How to Practice Mindfulness: 51+ Proven Tips

Mindfulness comes with mental peace and stability. We basically need to focus on our mental health to concentrate and be mindful of daily activities.

Keep away from all toxicity and things that spoil your mood. Here are some tips that you might follow to help you get into the healing process:

List of Tips to Practice Mindfulness

Start meditating today- Mediation is a proven treatment for all the issues related to a behavior known to the human race. Try making it a habit, and you will see the changes within days.

When you sit with your work, start with the thing you like the most – Always start with the favorite part of your work. It will help you love your work more and concentrate better.   

Spend few minutes with yourself before rushing down the bed to start your routine work – After waking up, it is essential that you think over the day before you start. It will make you feel fresh and focused.

Practice controlled breathing- Though it sounds difficult, it will be easier once you get into the habit. It is no doubt an action that will attract your complete attention.

Appreciate food while eating- These are little practices for mindfulness. Be thankful to God to provide you the meal. Appreciate the blessed you are. Be conscious that you never miss it.

Isolate yourself and try paying attention- When you find it challenging to concentrate sitting amidst many, excuse yourself and try resolving the matter again. It will indeed work.

Take some time before you react or reply to someone- Practice analyzing your words before uttering them. It will save you from unnecessary arguments at times, and also be mindful.

Chew your food properly- Concentrate when you are chewing your food instead of thinking something else. It will even enhance digestion.

Spend some time outdoors every day- Staying all day in the office or at home will surely make you a dull person. You may often find yourself day-dreaming. It is important that you go out for some time.

Observe everything around you- Try and observe every detail around you, be it trees, building, furniture; it will keep your mind under your control.

Do not try focusing on too many tasks at a time- Though multi-tasking has become a daily practice, it’s a curse rather than a boon. It destroys your mental peace and flickers your concentration.

Avoid distractions while eating- Do not sit with your mobile or your television box switched on while eating. It leaves your mind completely bereft of any attention for the food. Instead, concentrate on the flavors.   

Never avoid your feelings; accept what you feel- This is a crucial thing that should be maintained. You are your best friend, and you have to acknowledge everything you feel; otherwise, it is impossible to be mindful.

Bring your creative self out- Shift your concentration to artwork. It can be paintings, sketching or planning to decorate your room or office cabin.

Try your hands in photography- Photography is not as easy as it looks. Start learning the required skills, it will always have your mind at the point.

Engage yourself in games like basketball, badminton- Any sort of outdoor game draws your complete attention towards itself. You can choose to play them any chance you get.

Do cycling- This is a super exercise, as well as great for building mindfulness. Throughout, you have to concentrate on the road and simultaneously maintain your balance.

Try your hands in origami- These little pieces of beauty made of paper are not too easy to be created. Once you sit with the paper and start folding precisely, you will see your mind totally devoted to it.

Spend time with nature- Nature has rejuvenating effects that we hardly pay heed to. Spend some time every day you will find the difference.

Keep taking short breaks throughout your day- Forcing yourself to work non-stop will never have your heart into it. Pair your work with short breaks, see your efficiency growing.

Start writing a daily journal- Writing a journal would imply keeping every necessary detail in your mind. It will help you to remain mindful throughout the day.

Try using the mindfulness applications available these days- There are several apps present now to help you deal with your concern. They shall guide you through creating the habit of mindfulness.

Relax your attention- Don’t compel yourself for anything. Even if you are paying attention, be relaxed, enjoy what you are doing.

Repeat positive affirmations in your mind- Continue encouraging yourself, no matter what. Good thoughts help you concentrate and be focused.

Improve your relationships- The relationship we have with different people plays a vital role in framing our minds. Solve the undisputed matters and maintain your peace of mind. 

Try being a good listener- Listening is the best practice to be mindful. Pay attention carefully when one tells you about their stories. It will make them happy as well as keep you away from restlessness.

Observe the activities of people around you- Each one around us is playing a different role in this world. Observe carefully; it will surprise you how different people perform the same tasks differently.

Live and focus at the moment you are in- Do not think about the past or future all the time; what happens in the next moment is never in your hand. Enjoy the time you are having now.

Keep track of your mental activity- Keep track of the number of times you get distracted, feel dull or depressed or suffer anxiety. It will help you to know the points you have to work on. 

Take 4 minutes meditation challenge in the beginning- It is always difficult in the early days. Start with shorter challenges, and you will gradually develop the skills.

 Try practicing focusing on a particular object like a tree, bottle, etc.- Even if it sounds weird, it works wonders. Keep an object in front of you and focus no matter how many times other thoughts keep creeping into your mind.

Correct your posture- Posture has a great deal to do with our body and mind. It will help you feel less tired and lethargic from daily chores.

Free your mind of unnecessary tensions- Overthinking should be avoided entirely. It tires your mind unnecessarily and reduces all your efforts to practice mindfulness.

Release your tensions- You need to vent out to have a clear mind that is healthy enough to focus. Discussion with peers might help.

Exercise every day- Along with your mind, you have to keep your body fit as well. Both go hand in hand. Shift your focus to a healthy body.

Drink your morning coffee slowly- Enjoy the first coffee of the day thoroughly. It should provide you with all the energy you need for the day. Reflect on yourself.

Keep checking in your body throughout the day- This is a task that you should mandatorily perform. Look into what your body is demanding.

Do some housework daily- Household work demands a lot of attention. Once you start doing it, you will not even understand how your time will pass.

Slow down your activities- You need not hurry in everything. Carefully and slowly perform your activities. You will be able to concentrate better. 

Enjoy the time you take a break- When you take a break, do not think of your work or other commitments. 

Start gardening- Gardening is quite similar to parenting and will demand your hundred percent attention and care. When the tiny leaves start growing, they will fill you with happiness.

Enjoy the morning shower- The shower rejuvenates our body with freshness. Do not keep thinking about your commitments while showering. Freshen up to start the day bubbling.

Walk barefoot on the grass- The soft grass feels pleasant on the skin. It is beneficial to health as well. It will make you feel lighter and joyful. 

When you are on the road and have to stop on a signal, instead of wandering away, focus on the shops around or your posture- These are certain moments when we unconsciously get distracted. Try being conscious and fix your eyes on something.

Create your favorite corner in the office and at home- Corners are the place where you feel most at home. Decorate it the way you like. It should be able to change your mood no matter what goes wrong.

Try focusing on the changes when you move indoors from outdoor- This is another tactic to keep yourself engrossed in other thoughts. Try observing the temperature or color changes.

Spend time on literature- Literature is beautiful and infinitely deep. You will never get bored of reading. It will completely call for your attention.

Listen to good music- Music has curing properties. It shall heal your mind of unnecessary thoughts and tensions. Experience the therapy.

Spend few hours of the day with your mobile phone switched off- Mobile, though absolutely necessary, has become a curse. Continuous notification alerts will not let you focus.

Don’t keep on judging yourself- This is the worst thing you can do. Do not abuse yourself or criticize so much that you slowly lose all interest.

Mindfulness should be seen as a part of your existence, your behavior- Practicing mindfulness must not be undertaken as a project. It is a trait of your character.

Never try to find excuses for not being able to be mindful- If you fail to keep your focus, do not blame it on others. Be brave and accept what happened and on what you should work more.

Do not grow impatient with yourself- You are your best friend. Don’t be harsh with yourself. Take all the care you need and be a parent to yourself.

Mindfulness is not a competition- It might be so that two of your best friends start your journey together, and you see your friend improving faster. Don’t get disheartened; everyone heals in their own time.  

Tiring yourself to practice mindfulness is not correct- Do not criticize yourself so much that you get fierce at its word. Believe it will take time and developing a habit is a slow process. 

Keep reminding and appreciating yourself- Appreciation is as important as criticism. Throughout your journey, keep supporting yourself.

Try to keep a note of your mindfulness at your desk- Whenever you find yourself to be focused for a longer duration, congratulate yourself.

Use aromatherapy- Benefits of aromatherapy are long felt. Light aromatic candles in your room every day and try keeping fragrant flowers at your working desk. It will keep you afresh.

Experience new things often- We humans get tired of the existing monotonicity of our life. So, we must make adventures fill our lives with excitement to keep away the thoughts that keep on disturbing us. 

Close your eyes and feel around- Sometimes, it is distractive to look around, and you may feel puzzled. It is best to close your eyes and think of the things that soothe your mind. 

Commit yourself to mindfulness- Apart from all the commitments you have made so far and successfully carried out, be confident that you will be able to complete this as well.

Step away mentally from situations that disturb you- You must stay away from everything that ruins your mental peace. No matter how much it means to you, you have to when it is time to depart.

Some of the tips may sound harsh or very strong-minded, but that is what you need. You have to stick to your words; you have to take every measure to get distracted. Remember, your journey is unique. Once you can inculcate mindfulness, you will see its visible effects on your professional and personal life.

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