How to Shop on Amazon: 51+ Proven Tips

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world. Nowadays, online shopping is everyone’s cup of tea, but some people are still not good at it. Here are 100 useful tips for shopping online on Amazon, and helping you cart the daily essentials.

How to Shop on Amazon

  1. Use of device- use a laptop for easiness as a laptop can help you get more options and more visibility. 
  2. Turn on device location – it will help you to know whether the delivery is available at your place or not. 
  3. Need – there are many options available in different categories. First decide what you want to buy and is it essential for your day to day activity?
  4.  Download the app- the first and most crucial step is downloading the app from the google play store or Apple Store. 
  5.  VPN – don’t use public Wi-Fi for shopping, and if you are using try to use VPN as it creates a safe tunnel for you to browse
  6.  Make the account – create your account using your Gmail or any other id, which you frequently use so that you can easily remember it for further use. 
  7.  Set your password- make sure the password you use is unique so that it can’t be guessed by anyone else, leading to misuse. 
  8.  Mobile number- while creating the account, they require a mobile number that is in use. Make sure you are giving them the correct number as all the details of your order would be shared on that number
  9.  Already have an account- if you already have an account, try to use that account by recovering it.
  10.  Recover the account-  recover your old account by following the simple instructions given so that you can save your time and energy in creating a new account. 
  11.  Kind of history you want to use – there are two options available Amazon and Amazon Prime; if you wish to deliver your items, Amazon Prime is the best option for you. 
  12. Don’t share your details with anyone-  don’t let anyone use your account as it may lead to some discrepancies. 
  13. Secure connection – always place the order from a secure connection to avoid the hacking attack. 
  14. Address – while saving the address, ensure the address is correct as an incorrect address may lead to delivery at the wrong place, and cause problems. 
  15. Postal pin – along with the address, share your postal pin for easy and hustle free delivery
  16. Search-  in the search box, type the item you are looking for; there are certain options available too below the search box you can scroll them. 
  17. Ask the friends – ask friends about their online shopping experience and which brand they like the most. 
  18.  Set your price range – set your price range beforehand so that you won’t Overbudget yourself during shopping. 
  19.  Set your color filter – if you are looking for a particular color, you can apply the color range filter to look at the colors available. 
  20.  Set your size-  make sure you know the correct size of whatever you are looking for so that you don’t have to return or exchange the product afterward. 
  21.  Research the material- in the case of clothes, look at the material and then search about it whether it’s the kind of material you want or not.
  22.  Start searching your product-  once you have set everything, you can start exploring your product.
  23.  Match your size with the chart given- before clicking yes to any product like clothes or footwear, make sure to cross-check your size with the map. 
  24.  Scroll –  during online shopping, you don’t have to move from shop to shop, but yes, you have to scroll a lot for better results. 
  25.  Refund policy-  before buying any product, look for the available policy they have in case if you don’t like the product.
  26.  Exchange policy – some companies provide the exchange policy look at the terms and conditions before clicking yes.
  27. Terms and conditions- check and read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you proceed. 
  28. Track your order – track your order so that you know when it gets delivered, and you can make yourself available to receive it. 
  29. Know the name of the delivery guy – it’s an excellent gesture to remember the name of the delivery guy as it shows you respect everyone.
  30. Available to take your order- make sure you or anyone is available to receive the order so that the delivery guy doesn’t have to wait or come again later. 
  31. Don’t get distracted- don’t get distracted while shopping with other product as it may cause you to waste your lot if time and money
  32. Look for review- before buying any product, look at the review available as it will tell you about other’s experience.
  33. Compare with other options- compare it with other options available to get the best deals.
  34. Brand – have proper knowledge about the brand you are looking for and it’s alternative you can have
  35. Deals- deals provided to you, must know about them as they are for your betterment and ease. 
  36. Compare – compare the deals with other online platforms to get the best options. 
  37. Look for specifications-it Will help you to understand the product a little better and to know what you will get.
  38. Do the offline research- learn about the offline deals available to compare and get the best you deserve. 
  39. Ask friends about the experience – ask friends about their experience and what would they recommend to you
  40. Research about the brand-  if the brand is good enough for you and meets your expectations.
  41. Look for a coupon, if any- if you have any coupon available and how you can use that.
  42. Additional discount, if any- some platforms give an additional discount to the first-time user. Know if you are eligible for that. 
  43. Add to cart- keep on adding to the cart the items you liked so that they get reserved for you. 
  44. Save them for later – you can save the items for later if you want to buy them but after sometimes. 
  45. Out of stock – don’t get disheartened if your favorite item is out of stock, you will get it back in a few days.
  46. In stock-  click on the option so that you get notified when items are available again.
  47. Festive season- if there is a festive season, make sure you get the best deals as, during these times, they provide the best deals. 
  48. Know about the dealers- sometimes some dealers sell their products online. Make sure to check about the dealer and the conditions they have. 
  49. Check the cart – before leaving the page, check your cart to see if you have anything extra which you might not need. 
  50.  Installation charges- in case of buying the electronic items, don’t forget to check the installation charge to avoid confusion.
  51. Accessories- In mobile and laptop, make sure to check the accessories available and what you will get. 
  52. 2) Guarantee and warrantee- in the case of electronic items and gadgets, don’t forget to check the guarantee and warrantee period for further use. 
  53. Service center- if the service center of the brand you are buying is readily available near you
  54. Check the total bill – check the total amount you have to pay to see if it’s according to your budget or not.
  55. Payment options- there are many payment options available; make sure you check them all before deciding to pay. 
  56. Card details- before filling out the card details, make sure your card details are correct and don’t share it publicly. 
  57. Cash on delivery- see if the option of cash on delivery is available so that you can make payment after receiving your order. 
  58. EMI – if you are buying any oversized items, then look for EMI options available for easy payment. 
  59. Avoid – avoid the offers that seem to be useful to be true because they are mostly a trap. 
  60. Instead of using a debit card, use a credit card as it is more secure and comfortable. 
  61. Check the delivery date –  look at the delivery date given to get the precise idea about receiving your order. 
  62. Make the payment- make the payment without any hurry to avoid mistakes. 
  63. More information than necessary-avoid the brands and dealers that require more information than necessary. 
  64. Choose the time – Time is given to know your availability to receive the order; make sure to choose the correct time. 
  65. Alternative number- don’t forget to give the alternative number so that other persons can be contacted in case of your absence. 
  66. Log out if you’re shopping from your friend’s device– after the shopping is done, log out securely from the account to avoid any problem.
  67. Wait- delivering the items is a lengthy process. Wait patiently for your order. 
  68. Inform the family- inform your family in advance about the items and tell them to receive in your absence.
  69. Money- in the case of COD, make sure you have the full amount to pay. 
  70. Credit card deals-you can get a different discount by using the credit card of other companies compare it before hand for easiness. 
  71. Shipping charge- check the shipping charge to avoid confusion in the amount of payment. 
  72. Company’s shipping terms- every company has different shipping terms. Make sure you understand them well. 
  73.  Notifications- keep your notifications on to know the whereabouts of your product.
  74.  Don’t get tensed- if your product gets late, don’t get tensed. They will notify you at every step. 
  75.  After the delivery- after the delivery, make sure to check the product to avoid any problems. 
  76.  Online receipt- the company will send you an online ticket for the order. Make sure to keep it safe for further use. 
  77. Signature-  sign on the receiving to confirm that you have received the order successfully.
  78. Say thanks to the delivery executives– say thanks to the delivery guy for their services and be nice to them. 
  79. Email scams – don’t fall for email scams. In case of any suspicious activity, contact the helpline number of the bank or site.
  80. Receiving the order- after receiving the order, make sure you check the product ASAP to see if the order delivered is correct.
  81. Installation-in case of electronic gadgets, install them quickly and check every minute details.
  82. Accessories- in the case of mobile and laptop, check the accessories and see if they are working or not.
  83. Size – in the case of clothes or shoes, check whether the size is correct or not or you need any changes.
  84. Exchange- if you don’t like the product, don’t worry. Just look at the instructions to see how to exchange it. 
  85. Refund-if it’s not the product you like, then look at the refund options available you will get the money in your account.
  86. Item is not complete – if the item you received is not complete, then don’t worry, it’s the company’s responsibility, and they will not ditch you. 
  87. Complaints- if your item is not getting exchange or return, then make sure to complain online through social media account to be heard or the customer service portal.
  88. Don’t be a fraud- don’t try to copy the company; many people, after using the product, return it. These type of actions cause problems for the company.
  89. Review the item – whether you like the product or not, review it to help other people to understand more effectively.
  90. Ample of things- online shopping is not just related to clothes or gadgets; nowadays groceries too are available online.
  91. Make-up – If you buy make-up online, be extra cautious as it is related to your skin, and you can’t ignore it. 
  92. Everything glitter is not gold- in the same way, everything is shown is not right to make sure to research better before buying. 
  93. Change your password- after every few days, change the password for security purposes.
  94. Don’t share the security questions and it’s answered with anyone as you may lead to hacking.
  95. Don’t get addicted- online shopping is very addictive. Make sure you use it to limit.
  96. Don’t get distracted; there are many items available that may lead to distraction. Thus try not to get distracted and empty your wallet.
  97. Enjoy- don’t take stress if you don’t understand online shopping. Keep practicing and enjoy it as much as you can.
  98. Like it, flaunt it – if you like the product, then flaunt it and show it to your friends.
  99. If you see any other fantastic deal on the item you bought, don’t be sad. It’s okay to miss out on something. There’s always a chance of coming a bigger sale.
  100.  Customer review- You are always welcome to post the picture of the item that you bought and share the review of the product for future purchasers.

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