How to Be Patient: 51+ Proven Ways to Try

We all prefer quick satisfaction and desire things without even waiting for a while. For example, We want parcels delivered on the day itself. We desire an instant healthy body or six-packs in the gym. 

We also wish to have a novel read to us or abstracted for us so that we should not have to make an effort to read them.

But we never get to realize that all these minute actions are leading us to a life of little patience.  And is setting a reality of complete intolerance. Probably it is high time that we must relax and rehearse a little patience. 

how to be patient.  

Coach yourself with patience and regularly practice being patient by increasing your skills. It can look easy, but practicing patience completely is an authentic way to improve your patience. 

Start taking music classes along with learning piano, cooking perfect poached eggs can teach you patience for the long run.

Learn to focus on every detailing of a piece of art which will teach you to focus on the technique of the art. As a byproduct, you will automatically learn to test your patience. 

Read tough and complicated books like Victorian period novels or Shakespearean novels. 

Finish a difficult to crack jigsaw puzzle or an edition of Sudoku or dedicate to learn western continental cooking dishes.

Choose community transport to the office or if possible take a long walk home.

Restrict yourself from gazing frequently at your smartphone while awaiting meetings and stop using mobile phones and other gadgets too much.

Spend a day off with your friend’s baby is very healing. Playing with them an innocent game can assist you in learning to have patience.

Don’t expect anything from a tone that will help you to know the reality. And control your anger with patience.

Analyze the reason for your impatience which will automatically highlight the loopholes in your existing traits. And with time, you will inherit tolerance for others.

Constantly recollect within yourself that you are not satisfied with your growing impatience.  If there’s someone who can teach you to adopt a quality like patience then it is solely you.

Get accused of situations like being stuck in traffic control. It feels extraordinarily uncomfortable when you are continuing with little to no discretion over the problem.

Intentionally put yourself in difficult situations. Yet, attempt to recognize the situation as merely uncomfortable. 

Divert Yourself. In cases like waiting for your flight’s arrival, or waiting for ordered food to get served requires patience. And there’s no option for you to accelerate things, only you can distract yourself and get engaged in productive stuff. 

Utilize the features of your mobile like games and radio to have patience in you. Hear podcasts or win the successive level on Candy Crush, and simply replace your negative feelings with some positive vibes. 

Identify your stimulus for impatience. Try to find out your trigger point which can be anything ranging from a lightbulb in the garden to a noisy baby in the neighborhood. 

Learn to accept things what they are. It will help you to be less nosy and carefree in less important situations.

Find ways to your impatience. If have to look for ways which can help you to get less bothered in the areas of disturbance. For example, putting a curtain in the window near the garden will prevent coming light to your room. 

Be emphatic to others. It so because keeping your legs in someone else shoes will help you understand the scenario better. And control over your temper.

Continuously remind yourself that everyone is doing to the best of their capability. If you inherit this quality then soon you will be tolerable to any old man passing through the stairs. Even though you are running late.

Always figure out the cause of every event. Knowing the cause of a situation or problem can help you to control your temper.

Take a course in meditation.  Meditation is an opportunity to inhale, make the body light, and concentrate on nobody better than the succeeding breath.

Train Mindfulness to yourself. It is assumed to be a mental technique in which exponents get engaged at the existing moment, permitting them to be conscious of ideas and beliefs, and be appreciative of minor things., which can benefit in shifting the concentration out from unfavorable emotions.

 Remind yourself about the health impact on impatience. Researchers have even urged that impatience can result in stress, depression, and an increase in blood pressure level. Be patient to avoid so. 

Take the assistance of patients in generating apps.  Applications like Headspace, Smiling Mind can help you in increasing the level of patience in you.  

Check your patience with delayed text messages. You can also practice your calmness by not hurriedly messaging to texts. 

 Acknowledge your impatience. Accept your impatience in place of criticizing it and start working on it.

Start Jotting down your impatience. You can start writing the instances of impatience on a notepad file of your computer. 

Look back on situations of your impatience when you have a calm mind. You can only review such a situation when you have a calm mind.  

Leave the company of impatient friends. Your impatience can also be a side-effect of your friendship with an impatient person. 

Teach or work together with your friend to be calm. Together with working with your friend to remain calm can resolve your problem of impatience. 

Take a break from your daily activities. Relaxing with taking a break can reduce your anxiety and increase your patience level.

 Take a short walk near your apartment every evening. It helps you to just walk out from the reason of your impatience. 

 Ask your boss for a two days holiday. A short holiday will spirit up things you’re analytical part of the brain can again start to work in place of mere impatience. 

Reconsider a problem after some time. Sometimes due to too much workload, we get impatient. And never gets an actual solution, but reconsidering an event after some time can be helpful in such cases. 

 Get used to things that are out of the common man’s hand. Often we get restless about a thing that we are not rectifying. But if we start accepting things as what they are we can inherit patience in us. 

 Chant the daily life motto. Start reciting the life motto that ” it’s okay if I can’t control things. I have full faith in God he is overseeing everything”.  

Emphasize the long-term result. Start thinking that how your impatience will affect you ten years from now. Then you will soon start controlling your temper. 

Constantly remind yourself that the reason for your impatience will not end the world. Getting impatient for minor reasons can be repaired by constantly making oneself believe that the world is not ending because of the reason. 

Think in terms of the larger picture. Always remind yourself if this has not happened something worst could have occurred. 

Take a good nutritious diet. It is so because taking unnecessary heavy food can cause impatience and irritation for a person. 

Start doing yoga. There are different yoga and pranayama which help us keep control of our impatience.

 Start peeping towards your creative side. Search for your creative side like painting, sketching, etc which will teach you patience. 

 Collect stamps and photographs in a scrapbook. The collection of stamps and photographs can be exhaustive for you if you take it as a burden but if you patiently start looking for unique and beautiful photographs and stamps it can turn into a passion for you. 

Be a nature lover. If you start spending your time as nature observant then you will start organizing yourself with enough patience. 

Learn from others. Start taking others who are surviving with patience as your inspiration. 

Share your problem with others. Feel free with others and share with them your problem. Maybe they can give you some fruitful suggestions. 

Set your daily parameters. Try to set your patience-testing parameter for each day and try to overcome that on the next day and set another one.

Silently observe others. If you are feeling awkward sharing your problem of impatience with others then you can also silently observe them. And learn from them. 

Try to be calm even in tested times. Don’t get panicked or restless if things are unfavorable.

 giving yourself time to be patient. No changes can take place overnight. Similarly, transformation to keep patience also needs time.

Accept your mistakes and work on them. In the entire journey of life, maintain patience. You should also embrace your mistakes while trying to be patient.

Adopt different strategies. Always try to apply multiple strategies in place of one. 

Go for another patient building method when one is not working. Strategies for patience building works differently for each person. Always keep a backup when one is not working.

Don’t be too harsh to yourself.  Always keep in mind not to apply strict methods or too much rigidity on yourself. 

Permit to own self  To Be impatient. It’s okay to be impatient at some frustrating and stressful events. 

 Always remind yourself that your impatience should not harm others. As long as you don’t injure someone or harm others in some ways you can be impatient at some moments.

Invest your restlessness for some needed moments. Don’t unnecessarily become restless or impatient. In place store them for some really hard times. 

 Avoid the intake of too much alcohol.  Frequently taking alcohol is injurious for both your health and mental condition.

 Don’t overdose on drugs. Some clinical medicines even after suggested by doctors can imbalance your mental condition. And as a condition you become restless. 

 Play games that have more than 1000 levels to overcome. But at the same time don’t get addicted to those games which can result in a lack of proper sleep. 

Encourage yourself to enjoy small wins. If you are fighting a long battle over something which requires patience then acknowledge such battles. Even a small turn of events in your favor should make you happy.

Make a habit of taking challenges. Start taking challenges that will grow your patience level.

Prioritize your health over everything. Impatience can increase your stress level. Therefore, don’t do anything that can worsen your health. 

Don’t get over anxious about your impatience. Getting way too much concern about your impatience increases your impatience to the next level. 

Make yourself occupied always. Doing some sort of task can divert your mind in some productive works rather than uselessly thinking about it. 

Take adequate sleep. Often lack of sleep becomes the cause of our irritation and impatience.

Every day find two to three hours for yourself. A personal space free from any work stress or any other kind of worries is required. In that time you can follow your hobby. 

Don’t overburden yourself with work. Sometimes it’s okay to lay down on your back lawn and silently gazing at the stars. 

Comfort Yourself In Your Tolerance. You should feel proud of yourself for your continuously trained patience.

Recognize patience building as a type of skill. Similar to cooking and playing the guitar, consider patience building as a skill that needs continuous practice. 

Set a biological alarm to end impatience. Whenever you get irritated or angry next time, remind yourself in your mind to “control”. 

Try to engage in group activities. Group activities can be a real tester for your patience.  If you qualify in keeping your calm here then you will learn to be patient.

 Reward yourself whenever you are controlling your calm. Always appreciate and give yourself gifts whenever you are proving your patience. 

 Take other assistance. Ask others to cooperate with you whenever you are losing your calm.

 Visit a hilly place or a village.  Hilly areas are known for their natural beauty and peaceful environment. Spending some time there can completely transform your nature and help you to maintain patience. 

 Take a shower daily after coming back from work. A hot water bath coming back home after spending an exhaustive day will help you to feel relaxed. 

 Try to be respectful to others. Maintaining respect for everyone especially elders can transform you into a person with ample patience

Don’t be a late riser. Awaking late in the morning usually makes you feel a heavy head which makes you restless more often. 

Start practicing tally marks. In a small notebook keep a record of your patience and whenever you feel impatient raise a tally in the notebook.

 Sing a song. It is scientifically tested that singing a song helps to resist frustration and increases your patience level. 

 Do a countdown till 1000. Unhurriedly start counting to a thousand if you are too frustrated. Otherwise, you can also count up to a hundred or fifty depending on your level of frustration. 

Yell alone in an empty room. One of the most useful ways of removing your frustration and building a patient is by finding a silent empty room. And yelling there for five minutes. In this way, you remove your inner anger and can come out of the room calmly. 

Learn boxing. All your stress and cause of anger you can eliminate by hitting in a punching bag. It is one of the quickest and useful techniques ever used by someone. 

Start loving and caring for everyone you know. Once you truly start caring about everyone even if they behave poorly with you it will not bother you.  You will be in your patience zone. 

 Do your regular counseling. Many times self-control and practice often stand as a failure. In such cases, only a trained psychologist can help you in finding peace. 

Daily practice Breathe in and Breathe out exercise. Most of the saints and great personalities are familiar with this process. It helps an individual to control his or her emotions. And to measure his or her each act. 

Ask for medication from the doctor. Visit your nearby clinic and do a thorough checkup of your body. Many times people also get impatient due to some inherent disease or biological disorders like a mental breakdown or nervous failure can cause impatience. 

Read holy books. Most of the holy or spiritual books mainly talk about overcoming the evils present in ourselves. With carefully reading these books you will learn some ideas to build patience in self. 

 Take dance classes. Learning different dance steps takes enough time and the process will teach you to develop patience in you. 

 Imagine some worst possible situations. Sometimes we become disturbed with some unexpected scenarios. But it can get lighter if we start thinking about what nastiest would have happened in a place of the present situation. 

 Ask your psychologist to apply any hypnotic technique.  If you are impatient by nature or because of some unwanted event in your life then it can be removed. You can get rid of impatience in such cases with the help of hypnotism which is mainly used in the western world. 

Do some therapies for increasing patience. Innumerous therapies are there nowadays that curbs growing impatience. Appoint a therapist in your place or become a member of any of such clubs which deals with restlessness. 

Don’t be shameful about your impatience. Open up about your impatience to others. It can help you from taking their suggestions. It works in many cases. 

Think about something good whenever you are getting impatient. Whenever you are finding yourself getting impatient, think of the person you love the most. After thinking of him/her your mind will automatically shift towards an emotion of joy fulness. 

Promise someone you care that you will maintain your calm no matter what comes your way. Whenever we promise someone we get extra careful about our actions. In this way, every time a situation comes that would make you impulsive your promise will bind you from becoming so. 

Start applying the teachings of peaceful ideologies or religion in your life. Start following the teachings of Buddhism, Stoicism, or Sufism to make yourself calm. 

Thus, all these tips to be patient are all tried and tested strategies. And It will help you to build a peaceful life for yourself. 

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