere. 

Be ready for feedback. Be ready and willing to take any kind of feedback to keep tuning your personal style and to keep working on it to make it better. 

Follow your fashion idols. Follow the style idols that you have always looked up to and draw inspiration from them for your outfits. You would always come across a few new ideas if you look closely. 

Be real and original. The first step towards finding your style is to not copy anyone but to be real, be original, and most importantly be you. Do not blindly replicate what someone else is doing, but always be authentic. 

Hair is the key. If your hair looks great, you would look great no matter what you are wearing. A hood haircut could change the world for you and you need to make your barber your best friend to make the right change. 

It is okay to spend time getting ready. It is more than okay to spend a few extra minutes getting ready than showing up to places unprepared and looking unpresentable. Nothing to feel about here. 

Know your group. Know the group that you are in and the kind of people you are surrounded with. When you know who you would be meeting, dressing up becomes easy.

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