How to Improve Public Speaking: 51+ Proven Ways

The key factor to excel in public speaking is to practice and prepare as much as you. It does get better with time, even if you don’t have any prior experience. All that is required is the courage to face it. 

Even if you are criticized, do delve into the matter and deal with it. Below are tips for public speaking that can make the difference between those speakers who leave a powerful, positive impression and those that are quickly forgotten.

Here are a few tips for public speaking.

Practice and Prepare. A feeling of nervousness is very common so you should not make these feelings dominate your performance. All you need is to practice and prepare more. 

Know your audience. Before making a speech you should first know what your audience would like to hear from you. This would help you craft your message in a more organized manner. 

Attain the purpose. It is beneficial to grab hold the attention of the audience for the first 30 seconds. For that make sure that you have a good speech that revolves around the central points.

How to build your self-confidence

Watch the feedback. Make the reaction of the audience your prime motive. Also, watch their reactions carefully and accordingly adapt them. Do not deliver a speech that doesn’t have any pause in between then it might confuse the listener.

Let your personality come through. While talking or giving a speech, be the real you. If you maintain this credibility then people would start trusting you.

Use humor. While giving a speech also makes it humorous and makes your audience laugh. You can give funny animations while presenting or you can tell them a funny story.

Work from an outline. You don’t always have to read a script while giving a speech. You should make eye contact and also keep the focus on yourself and the message that you are carrying forward.

Omit nervous gestures. There is a famous saying that action speaks louder than words. So, use your hands while giving a speech. It would communicate your speech more clearly to the audience. 

Grab attention and make a dynamic end. Always begin a speech with a quotation or focusing on some statistics. You can grab the attention of the audience by doing so and also end with a strong statement.

Use audiovisuals wisely. Too much of it can disturb the audience. So, make sure to use it as clarity and so that it can capture the attention of the audience.

Be prepared. In order to get a successful speech all that is required the most is a good amount of preparation and practice. Look out for your difficulties and practice more. After a successful speech, your hard work will pay off.

Command the space. Give emphasis on your body language. You need to have the right communication in order to be impactful. All you need to do is try to make eye contact and be comfortable in your own space.

Channel your voice. Know the tonal quality of your voice. First, try to speak clearly and then listen to it and then make the necessary changes. Give emphasis on your pitch, pronunciations, and your pace.

Conquer your fear. Always remember everyone faces a level of anxiety while speaking in public. All you need to do is to use calming methods that suit you. Also, be prepared for any sort of mishaps.

Throw away your notes. If you read from a note while giving a speech it would reduce your credibility. Also, the audience won’t be listening to you properly, if you address the most exciting topic.

Add some style. While presenting you can add some features in the slides so that it can enhance the attention of the audience. Also, add pointers and prompts that would help you remember what to speak.

Try to enjoy yourself. If you are bored then don’t try to look like you are bored because if you do so then why would your audience find it interesting. Try to keep a smile on your face and look confident.

How to trust yourself more

Learn from your mistakes. Every time after a speech or a presentation do look back at it and reflect on where you have gone wrong and how you can make the changes.

Embrace the challenge. You should embrace all the challenges that come your way. Also, you should have the courage to tackle those challenges. All that is required is patience and eventually, you will be confident.

Rehearse. Practice until it becomes muscle memory. As the big day approaches you should be practicing and preparing more. Also, look for the best content and rehearse it whenever you get free. 

Practice with distractions. Once you are comfortable with the content then use distractions to make sure how much it is affecting you. Use different types of distractions so that they can be more challenging for you.  

How to research properly before speaking

Find a style. There are different styles for every approach or speech. Different events require different types of speeches. Some work fine by reading out the entire speech whereas some require memorization. 

Know the environment. If you are not familiar with the environment then it is advisable to walk in that room or the stage in order to make the environment comfortable so you need to be on time. 

Test all the equipment. Nothing is worse than having technical glitches at the last moment. So, it is advisable not to check any equipment before any speeches or any functions. 

Practice in front of the mirror. By doing this it can boost your confidence and also you will be able to learn more about your distractions and also how much more effort is needed.

Take every opportunity to speak. Don’t stay like an introvert, speak up whenever there is a chance. Practicing is good but does not miss an opportunity to speak up in front of the audience and do it for real.  

Slow down. Your nervousness is visible when you run with your presentation. Make your presentation hearable and also go slow then only your audience would gain interest and would listen to you carefully.

Know your material. Know your material well then only you can inspire your audience. Also, your speech has to be authentic so that it would be easy to understand what you are providing and also your goal.

Take long pauses. Taking long appropriate pauses can have a great impact on your speeches. By doing this you can take the attention of the audience and also emphasize more on the key points. 

Practice tone and projection. Using the same tone can be boring at times. Having a good tonal quality can add a positive impact to your speech. So, you need to practice in order to expertise in this field.    

How to get attention while speaking

Use emotion. All that matters is what you make your audience feel. So, add humor to your speeches and make them laugh. Using self-deprecating humor is the best to work when it feels that the speeches are long and boring.   

Mentally prepare. Before a speech, find time to clear your mind and find solitude. Take some time and make yourself comfortable in your own skin and be prepared mentally for the material perfectly. 

Exercise before you go on. After a good exercise, it is impossible to have a feeling of stress and anxiety. So, if you have time before your speech do work out for a while and you might feel confident. 

Project confidence. Even if you are underconfident just fake it. Get out of your own room, look confident, look them in the eye, and command people for their attention.   

Don’t go over the allotted time. Going over the allotted time proves that you are not prepared. Also, going for less is respectful and is even more convincing. Going overtime shows that you have poor speaking etiquette.  

Ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is very necessary when you want to overcome your difficulties and be perfect. Feedback might come with constructive criticism and make yourself ready for it.

Understand the expectations and learn the details. Everything should fall into place before presenting. Also, be prepared for the worst-case scenario so that it doesn’t happen to mess up your presentation.

ways to wow the audience

Plan and Structure your speech. You can have great presentation skills and great dictation but if your words don’t fall into place then nobody will listen to you. So, plan well.

Don’t overload your slides. Never add too much text in your slides and also never read the sentences from the slides, this is very much unprofessional. Make pointers and flowcharts and explain them in your speech.

Memorize your first and last lines. You must set a goal to start and end strong.  So, if you could memorize the first lines which are well framed then you might grab the attention of your audience.

Join a club. As long as you practice public speaking in real life, like standing in front of the audience as much as you can, then only you can be an expert in that field. For that, you can join a club or an organization.

Get in the zone. Before giving a speech do come out of your comfort zone and be comfortable with the given environment. Make yourself mentally prepared for the speech and also focus on what you can do to make it a success. 

ways to boost your morale before public speaking

Don’t bury your face in notes. Try to avoid looking at the notes while giving speeches. This is proof that you are not a good orator. Do keep a note in handy and write down the points that need to be covered.

Make eye contact. Making eye contact helps you connect with your audiences. It is a key point while giving speeches. While giving speeches address everyone as a single individual rather than a mass.

Repeat yourself. It is not possible for everyone to remember what you have said in your speech so if you want them to remember it afterward you must repeat your points. All the crucial points should be short at the end.

Let some questions go. You can’t always predict the questions but do be prepared for it. Even if you can’t address that question, don’t stammer and smartly say that you would look upon it and then get back to you.

Keep talking. Even if you forget your speech you should not stop talking. Nobody knows that you have forgotten your speech and also be comfortable in forgetting so that you can eventually find your way back.

Remember the audience is on your side. The audience always wants you to perform well. People feel terrified mostly thinking of their failure but if you change your perspective in thinking you would be successful.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Always strive for the best and don’t feel like you are a disgrace. The people whom you are addressing might also get nervous while speaking.

Get experience.  Having experience is the key to effective public speaking. Do get up whenever there is an opportunity.

Smile. Having a smile on your face will make people interested and happy. Also, it would look like the speech matters to you and how much it is important to you.

Don’t apologize. Nobody knows in the first place whether you have made a mistake or not. So, there is no need of telling it to others, and no need of apologizing.

Visualize yourself to be successful. Think good about your speech then only you can make it a grand success. If your thoughts are full of negativity then you can’t be a banger. 

Relax. Do not run with your speech. Be calm and relaxed as if you owe that entire space and feel like you are talking to your best friend or to your mother. This feeling of calmness can be a win-win situation.

Speak with an intent to move people. Make sure what and how you want your audience to respond. Your speech and your body language of projecting will determine their responses. 

Start strong. Start with a personal story or a quote that can be inspirational or it would tell the audience how well prepared you are. Also, with a personal story, they might connect with you.

Don’t talk right away. When you don’t talk like you walk off stage, that is when people will start thinking of you as a confident person. If you start talking right away then it shows your nerves and insecurity.  

Show up to give, not to take. While giving presentations, most people try to sell their products. For that you need to be a giver first then only people will trust you and get inspiration from you.

Ways to become better at public speaking

Ignore the naysayers. Focus on your supporters, ignore those who nod their heads rather than supporting you. You won’t gain anything by pleasing your critics. Rather by looking at your supporters you would feel confident.

Turn nervousness into excitement. Another best way to keep your nerves in control is to convert your nervousness into excitement. Try to think positively when you deal with your negative emotions.

Say thank you when you are done. Ending your speech by this is the best way to show gratitude towards your audience. It also shows how much you are grateful towards them.

Watch recordings of your speech. To make your public speaking stronger, you must go through your speaking skills thoroughly. Watching your videos, again and again, to pay attention to your gestures and where you need to do it right.

Cope up with nerves. This is the most vital part which needs to be looked after while going for speeches. Firstly you should stop thinking about all the worst-case and focus mainly on what you are addressing.

Think Positive. This can make a huge difference in communicating with your audience. Try to incorporate positive emotions as you can try yoga or some breathing exercise. You can use affirmations to build confidence.

Pay Attention. You need to be attentive and also remain calm and act accordingly. Your body language should be confident as it does portray your nervousness. Being comfortable can enhance your voice.  

Plan appropriately. The first thing before giving a speech you need to plan well so that your communication would be thorough and clear. Your audience should feel intrigued by listening to your speech in the first place.

Talk about what you know. Choose a topic that you know and love. This would not make you anxious and you can also address all the questions if asked because of your experience.

Concentrate on your message. When you concentrate on what to speak, anxiety would likely be in control. So, try to increase your concentration so that you don’t feel afraid and can communicate properly. 

Observe other speakers. Do be a very keen observer when it comes to others. Watch their style and pattern of public speaking and gain some ideas or rather talk to them where you can be more confident.

Organize your talk. Every speech comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion. So, accordingly, structure your speech so that it would be helpful for others to understand.

Avoid filter words. Words like basically, well, umm do not provide any sense to your speech. So, it is better to remain silent rather than using these words.

Have one main message. Your entire speech must revolve around your central topic. You must take instances in order to prove your point but do not get diverted from your central topic.

Use rhetorical questions. You ask such questions as these are questions that help the orator to make a point instead of expecting a response. These types of questions make people engage mentally.

To feel afraid or frightened is very natural when it comes to public speaking. Even the best speaker faces anxiety. All you need to do is to have a healthy routine to get over it. Also, if you have chronic anxiety problems that don’t let you sleep at night then you should get diagnosed by a doctor.

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