How to Stay Punctual: 51+ Proven Ways

Punctuality is respecting time as well as respecting all the commitments that have been made. Being late could often lead to disrespecting the other person’s time and value. We need to be punctual in order to work well and be respectful.

Like, you have been given work on Saturday night and still, you couldn’t finish it for the next two weeks, inflicting us in great agony and grief. For this, we need to change our lifestyle and our personality, and our perspective in viewing things in a different way.

Here are tips to always stay punctual.

Consistent. Consistency is very much required while being punctual. If you are not consistent then nothing could be achievable in near future.

Not having self-control problems. It is the main cause of not being punctual. Your own self needs to be controlled to be punctual. It would portray you to be incompetent.

Reason behind being punctual. There should be a reason for being punctual, as nothing is achievable without a reason. If you want to create a new habit there has to be a strong, firm reason behind that change.

Give yourself a time cushion. Even if you know how much time it takes to complete a difficult task, make sure to make some extra time in case of unexpected events. 

Dependent. The only dependence you should have is to be dependent on yourself. Dependence can lead to many sorts of problems and would not take a toll on being punctual.

Trustworthy. To be punctual you have to be trustworthy. You need to trust your surroundings so that the same can happen to you. 

Reliable. If you are punctual, people would automatically be reliable towards you. People would feel a sense of calmness when you’ll be handling things at your workplace.

Make being prompt a priority. Impromptu actions are the best. You need to be very spontaneous to be punctual. Making spontaneity a priority would definitely help to solve many problems.

Track how long tasks take. Keep a track of your tasks, so that if you feel like it’s taking a long time make sure to cut short and do the minimum amount of work that is needed.

Use a timer. As you know, it would take to complete the task, so use a timer to make sure that you are on time. Like, if you want to take a shower for about three minutes, set a timer and when it rings, immediately turn off the shower.

Be ruthless with your do-to list. If your schedule is unrealistic then you’ll often be late for work. So, it’s better to say no to something to be on time, because taking up all the responsibility will only disrupt your mental peace and nothing could be done properly.

Be prepared to be on time. Plan your working schedules one week prior to your final meeting or deadline. If you’re about to leave early in the morning then prepare your clothes for the night before. That calmness helps us in many ways.

Be Patient. Be patient enough to wait. Actually, people don’t want to wait so they come late. So, first, we need to be patient in order to be on time.

Change your thoughts of being early. People often feel like being early is unimportant and if one is late that means he/she is important, but that’s the exact opposite. If you are early, then you are organized, disciplined, and have respect for others.

Always leave on time. Try to have a good estimate of time, when you should leave to arrive at your workplace. If your meeting starts at 10 o’clock then you shouldn’t leave at 9:59. Make sure you leave an hour or two ago to be on time.

Set up reminders. Make sure to set reminders in case if you don’t forget. Also keep reminders like fifteen or twenty minutes before and after, so that you can be on time to arrive also to leave.

Practice the day before. Important events, like job interviews or some presentation at your workplace. Make sure to visit the place a day before and have spent some time to make that place comfortable.

Anticipate delay before they could happen. You should be mature enough to anticipate the delay, like anticipating traffic during a certain hour in the day, so accordingly, make your plans and work it out.

Commitment. Stay committed to yourself. This is the important quality you need to imbibe in yourself. If you are not committed to yourself you won’t get fruitful results.

Imbibing good habits. Make sure to distinguish between monkey mind and intelligence, There is a thin line between the two. Try to give more importance to that ‘thin line’ also known as the guard, which makes the mind more focused.

Observe where you waste most of your time. Try to observe yourself by being a mentor of your own self. Figure out where things are going wrong. Make sure to observe where you get distracted while getting ready so that next time try to avoid those things while getting ready.

Exercise. If you start to exercise, you would definitely die from the idea of being late. You would never be late if you could train your mind by exercising.

Acceptance. Try to accept that you are being late, then only you could be punctual.

Throw the excuses out of the window. Excuses that you make are excuses to yourself, it’s off nobody’s concern if you are late. It’s always you who is the loser, not your manager or your coworkers.

Be true to yourself. Never try to be dishonest to yourself, which would ultimately lead to hard times. If you are dealing with some mental issues of not being punctual face it and come out of it. 

Get up as soon as the alarm clock goes off. Never hit the snooze button. Once the alarm clock rings, just get up from the bed. Also, you can keep your alarm clock a bit far away from your bed so that when it rings you get up and switch off the clock, this would give some energy to your body.

Try to be in other people’s shoes. Think if you would be on the other side, how you would feel for delaying your work. Every time if you are late, always remember that you lose some respect for yourself.

Make it your core values. Make sure to be a man of your own words. It doesn’t look good if you tell a certain person that you will be in a certain place within a stipulated time and do not show up. This tells a lot about your character.

Try to compete with time. Be a competitor of time, and try to beat time as fast you can. Trick your mind, like it’s a game. If you reach a certain place before a certain time then you win.

Notice how being late affects others. It is okay to be late but not every day. You can be genuinely sorry if you are late and maybe people will be convinced but not every day. People will not be considerate enough during the next time.

Understand that punctuality is not every person’s cup of tea. If you have a genuine problem then you should own up to everyone about your problem. If you are not sure of your problem then ask your near and dear ones whether they think you to be a punctual person.

Surround yourself with timepieces. If you don’t recognize what time it is then you should require timepieces like wearing a watch or keeping a cell phone beside you or a hanging wall that takes your attention.

Don’t overbook yourself. It may also happen that you are late due to many appointments that have been imposed on you. Plan your schedule so that other necessary things don’t get hampered.

Make a note. Make sure you get up early, at least two or three hours early to get out of your house on time. Also, maintain this schedule by making charts in your bedroom or kitchen where you can have a look.

Change the time of your watch. Always set your watch five or ten minutes earlier, so that you will be always ahead of at least five or ten minutes. Also, make sure to train your mind not to think that your watch is already fast for five or ten minutes then everything would be in vain.

Builds your self-confidence. Being punctual enhances your confidence. It also tells that you are dependent on yourself and not on others. The more punctual, you will feel more mastery and you will have control of your life.

Strengthens you and reveals your integrity. Keep your promises, make sure you don’t break them. It reveals a lot about your character.

Assure at your best. After such huge traffic, bright traffic lights, you will often feel shaky and exhausting. So it’s better to reach a bit early and then roam about or collect thoughts.

Humility. Often people would be happy to see you but they would be happier if you arrive in time. It is said that “ Always late, but worth the wait” shows that time detention and the value of oneself go hand in hand.

Show respect to others. Being late is an act of selfishness. You make time for yourself in order to finish your task, don’t make use of others’ time to gain yourself.

Can have a strain on your relationships. You likely cannot make your partner wait for hours, this would definitely take a toll on your relationship. The feeling of not being important can be a reason for having a strain in one’s relationship.

Do Not disturb the experience of other people. Your delay not only makes other people feel disturbed but also the fullness of their experiences.

Being late can hamper your professional career. Being late can hamper your professional career. Like, if you think to impress a new client by arriving fifteen minutes late then it’s definitely a wrong assumption.

Invest all your time in yourself. Make some time for yourself. Get to know yourself what is more important to you. So that you can make changes in your lifestyle to be punctual.

Get rid of the TV. Try to reduce the time of watching television, as it makes you lazier and more lethargic. It makes a huge impact on your character also. 

Discipline. A punctual man is organized. He can also pay attention to any sort of detail. He can also put aside his self-control and self-doubts and can take care of his own work.

Do Not check any emails or voicemails before going out. The last check will take more time than you can ever imagine. So, you shouldn’t check your mail when coming out of your house.

Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Get enough sleep, which keeps your mind fresh and imbibe new sleeping habits like dimming the light, so that when you get up you will be full of energy.

Completely focus on the work that you are performing. Staying focused is the most productive way to be on time. This makes you disciplined in life as you focus on one work at a time.

The important takeaway. Time and tide wait for none. So, it is very essential to save time, this would make you a punctual person and would also make you responsible enough to invest in every single work that is to be done.

Time management. You should manage your time efficiently in order to reduce stress. A part of time management is punctuality.  So, make sure to work in a smarter way. It should be a priority to use time responsibly.

Maintain work-life balance. Spending a sufficient amount of time with your family is needed. If you can’t manage your personal life and professional life then you will keep sabotaging your efforts at work.

Wellness is the key. Less caffeine should be taken in order to practice healthy habits. Keeping a healthy mind and body and a positive attitude can help you stay focused and would lead to punctuality in life. 

Be realistic. If your schedules are unrealistic then that could be a drastic problem to being punctual. Learn to say no when needed, this would rather increase your respect and you can also focus on other tasks in doing on time.

Enhance communication. Spending more time with your coworkers can enhance communication which would only take place if you are on time at your workplace. Take time to learn about them and help and encourage them in a positive manner.

Consequences. There have to be certain consequences if you are late for work. It also has a negative effect on other employees.

Make an action plan. If being late continues, then plan for a meeting and then try to figure out what is the cause regarding the problem and one or two can come up with a plan instead.

Reward success. If you are punctual at your workplace then you can be rewarded as well. There has to be a reward for being punctual in every work field. This also enhances your self-confidence.

It shows that you take your job seriously. Being punctual also deals with seriousness. Though, now everyone is busy in their own lives and so many things in our heads often lead us to be lazy and lethargic, not taking anything seriously in life.

Be an example. By being punctual be a living example to others. If you are a senior then try to be an example to your juniors. Be respected by others by maintaining a good image to everyone in your workplace. People who are late would never be able to make it to the corporate jobs.

You are prepared for the best when you are on time and it boils down to others as well as to yourself.  One must follow these tips to learn how not to be late. Make punctuality your daily habit. The more you respect others’ time the more you will be respected. The lesser you think punctuality to be a problem the faster you will overcome it.

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