How to Practice Self-Affirmations: 51+ Proven Ways

If you are telling yourself contradictory statements, then you are unconsciously creating a reality for yourself. Self-affirmation when taken seriously, does change a persons’ personal life totally.

You are working with affirmations, your subconscious is aware of the beliefs that you carry within yourself. So, try to make your inner voice positive, it would do wonders in your life. 

tips on how to practice self-affirmations.

Reprogram your areas. Set your intentions to every goal that you want to set up like family, relationships, health, and work.

Use positive language. Focus on things that you really want to prevent those things which you don’t want. Also, try positive affirmations, write them down and make sure to think of them always. 

Check-in with yourself. You must test yourself of the affirmations that you have taken once after a few weeks. It would show you how much you have changed yourself for the better.

Practice daily. You must also review your affirmations daily. You must practice these self-affirmations in the morning as well as during the night. Doing this for a month you would see wonders taking place.

Be patient and observant. Patience is required when it comes to self-affirmations. You need to give time to see the necessary changes that would take place. After a few weeks rate your life against each affirmation. You yourself will be amazed by your own progress.

Refresh, as needed. Affirmations are an excellent toolset to transform your personal life. This would not only help you deal with your personal problems but also professionally. Saying these affirmations out loud plays differently in one’s life. It would evolve you as a better person and would make you know what is best for you.

Set them in the present. Affirmations seem similar to goals but work a bit differently. Changing your long-lasting beliefs is what affirmations do. So, to bring on this change you need to believe that you have already achieved it. You have to work for a goal, but an affirmation helps you strengthen your confidence reminding you what you can do right now.

Avoid stock affirmations. Affirmations are everywhere in social media. You can find it in any T Shirts, inspirational blogs, etc. It is good to know affirmations through this but it is even best if you know your goals and make a list of your affirmations.

Enter the now. Make your affirmation list all by using the present tense. Desire the condition and declare that it is already true.

Be concise. Make your affirmations shorter, as it would help you remember while you are stressed. Also rhyming your affirmations is even more catchy.

Include a feeling word. Always affirm yourself as someone who believes in taking action. This helps your mind open and creates new results in your life, further acts as an inspiration.

Make a list of your negative qualities. If you have any criticism towards life include it in the list. Everybody has flaws and that’s the beauty of being a human being. By making this list, your life might take a turn. 

Write on the positive aspect of life. Use powerful words to make your self-judgment positive. After writing the self-affirmations, ask your close ones to suggest whether they have something stronger than what you have claimed.  

Speak the affirmation aloud. The right time to repeat the positive statement is while applying make-up or putting on shaving cream. You can also scribble it down in your diary or a notepad. Also, see while writing whether your hand-writing is changing or not this would make you understand that it is taking a toll on your life.

Repeat the affirmation. Place your hand on the body where you feel uncomfortable and repeat the affirmations. Feel the affirmation throughout your body so that a positive force surrounds you and helps you become more confident in your own skin.

Get a friend. Be a friend to yourself if you don’t have someone special for motivating you or to make you comfortable. Using a  mirror for self-affirmation helps a lot. 

Make sure it is credible and achievable. You can use affirmations to build up your confidence so that your self-esteem would also rise. If you want a raise in your pay, be confident enough to approach it, though the pay has to be realistic.

Turn negatives into positives. Stop that negative self-talk that you are struggling with. Identify the negative thought that is bothering you so much and write the exact opposite thing in your affirmation list. This would help you change the thought and belief.

Say it with feeling. Everything becomes easy if you attach an emotional weightage. To make affirmations worth it, you need to feel the emotion behind the words. When you choose to repeat the affirmation then you need to add some meaning to it so that it can have an impact on your life. 

Be smart. Be realistic, achievable, dynamic, approachable with any goal. These criteria should be attained while dealing with self-affirmations. If you find yourself having these qualities then you are prepared for the real world.

Focus on the positive. Make your statements positive. Use keywords rather than full sentences. It would increase your success if you focus more on positive statements rather than negative ones.

Focus on the present. Writing statements in positive sentences make your subconscious mind believe that it’s happening. The desired change creates a positive impact on your brain and this result would encourage you to move ahead. 

Affirm in the first person. If you use your affirmation statements with a first-person, then it helps the brain to identify them strongly. You can add your name to each of your affirmations.

Connect the feeling to the behavior. When positive feelings are connected to desired behaviors then it is more likely to turn into real actions. This feeling of having it in real acts as a pleasure and you would like to repeat it again.

Create a detailed image. Be a bit clear about your positive self-affirmations. Like where you want to go, what you want to do, focus on yourself mainly about your feelings. It acts as a motivation for your desired goal.

Be mindful of triggers. Kind words can also make a person feel uncomfortable if there is an old story attached to it during childhood. It might be possible by using a kind word to yourself you are triggered by all the negative emotions that were once felt. This makes things worse. For this, it might take time to recover yourself but be patient enough and be kind to yourself as much as possible.

Find the best way to practice for you. If you find your own words to be uncomfortable then you can use an app where you can listen to positive self-affirmations. The key to practice is to make sure you plan your schedule efficiently, visualize your affirmations as possible and try to feel while practicing. 

Post your affirmation in important places. Keep the affirmations in such a place where you can have a quick look. In places where you experience self-doubt and stress, put the affirmations in those places. Use sticky notes or pads, colorful posters to enhance your mind.

Find the good in every situation. No matter what happens, always look to the positive side of a situation. If you make any sort of decision early, make sure to be ready to face any kind of problem as things might go wrong.

Neutralize all negative thoughts. Get rid of all the negative thoughts from your mind and try to develop positive emotions. The positive affirmations must be repeated daily in order to have a positive approach to life. The more you express yourself the more you’ll be impressed and develop a personality of your own. 

Look at all setbacks as temporary. Always be prepared for the worst, look at the setbacks that might happen. The setbacks are temporary, not permanent, so don’t panic and stay positive. Don’t see the event as a permanent way or in a personal vision of your own competence. Nurture your positive thoughts and move forward.

Learn and grow from every difficulty. It is impossible to grow and be successful without any struggles and difficulties. These difficulties make you a better person. So, welcome the difficulties wholeheartedly and look to the positive side of the situation.

Be focused on your goals and dreams. You should be focused on your dreams and goals so that you become the person that you are striving for. Be happy and do not get tempted by your negative thoughts. If you resist your negative thoughts then you are growing.

A new perspective to help during hard times. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes life becomes hard and difficult and also becomes tough to focus only on the positive side of life. For that positive thinking helps us to go a step back and critically observe the entire situation. It also helps us to look at that situation from a different perspective.

Better relationships. Positive talk not only helps to increase your self-confidence, but self-esteem it also increases the standard of your relationship. When you imbibe positivity, you would rather see the good in others rather than focussing on the negative qualities. Knowing yourself well and having clarity of what you want and your needs helps you to broaden your mind and opens up new relationships. 

Increased self-confidence and self-efficacy. Engage yourself in positive talk so you would not feel like life is happening to you, you yourself are not driving your life whether your life is driving you. Be the one at your driver’s seat which is empowering and would build up your confidence and self-esteem.

Decreased loneliness. When you think more about your negative thoughts, the more you try to hide and isolate yourself from other people. The positive thoughts just give you the opposite outcome. It would make you stay with your loved ones and help you to be connected to every other person in life.

Ensure positive self-talk. Be authentic to yourself when it comes to self-talk. At first, you might think that it’s all fake and doesn’t make any sense. For that, have a deep look at your affirmations and try to make them more genuine. The more authentic you feel the more freely your mind would accept. 

Change your behavior. When you think positively, it also takes a toll on your behavior. To imbibe positive affirmations in life you need to believe them completely. Also, try to work on your affirmations, only talking it loud will not affect your mind and body. 

Start with positive self-talk. However ambitious you might be, trying to change all of your habits or inducing new habits at once can lead you to failure. So, focus on one area in your life and try to improve it by self-talk.

Collect all data without judgment. The best way to induce self-affirmations is to try to collect data on the situation without any judgment. When you collect data you would grow and eventually your perception level would increase.

Question your thoughts. Having a thought doesn’t mean that it is true. Nurture your thoughts, question it whether it is balanced, accurate and complete. Thoughts are just mental events that are nothing. If your thoughts are not clear then it needs special planning and rescheduling.

Work with a professional. Seek help from a therapist if you couldn’t engage in self-talk. Sometimes negative talk can be so deep that it would lead to clinical depression or anxiety. Though working together will help you see the broader perspective which would point out the reasons that our anxious mind overlooks. 

Sleep better with an affirmation. Research says that our mind deals with negative thoughts 80% of the day. Our subconscious mind keeps on thinking about our jobs, family, etc which makes us anxious and leads to poor quality of rest and sleep. Poor quality of sleep also leads to depression and anxiety. Using positive affirmations you can get a good night’s sleep.

Enhance self-esteem. We might not be surrounded by supporting family members and from there having low self-esteem starts and negative thoughts come into action. So, this won’t lead you to a happy life, for that you need to support yourself at any cost. Cultivating positive thoughts will enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Start at a small age. The more you start working on your weakness at an early age the more you would become confident in the days to come. Though people are not that mature during their teens, proper guidance can lead to a worthwhile life.

Conditional affirmations. Affirmations should be defined and firm. Words like “hope”, “wish”, are not as effective. They are soft and lack confidence and might take years to imbibe into a person’s life.

Concentrate on your child. Acknowledge your child’s qualities and never demean them. concentrate on them more often especially on their personality and things what they do or expect. It can increase their sense of confidence and where they belong.

Hug your loved ones. Just after a long day hugging your child or your loved ones, helps the body to release oxytocin that reduces stress and anxiety. Physical touch is very necessary when you need motivation. Unlike love, physical touch is a very important part of a person’s life.

Create a board of affirmations for your kid. You can work on your child’s visual power and make it strong by creating an affirmation board. Here all the good qualities can be depicted in the form of figures and diagrams or through any sort of comics. This would encourage your child to think positively and believe in themselves.

Learn from the greatest. You shouldn’t be afraid of your failures or ashamed of anything which you could not achieve. Everything is judged by how much you have tried. It is better to try failing than to fail without trying.  Tell them stories about good value and also ask them what they understood from those stories.

Build a treasure chest of goodness. You can treasure your child’s goodness in a chest which can help him offset the negative bias in their brain. You can make them buy a treasure box and tell them to color and decorate it as they want to. Make a few paper cuttings and tell them to write the affirmations and put them into the box. This would help their mind grow.

Ask “what if”. Asking reflective questions increases the development of a person’s frontal lobe which is connected to planning and reasoning. While reading something, think about the plot or an idea of what could happen after that, this would broaden your mind. So, if you are struggling with logic and reasoning choose affirmations to validate your feelings you will feel more encouraged and useful.

Affirmations ensure the ways we are getting the support that we need. It is not easy to begin with anything new, however, once you start, happiness will be yours. Real happiness begins when you feel content in whatever you do and who you actually are.

Negative people are better served with those who can lead a happy and positive life..Be honest with yourself when you craft your affirmations. Focus on simple things in life then you would feel all your negativity leaving your body.

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