How to Build a Minimal Wardrobe: 61+ Proven Ways

People often confuse minimalism with whatnot. It is time you understand that minimalism is not about deprivation, it has never been.

Rather it is about getting rid of the excess that we have in our life in favor of the essential. Also, it is high time to not get confused between capsule wardrobe and minimal wardrobe. 

Here are some tips to have a minimal wardrobe.

Question yourself. Question yourself if you require a minimal wardrobe. If you believe that you already maintain a very minimalist lifestyle and you do not recognize yourself as a hoarder, there is no need to go through this process and declutter your whole collection. 

Interchangeable outfits. The first step is to plan out outfits that are interchangeable and can be repeated over many seasons. There are times when we keep repeating a favorite or most staple clothes over and over again, without buying too many clothes. Don’t get confused between this habit of yours and maximalism.

Creative styling. This creates a great opportunity to venture out your creative side, you may have to style one item in many ways over some time.

Cleaning your closet. From now on you have to start building your consciousness Closer by taking existing clothes seriously and choose whatever you need and throw away or donate whatever you don’t need. This is a great start and it should continue, you have to know from now not to buy anything that you don’t need.

Division of piles. Make three divisions of the closet you don’t want; donation consignment and clothes to keep the first special location. This is a great mental exercise that helps you to decide very quickly about the clothes that you don’t need.

Remember the staple pieces. The first and foremost item that should be in your wardrobe is artist table pieces. You can also call them classic or basic pieces. They are timeless and they are qualified to be styled in ample ways possible.

The loved ones. Always keep the garments that are very close to you sentimentally. There are clothes that we are attached to due to some very personal and emotional reasons. Like a wedding dress or first purchase, it is very hard to get away from those clothes. Don’t be so harsh on yourself and make some space for those lovelies.

Be sustainable in a different way. Moving to sustainable fashion is not always buying from sustainable labels or designers. There is a way to get sustainable by keeping the existing clothes safe and carefully. The aim is to increase the life cycle of the items.

Sell them online. There are websites like eBay which take second-hand clothes, there are many people out there who are eager to buy second-hand clothes. You can always sell them at a cheaper rate if they are in good condition and earn some cash.

Take things slowly. Just because you have to clean out your closet, you don’t have to do everything at once. Take your time to process this out and slowly do the necessary thing. Make it effortless and efficient without being harsh on yourself.

Discover your style. If you have done this already, it is time to do so. We often try to dress according to our lifestyle but almost feel disappointed for not putting an effort into not being fashionable enough.

Even though there is no happiness in being fashionable, there is no harm in understanding or knowing how you want to look and how you want to get dressed.

Create unique looks. Having a minimal what rules open up to this opportunity like nothing else. Since there are very few chances of buying new clothes, it is a great way to get a creative unique lookbook ready. Go crazy and do not think about anything else.

 Create a mood board. Compose a mood board containing all your favorite looks that you wish to create with the clothes that you already have. This way you will be very determined and specific about the kind of look you want to fall off. It also reduces your time while you are dressing up.

Take inspiration. There is always inspiration around us, you just have to look around and look closely. Not just your favorite celebrities or influencers, once you start noticing things going on around you daily, you will find the inspiration you consume from everywhere.

Make a purchasing calendar. To stop impulse shopping, one must plan to make a purchasing calendar. This way you will have track of the number of times you are going out shopping and whenever you need to go out shopping, you will be able to plan out everything beforehand about budget and quantity with the help of a calendar. It can be used as a reminder as well.

Shop according to your body shape. Understand and educate yourself about your body type and shape and dress accordingly. Dressing according to your body shape and size will make sure that you actually wear those clothes. Clothes that fit are the most comfortable and preferable clothing items. So it is important to shop according to that.

Choose the right material. Always don’t look for the designs and cut when you go out shopping for your garments. At times to the right material, which is perfect for your lifestyle and the season that you are shopping for. This way you don’t have to shop again and again. They also happen to increase the life cycle of the clothes if the right material is selected.

Create a virtual fashion formula. The word virtual is the important thing here. Because you really do not have to create any formula.

It is a mental exercise to fasten up your pace to dress properly. Use your own passion, knowledge, and formulas, and methods to dress up every day.

Store clothes by categories. Rearranging your clothes according to the category is a very therapeutic and convenient way. There are other ways possible, the category provides a very specific aspect while picking up clothes.

This makes the whole process of getting ready less time-consuming and also gives a very minimalistic impression of your wardrobe.

Color coordinate your pieces. When you need to pick an outfit, always color coordinate your pieces. You can follow any color combination or any coordinating way but never skip this part.

As it can get very overwhelming when the colors don’t compliment each other. Select colors according to any reason whatsoever, but select them carefully. The selection should be very clean and sorted.

Identify the gap and fill it up. Since we are rebuilding our wardrobe from scratch, we possibly won’t have everything we need available to us. It is a very crucial step when you have to identify the gap that is present in your collection.

And keeping these gaps in mind you have to go and shop. This will help you to reduce impulsive shopping or buy unnecessary things. This is a great way to spend less money as well.

There should be clothes according to your lifestyle. The aspect of minimal wardrobe revolves around the things we need. And your collection will be based on your lifestyle primarily and not your ideal style statement. There is no boundary of a fashion styling sense, but we have to maintain certain rules and decorum when we are dressing according to a Lifestyle.

Get knowledge about the quality of clothes. To know the quality of clothing we possess is always an advantage. It is very enlightening to know what we are wearing and the quality it has.

It is a very helpful skill in the long run because you will be able to distinguish between the various types of qualities available in the market when it comes to clothing. You should always go for the better quality clothes because they last longer and are very comfortable to wear.

Invest in good quality clothes. Already mentioned why good quality clothes are important. What investing in them is different. There are pieces available in the market which are heavy on the higher side.

It is not always advisable to go and vote for those pieces. It is possible investing in one of them can give you a good return in the long run.

Rent clothes. We do love a very pretty dress to wear for a specific party but it is not always the best option when it comes to building up a proper minimal wardrobe. The best possible solution is to rent clothes. Depending on the location, you can always rent clothes from various online sites and people can rent out their clothes. Many designers also rent out clothes.

Take good care of your clothes. If you want a minimal closet, taking care of your existing clothes is very important. One should not discard an outfit if that is absolute in a state of not being able to use it.

But it is your responsibility to make your clothes survive for the longest time. So take good care of your clothes and know what is important to do so.

Maintain the space you keep in your clothes. Your wardrobe where you store clothes should be neat and clean and properly maintained. You should know where you’re keeping what and how they are being kept. The condition of your wardrobe should not be abysmal, if it is that will reflect on your clothes as well.

Learn how to store your clothes properly.  Try to follow guidelines as to how to store clothes properly. It is a very important skill because storing your clothes properly is necessary.

Layering is important. Thanks to the world of minimalism, layering is an important part of the nation right now. What to do so we need to find and choose the right outer layer flooring items.

There are varieties of living items available, you need to choose the ones which suit you the most and shop. You need not go overboard with your choices and the options available in the market and think wisely about the kind of look you want to Pull off.

Accessories and shoes which are versatile. Your shoes and accessories are very versatile and classic. Which can be styled in many different ways and can be worn on more than one occasion. The whole point of doing this is to have as Les accessories as possible. So always think and choose wisely and style them accordingly.

Understand basic repairing. Do not discard your clothes right when you see some flaws in them. Look out for ways it can be repaired, if it is possible to be repaired. Finding a good tailor is also necessary. You can also learn and do this yourself by understanding and learning basic repairing methods.

Never stop evaluating your clothes. Building a minimal wardrobe is very important. But what is more important is to keep rebuilding over some time. Because one needs to always keep updated about the items they have, and keep pushing themselves to try out new things with their existing collection.

So it’s very necessary to always reevaluate and reconsider our collections, this way it won’t just be a fashion exercise but also a learning experience.

As mentioned, it is a learning process, it is also never-ending. After a few years, you will look back and be glad that you took this decision, to rebuild your closet and to make it as minimal as possible.

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