How to Take Up Difficult Tasks: 51+ Proven Ways

Coming out of a snuggly comfortable headspace to an extremely ruthless world is not easy. But, with proper guidance and determination, one can face all the difficulties and emerge victoriously. Here are some tips which can help you come out of your comfort zone with a little practice.

Tips to take up difficult tasks by stepping out of your comfort

Be courageous and take the first step. It always happens after you take the big leap. Take baby steps to adapt to the situation and slowly get out of your comfort zone. This is a tried and tested process to create a new version of yourself.

How to be more courageous

Put yourself in a new environment. You have to take the leap of faith and get going. It will be difficult to adjust to the new environment initially, but you need to stay calm and mold yourself according to the situation.  

Pick the safe choice. It should not always be an out-of-the-box idea to get out of your comfort zone. You can always choose something where you feel comfortable and slowly move out of your comfort zone. It will be easier to change your perceptions in a convenient environment.

Take an unlikely route while returning from work. This is a very small step which most of us would neglect, but it is a massive change to incorporate into your daily routine. You will discover a new side of your personality within your reach.

Make a snap decision. Do not think twice before making this one decision. It will improve your decision-making skills and will boost your confidence before coming out of your comfort zone. You should not regret it afterward.

Consider other points of view. You will get to see many other perspectives once you start exploring new and unconventional points of not always stick to a proposed point and start researching new methods.

Say “yes” more often. Learn to agree to tasks you have not done in your life. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you will get to learn a lot of new things. You will get the courage to explore different options once you agree to perform tasks out of your comfort zone.

Why to say ‘yes’ more often

Volunteer. Volunteer in odd jobs that are not your forte. This way, you can try new things and still not risk a lot. You will be entitled to take responsibility and perform out of your comfort zone, and when you make a mess, it will still be in your hands to mend the ways.

Make changes to your daily routine. This will bring new and exciting opportunities to change your mundane life and get you out of your comfort zone. You can spend your time and do the existing chores in a new and different way and see the different ways to reap the same benefits. 

Why bring changes to daily routine

Delegate a mentor. It may seem uncomfortable initially, but if you know that you have someone assigned to assist you, it might be easier to handle a task. You can gain a friend and channelize the fear into something productive. Or else, delegate the work as a mentor would assign an employee. Start small and take it easy.

Learn something new. Learn a new thing to gain a new experience. Do something you always dreamt of doing but somehow could not muster the courage. Try an unfamiliar sport or a new musical instrument.

Do nice things. Try and do a good deed that would make you feel great. Do help another person and do it anonymously. Join hands with a non-profit organization and polish your skills. This will make you capable when you get out of your comfort zone.

Change yourself. A physical change can help you embark on a new journey. Changing how you look can boost your confidence and improve your mental health. Take an hour to relax and get a makeover; you will feel brand new.

Face fear as and when possible. Write down whatever petrifies you. Every time you face it, you will improve yourself. Make lists and challenge yourself. Focus on the best things and explore a new side of your personality.

Get out to conquer. Try unusual things. Craft new and unique sessions. This will add to the list of your achievements. You will feel confident, and this will help you get out of your comfort zone. Feel happy and give yourself honest feedback.

Improve your game. Always be in good company. People who strive for a better future will always allow you to improve and help you in your career. Be aware of people who are pioneers in your field. Gain knowledge and expand your horizons.

Take small single steps. You cannot just walk out of a nice and comforting place into the vulnerable part. You set a goal, chalk out the path and slowly tick off your list. This will change your attitude, and you will be able to think positively.

Learn about your fears. You are allowed to feel uncomfortable. You manifest how you feel when the discomfort hits you. Allow yourself to be in a difficult situation and analyze your coping mechanisms. You will be stronger than ever.

Have empowering thoughts. Replace disempowering thoughts with the ones that make you feel courageous. Try to find a new perspective and imagine yourself acing through any uncomfortable situations. Repeatedly doing this will reprogram your thoughts.

How to have empowering thoughts

Piggybank new quirky ideas. Associate your generalized feedback with constructive thoughts. Take the help of a counselor or stop and think before giving an initial response. Improvise how you think.

Look around for references. Look around you to see how people tackle difficult situations. Do not just stick to familiar responses. Observe every detail that would help you exercise your brain through your comfortable headspace.

Think of your greatest accomplishments. Achievements are there because you chose to be courageous. Realize your true worth, and you will automatically feel stuck in your comfort zone. Rely on your potential and revisit your good deeds.

Find a suitable reason. A compelling reason will be enough to reason you out of your comfort zone. Envision the idea long enough to soak in the matter and jump out of your comfort zone easily.

Physically embody the change. Your mind should be aware of the change you are undergoing. The more you soak in changes physically, the more your confidence gets boosted. It will be easier for your body and mind to adapt to the new situation.

Always try something new. You need to believe that new things are safe to try. Explore new places, discover new restaurants, take baby steps to build networking. Try something new every day to get the hang of it. It will feel less intimidating.

Change the notion of comfort zones. Options are minimizing with the ever-changing world. Do not get stagnant and grow as and when required. Learn to adapt to the notions of safety, security and reframe comforting to evolving. You will start learning new things.

Balance out your fears. Identify your fear and go through a mental exercise to scrutinize it rationally. If you see your fear to be factual, stop right there. But, if you find it to be emotional, proceed and push yourself out of the comfort zone.

Take one step at a time. Your mind ought to resist change, so you need to take things slow and let the change trickle down your brain. Take a goal and associate a positive outcome to it before slowly pursuing it into the space out of your comfort zone.

Compare the extreme outcomes. Both the extremes can help you compare your possible areas of discomfort, and you can overcome your fear this way. Channel your energy in a positive direction after you have balanced out the negatives and have prepared for the future.

Act comfortably. Pretend to be comfortable until you really are. Otherwise, every bit of lecture anybody has given to you will go in vain. You have to accept reality and shove inside it for the first time.

Become aware of the things you are leaving behind. You need to look out and believe in the flashy future that awaits once you get out of your comfort zone. See the potential opportunities and identify your discomforts and the success it brings with it.

Know what obstacles you have to cross. Dive deep into the discomforts and overcome them. Fight with your fears and steer clear of any insecurities that are creating hindrances to achieve your goal.

Get comfortable with discomfort. Expand your comfort zone and make it a part of you. You feel panic less and gradually retreat to comfort. Stay long enough and keep practicing to be sane during tough times.

Failure promotes success. Do not be afraid to take chances. Your shot might misfire, but you can learn from the experience. The next time you try, it can be your sure chance of success.

How to accept failures positively

Take baby steps. You can become overwhelmed if you just gallop out of your comfort zone. You will then probably leave your journey halfway. Start slowly and discuss with close ones as you proceed with your full potential.

Hang out with like-minded people. People who love risks are most daunting, and you should start hanging out with people who are in the same business. Their influence will help you change your behavior and point it in the right direction.

Be honest and true to yourself. You shall know, the competition is with yourself. Do not make excuses to avoid the situation. Just be true to what is really bothering you and make up your mind not to lie.

How to be true to yourself

Identify the advantages of moving out. The ability to capture the true essence of engaging outside your comfort zone can be overwhelming. It can motivate you to strive harder to get your job done, so keep the benefits in mind.

What are the benefits of moving out

Do not take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake. You will fail, and when you take things sportingly while you roll punches with others, you will start learning things more efficiently.

Focus on enjoying the journey. Enjoy the process of exploring new things. You should be thrilled to get out of your comfort zone and discover the unknown. Concentrate on fun and enjoy the process.

List the few things you are scared of. Writing your insecurities helps you to come up with an exact plan to position yourself correctly. Think of specific ideas that help you execute new tasks in spite of the difficulties attached.

Come up with a reason to try out new things. Thinking about getting on new adventures can be inspiring. A blind date, moving out, eating cuisines can boost your confidence and help you stay motivated.

Bring a supportive friend. Rely on your friends and well-wishers. It is very calming and exciting to have a partner in crime with whom you can share every small detail. Pick someone who knows you inside out and is keen on going on adventures like you. This will make you feel comfortable.

Do some research. You will feel more comfortable when you are well informed about the upcoming situations. Search about any lingering questions on the internet and try to get an idea about the types of obstacles you are going to face. Try to grow technologically sound and informed.

Do not do the entire activity at once. You might feel intimidated by the tough choice you just made. Conquer your fears gradually and take them easy. Try a small-scale activity, and eventually, it will be easier for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Give yourself an ultimatum. You might need to sacrifice a few other things that might pose a hindrance when you are learning something new and exciting. Try many times if you fail once. You are allowed to be nervous but not allowed to give excuses.

Visualize the challenges and their outcomes. You need to imagine the biggest obstacle and start to focus on how to succeed. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be the chance to change your life, and it should make you happier if you focus on the goodwill attached to it.

Coach yourself. Self-talk is necessary as it would charge yourself up to move out of your comfort zone. Looking at the mirror, talking, despite analyzing, can push you from a quiet spot to a new world.

How to self-coach

Practice deep breathing exercises. This will boost your confidence and will act as a stress buster. Relax, and do not get distracted by feelings of stress or any insecurity. Make it a part of your daily routine and see the difference in your personality.

How to practice deep breathing exercises

Ask the worst possible scenario. Avoid possibilities that are crazy, but once you are prepared for the worst, you will surprise yourself with some amazing out-of-the-box ideas. Circumstances will teach you to think differently.

Do small challenging activities daily. Search for ways to break your mental barriers. Start a new routine or handle a bigger task or try new flavors. Do small kinds of stuff other than your habit and break the monotony.

Break the pattern. Do not stick to a monotonous routine. Shake things up so that you do not feel repetitive. Even small changes can enrich your life by creating new experiences for you, which can help you rediscover yourself.

Change your viewpoint. Look at each day as a chance to grow and learn new things. Make an effort to learn new things out of your comfort zone. You can explore different shades that you never knew existed.

Take nothing for granted. It gets much harder to be complacent when you take things lightly. Treat every success and failure the same way and give equal importance to every single task. You shall owe this to yourself.

Why not take things for granted

Move towards the things you are afraid of. These things have the greatest potential, and they indicate how eligible you are to commit to something you are uncomfortable with. Conquering your fears gives you an unmatched level of satisfaction.

Give up control. Going out of your comfort zone will only be easier if you give the reins to someone else as and when required. You need to hold your horses and let the others take charge at places where you might fail.

Have open conversations. Frequently asking uncomfortable questions can be annoying, but when you learn to talk about the bad parts, you automatically find ways to improve them. Ask tough questions and address the real issues.

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