how to Stick to Your Goals: 51+ Proven Ways

Dreaming of certain things is very natural. To accomplish them; we need to set various short and long-run goals which help us to stay determined. But, often we find ourselves deviating or losing track. Here are a few tricks and tips to help keep our minds focused and let us succeed with ease.

here are Tips to Stick to Your Goals

Visualize yourself achieving it. When goals are big, they might feel overwhelming and bizarre. They require major lifestyle changes and can only be accomplished if one starts imagining him/herself basking in the glory. They will start to feel radically replenished.

Weigh now against later. It can be tempting to skip good habits in the heat of the moment but try to consider long-term happiness. Compare the satisfaction levels and try to visualize the before and after-effects. This will increase your willpower.

Create accountability. Try discussing your dreams and accomplishments with a close one. Set a deadline and start to evaluate your signs of progress. It is important to feel accountable and create motivation through it

Make it smaller. Break down the goal into smaller pieces and push yourself to keep up the momentum and you will notice that you are moving in the right direction. It will be a lot easier to finish to task now.

Give yourself a day off. Even if it is counterintuitive, sometimes a fixed daily routine can be dreadful. It can prevent us from starting anything productive. So give yourself an occasional break from the hustle and have a cheat day. This will restore your mind and help you feel energized.

Give your brain a break. Make a promise to yourself that you would do it. There is plenty of positivity around us and we just have to consider them a part of our life. If we do something regularly for quite some time, it becomes a habit and gradually becomes a lifestyle change.

Surround yourself with people who are successful. The people that we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on us. Surround yourself with similar hardworking people and success will walk towards you.

Look back. When you are focused on a big project, it is easy to get completely lost in it. Pause everything to look back at how far you have come. Start journaling your journey or keep a tab on them by creating a memory frame. Recall how you got through the hurdles and be grateful. 

Prep for success. Research has proven that we tend to become impatient easily so it is best if we do not allow any chance for a mistake to occur.  Make the tough choices, and start preparing for them. Do not wait for the future and work for it. 

Know that you can do it. If you think you can, no one will be able to stop that. Simply understand that you have the capability to accomplish your goal. Always believe in yourself and the kind of person you are.

Set short-term goals and deadlines. Smaller goals are easier to achieve. It is also easier and much simpler to keep a record of your progress when targeting smaller goals. You will feel happy after finishing them.

Take it one step at a time. Many times we find projects that seem interesting initially but we still are unable to finish them. It means you have invested too much time for that one and now it does not excite you. Go one step at a time and everything will fall in its rightful place.

Track your progress. You will have a better understanding of the positives and negatives and you would easily be able to re-evaluate your achievements if you keep following your growth.    

Put in the time. You might have to put in more effort and spend more time if your goals demand it. If it is a long-term goal, decide accordingly. You should always be aware of the time that you would need. Hold yourself accountable for it.

Reward yourself through reinforcement. Reward yourself when you have met your deadline and punish yourself by doing something like an unpleasant household chore when you have not. Reinforce both in a positive and negative way.

Implement consequences. Punishments might not be as effective as rewards, but they will further prevent you from missing any deadline. When you remove something desirable as a punishment, it automatically lets your mind perform the tasks in advance helping you accomplish your goal.

Journal to remind you of your goals. Take out some time from your daily schedule to write your thoughts down on a dairy. Write your ideas, thoughts, and goals. It might not be grammatically correct but should reflect your ideas and concerns effectively. This can reduce problems like stress and anxiety and can help you deal with certain issues that you may be facing.

Share your goals and aims with your peers. Let your friend know what you are thinking. Public commitment can increase the probability of goal achievement. People who share a list of progress tend to accomplish more. If the goal is social in nature, it is always a good idea to do it more outwardly.

Solving Potential Obstacles. Plan towards solving the most responsible obstacles before jumping to conclusions. There should not be any major hindrance once you start. Create a well-structured plan to handle all the problems.

Give yourself proper tools to accomplish your goals. Physical space is very important to achieve one’s goal. If a place is already set up, you will be more eager to get supplies and start working.  Clean up the trash, and make a place work-ready.

Redefine poorly created goals. Your goals must be specific and have properly designed steps. This is true even with long-term goals where you do not have any immediate rewards. This way, it will be a lot easier even when you come back from a break.  Otherwise, you might feel unsure about accomplishing it.

Utilize your time effectively towards your goals. It is totally alright if you do not feel like working on certain days. But if this behavior frequents, it means you need to start using your time more efficiently. Develop a schedule, get things done, and feel free. Learn to manage time more effectively.

Try setting deadlines. Your goals should be completed within a stipulated time. Set several small deadlines, and accomplish the larger long-term goals with ease. Create a daily routine so that it structures out the momentum, and keeps track of the progress.

Involve Others. This will make you hold accountable for several things you do. Get people around you engaged and talking. Ask for their suggestions. This way, you will have a sense of responsibility and will learn to stick to your goals. You will have your desired motivation when you feel low.

Visualize the Rewards. Reaching the end of a goal can be very challenging and seem impossible at times. When the journey becomes difficult, an incentive keeps us going. Try to picture what success would feel like at the end of the day. When you see yourself benefitting from your goal, you will feel your mind filled with good intentions and newly gained energy.

Reward Yourself. For every progress, you make, be it daily, monthly, or yearly, vindicate and reward yourself. Appreciate your hard work, and make sure these small tokens will program yourself for a big goal in the near future. It can be motivating and can help you stick to the work however hard it is.  

Measure Your Progress. It is easy to become frustrated when results are not instant, and your hard work is not getting paid. But, remember that progress can also be measured in tiny bits and do the same. You will feel elated to see the little steps to glory when you start calculating them.

Believe in the fact that anything and everything is possible. If you can’t even believe in it, you will never be close to it.  When you think you can do it, it will increase your chance of accomplishing it and eradicate the obstacles. Self-belief has numerous advantages like perseverance and determination.

Final Words. Due to certain circumstances in life, we tend to abandon some goals midway. One should remember the good old days, and remember, that it is possible you might not succeed, but to know the end result you need to stick on to it. There will always be enough opportunities to achieve what you want.

Put in at least some time every day towards changing. It may be a single smoking break but can refresh and replenish your mind. Mix your routine up. This way, you will not be stuck doing the same monotonous work and get going. You will burst with new ideas and feel free to do your job.

Fork over the truth. Be honest with your own self. This will be a huge reality check and you will shed light on your bad habits. Behavioral modifications are necessary when we want a good payoff and it teaches us to stick to our large goals without feeling burdened.

Set realistic goals. Do not rush. You cannot do a huge chunk in a day. Stop believing in miracles and start taking baby steps. Do not expect overnight results. Small strategic and well-calculated steps go a long way. Take one behavior, at a time.

Never eliminate. Replace. One eliminated behavior should induce another good and pure intention. Substitute a behavior with another good obsessive thinking for the betterment. This will stop leading you from falling back into old patterns.

Find support. We all need a pat on the back to move forward. Encouragement is very crucial. When like-minded people hold you accountable for something, use it to your advantage.

Change isn’t easy. Do not look for a quick fix. Be willing to make daily choices that will be long-lasting. You might have setbacks but do not give up.

Just take one small step. Winning small crucial battles can change the entire ballgame. Remind yourself to start the day with minute changes that are essential to accomplish what you have dreamt of.

Goals that push you towards greatness. Rule-oriented goals go a long way. Focus on what you can and also on what you cannot. Ideally, if you do not have a mix of both, you might not be able to compare and balance it out. Stick to the kinder goals rather than the harsh ones.

Create a mantra. Mantras sound like this mystical thing, but it helps to visualize and focus on the journey during an emotional turmoil. You become more aware of the goals and try to make choices leading to holistic development. A few good mantras can heal you and calm you.    

Choose Realistic Goals. Your goals must not be too out of reach types. You need to be practical and you need to know your capabilities. Otherwise, you will feel frustrated and lost and remain clueless. A goal made in a realistic fashion and a bit of planning tends to be successful.

Be sure that your goals are realistic and practical with your life. To keep goals realistic, a major component would be to select a goal that fits well into your life. Do not simply allow yourself to spend time on goals that will be incredibly difficult to keep up. Your current life shall really be intertwined with your goal.

Put Pen To Paper. If you have got goals, make sure to write them down. This will help you get clarity and make your head straight about what you want from it. It will also motivate you and will result in working out 33% more efficiently.

Visualize Achieving Your Goals. Once the goals are written down, you need to visualize them and work through the plan. You will start imagining how blessed and accomplished you feel and hence be more attracted towards the goal. Once you actually start believing in the goal, you will automatically stick to it.

Get s.m.a.r.t.. It was defined by a professor at Scranton University. It is the acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific goals. They recommended it to people who wanted to do something big in life and who wanted to bring their dreams to fruition.

Set Aside At Least 15 Minutes.  These fifteen minutes will be for our goal. It would be a mixture of positivity, troubleshooting, concerns, etc. you will start to feel more optimistic, just by reading an inspirational quote or by talking to a friend who encourages you. 

Repeat Until It’s A Habit. Repeat any good choice you make for at least one month. After that, it automatically becomes a habit and can create a huge difference in you and your goal. Continue repeating any good habit so that it eventually becomes a lifestyle change.

Hang Out With Others Who’ve Succeeded. Various websites suggest that if we surround ourselves with optimistic people, we will be more attached to our goals. It is more beneficial to spend time with people who have a similar outlook and to discuss your goals with them. New ideas will be formed and goals will be redefined. 

Use Your Social Support System. Sticking to your goals will be a lot easier if you know your sense of responsibility and are aware of society. When you are held accountable, you are bound to act crucially. When you are answerable to a certain group, you tend to be more responsible and develop a positive attitude towards work.

Turn to mindful Meditation. Meditation is a definite guide to success. Your mind and soul will calm down and this will help you de-stress. It helps in overcoming certain bad behavioral traits.

Look for an application. Apps are present for all thing, everything. Turn into some helpful apps which will channelize your energy into something productive and help you stick to your goals. Digital support is often helpful and it can be an effective way to accomplish the desired results.

Let everyone know about your goals. If you are a person who likes social validation, don’t stop yourself. It can actually help you stick to the goals.  You will feel accountable for your personal mission, once you have shared it with a lot of many people. The intention will tend to be in a positive way where you will want to finish what you have started and this will be advantageous in the long run.

Remain Focused On the true reason behind your goals. There must be a reason behind your investment to a goal which you are following. Keep the question alive in your mind. 

Both the emotional and the professional outlook must be freshly etched in your mind, so that every time you look behind, your journey gives you a lot more pleasure.  This will give you the power to stick to your grueling schedule and achieve your goal, no matter what.

Use setbacks to improve your skills. Learn from your failures. You will make mistakes, so it is better to teach yourself a lesson from each one. Your setbacks must be the pillars of your success.

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