How to Build Tolerance: 51+ Proven Ways

In this global world, where people are getting ever socialized, it is vital that we grow tolerant as well. It is pretty visible on public transports or on roads how people are growing intolerant towards each other every day.

There are arguments on petty matters. Joint families are breaking to form nuclear ones. It seems people have forgotten to adjust and only complain. We should remember that actual life is in kindness and tolerance. Here we are citing down some tips that you may follow to help yourself grow tolerant.

Tips to Build Tolerance

Do not get carried away with others’ words- Never get influenced by what others say. Use your power of thinking to analyze and understand situations better.

Develop a sense of understanding- Get into the habit of understanding others. Whatever you are thinking may not be right always.

Try changing your perspective- If we can change how we look at things, it will change the entire way how we react and comment on it.

Start practicing respect- Everything starts with respect. You should have respect towards everyone, irrespective of what he does or in which occupation he is.

Keep a check on your ego- Ego destroys everything. No matter how much you try, if you can’t keep track of your ego, all your efforts to be tolerant will be of no use. 

Try seeing beyond what the person speaks- Everyone is not vocal. They have something else in their mind, and they end up framing it another way. Always look beyond the words.

Start meditating- Meditation is the medicine to almost every problem existing in your personality. It helps you feel afresh and have control over your nerves.

Do not look at every situation with your emotions- Acting emotionally in every situation is not advisable. We need to be rational and think accordingly. Emotions can be misleading. 

Start practicing patience- Patience is the first step to learn tolerance. Whenever you feel restless, remind yourself that you got to be patient. Hold yourself even if you want to react.

Be mindful- Always be aware of what you are doing and what you are speaking. Words that once out of the mouth can never be taken back. Your mind and your actions must always be in your control. 

Accept changes – This is a big step to grow tolerance. Everything will never be in the way you want to. Things take their turn eventually, and we must be able to go with the flow. 

Certain circumstances demand tolerance- You need to understand that you cannot always react and solve situations. There are times that come when you have to understand that you cannot solve but simply wait for it to change to better.

Put yourself in their shoes- Given any situation, when the person sitting at your opposite starts complaining, try putting yourself in their position and think before you prescribe advice.

Have control over your mind and action- If you are an adult, you are solely responsible for the actions you take. When you want to be tolerant, you have to mold your thoughts accordingly.

Grow the willingness to accept others- You have to want to change from within. If you are not at all willing to listen, understand, and accept the other, you will never be able to. Be open to all ideas.

Do not hurriedly conclude- This is the worst thing you can do to yourself or anyone else. With a minimum amount of information, we should never reach a conclusion. We must adequately investigate before concluding.

Be open enough to understand what the other is saying- Try listening first before you reply and put forward your views. You never know what they feel at this moment, what they are going through inside.

It is okay to agree to disagree- You need to accept that you may not always end up agreeing with everyone present in the room. It doesn’t make you the wrong person, but you have to stop reacting and accept the disagreements.

Try to empathize with people- Instead of only sympathizing, we should move a little forward and ask them if they need any help. Even if they refuse, we must willingly stay beside them. 

Start asking for an explanation- When you find it challenging to understand what they are saying, before assuming in your way, ask them to explain it to you. You may find they were actually meaning something exactly opposite to what you were thinking.

Ignore the existing differences- Everyone is unique, and differences are bound to lie between people. To maintain good relations and practice tolerance, we must be able to ignore them.

Taking care of how you speak-Your attitude while you speak will significantly impact the person. Be very careful with your words. 

Start embracing new challenges- You should take up new challenges, work in different atmospheres to raise your tolerance. New challenges will force you to be patient and analyze before acting.

Make them feel special and safe- When someone is talking to you, telling you about their stories or sufferings, they should feel secured and not vulnerable to disrespect and treated as a matter of fun.

Do not run away from conflicts- Running away from situations never help, you should be able to confront the mess you have created or got into. Facing and clearing out issues is the best way to grow tolerance.

Use positive comments- Instead of making harsh remarks or using negative words to explain something. Use a positive approach; it shall create a sense of trust for you in him.

Come out of outdated beliefs- As times are changing, we are also supposed to change, we are required to accept new ideologies, new beliefs, change our thinking process accordingly. If we do not keep on updating ourselves, we will face more conflicts.

Do not support discriminatory comments- If you choose to remain quiet while others are practicing intolerant behavior, you are equally at fault. Try and protest for anything that seems unnecessarily demeaning to you. 

Accept the prevailing diversity- There exists a beautiful diversity in the world. In language, in culture, in beliefs, and what more. It is our responsibility to fall in love and grow with diversity.

Do not be self-centered- Being self-oriented or always thinking about what is beneficial only for you is not the correct way to live. There exists happiness in being with others.

Try using more of “we” in your sentences than “me” and “I”- The way you present your words plays a considerable role. A person should trust you, and he should have the faith that you will think of ways that are good for both parties. 

Be straightforward when you speak- If you do not like someone or some of their activities, be vocal about it. It is always better to show the disliking in words rather than in actions.

Start working with different people- When you work with different people your mindset, your thought process is sure to broaden. You will slowly inculcate their thoughts and behavior and grow tolerant.

Do not taunt anyone- Taunting is an unhealthy practice. Even if you mention that you are just kidding, it throws a highly negative impact on anyone who is listening and is an overthinker. 

Read blogs that broaden your mindset- Reading throws light to our knowledge. We reflect on what we read. Get hold of articles that is enlightening and liberal and gives you an opening to different ideas and views. 

Promote group work- When you start working with different people and are bound to complete the assignments together, you have no choice but to accept and get along with them. You will get tolerant eventually.

Keep away from people who practice intolerance- Staying away from toxic and harmful influences is always the best choice. It won’t at least counteract your efforts to build tolerance. 

Watch movies that promote acceptance- Like books, visual images, and movies also significantly impact our mindsets. We reflect on what we understand of the movie. Watch movies that are of great social value.

Value the differences in thoughts existing even in your families- Differences exist everywhere and with everyone. As the saying goes, charity always begins at home, we must start respecting our family members and their beliefs first.

Learn and research about cultures- Instead of whiling away your time just like that, start investing your time that will help you grow your mind and thought process. You have your Google assistant to help you through.

Do not be harsh with yourself- It may take time to finally be patient and tolerant in every situation. You might fail a number of times. You may not live up to your expectations at the beginning, it is there where your journey begins to tolerate yourself. 

You should not hold pain for long- If we hold onto things that hurt us for long, we will end up bursting out one day. It will be a worse scenario because you will be unable to control yourself at all and be extremely harsh.

Practice tolerance with yourself- We often end up blaming ourselves for different things. We tend to take responsibility for all that went wrong with our close ones. It is not right; you need to love and respect yourself first.

Never hold grudges- Holding all grudges simply leads to an uncomfortable situation where you might burst out and act completely cold to others. It is always better to forgive, let go and forget, in order to help yourself.

Detach from people you cannot respect any more- There may be a situation where you fail to respect a person because of their deeds. You may find them wrong. In such a case it is better to move away.

Avoid unnecessary conversations- This is the easiest way to avoid disagreements and hence no issues of being intolerant shall arrive.

Gain knowledge in the right direction- You must inculcate knowledge that helps you grow and not pull you back. It is important that you know what you learning and why you are learning.

Try helping others to come out of their orthodox mindsets- We are a generation stuck between liberating thoughts and orthodox mindsets. We must help each other grow in this new era.

Disregard negative thinking- Do not let any negative thoughts creep inside your head. Completely ignore and take them out. It is the only way to mental growth and acceptance towards society. 

Write a remainder for yourself and put it on your desk- Write in bold and keep it in front of your eyes. It shall keep on reminding you that you are practicing and inculcating the essence of tolerance.

Do not support or practice abuse- Abuses, be it physical or mental is wrong. Never practice and help others to practice it. Be entirely intolerant of such things.

Take deep long breaths- Whenever you feel restless and find it difficult to hold your patience level, practice some deep breathing, it liberates you from within.

Choose to ignore at times- It is best to avoid everything at times. When you are already disturbed and unable to act rationally, choose to stay away from situations that might trigger you.

Start with small challenges- Give yourself small time limits in which you are going to practice complete tolerance. Restart the time if you fail even once.

Grow the habit as an inbuilt part of you- This not an extra assignment for a month or two. Remember you have to grow the habit as a very much part of you. You and tolerance shall work together.

It is time that we all feel responsible for our actions to make this world a better place to live in. We all need to work together and with all our might to make this world a more tolerant place. Every one is liable to make mistakes, learn and grow. These are some steps that shall help you make things better for yourself and people you are closely associated with.

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