How to Find Your Personal Style- for Girls: 51+ Fashion Tips

Finding your personal style is no joke. It takes a lot of time, patience, and self-love to actually be able to express yourself through what you are wearing and it would be a long journey before you finally get there. Here is what you should keep in mind on the way. 

Here are tips to find your personal style as a girl.

Read more. Finding your personal style is a complete journey and you need to be as prepared for it as you possibly can. Read as much as you can about fashion and you will soon develop your own sense of style. 

Get a big mirror. Getting a big mirror helps you in getting ready and developing your style in several ways. You can not only have a complete image of how you look but you can also discover the places that need some work. 

Read fashion magazines. Fashion magazines are a great way to find your personal style as they open a new world of fashion in your eyes. When you see new and fresh concepts, you will naturally begin to feel better and more fashionable. 

Fashion influencers. Fashion influencers could help you discover your style provided they are the right ones. There is always one for every audience, look for someone genuine and incredibly stylish to take your style game up. 

Find your comfort zone. To know what your style is, first you’ll have to find out the things that you are most comfortable in. Style comes from within and if you find your comfort zone, half the job is already done. 

Keep experimenting. Developing your style is all about trying new combinations and keep experimenting till you land in a spot where you feel comfortable and stylish from within. The sooner you start, the better. 

Find your aesthetic. Finding your aesthetic is a very important part of your style. You need to know what silhouettes you like more than the other ones and how you can add them to your daily outfits. 

Comfort is the key. No matter how flashy or elegant the dress looks, or how classy the heels look, if it is not even barely comfortable, you should probably stay away from it. Comfort always has to be the top priority. 

Organize your closet. Organize your closet and have a good, long look at it to understand what you have right now, what you like, what you want, and how you wish to look in the future. Make a list of what to give away and what to keep. 

Grow your wardrobe. No matter how complete you feel your wardrobe is, the truth is that style keeps evolving as you grow. You will have to keep adding new and valuable pieces to your wardrobe and keep growing it.  

Be clean and crisp. Being clean and crisp in your style is just as important as being comfortable with your outfit. Being clean with your style will make you feel more reliable and add consistency to your fashion game. 

Find your colors. Look for the colors that look the best on you and build your style around them. Even if you can pull off almost every shade, there will always be a few colors that are a tad bit closer to your heart and make you feel confident the moment you put them on. 

Wear your fit. Fashion is all about the right fit, top to bottom, and everything else. Find your personal style by identifying the fits that you find to be the best for your body and would like to wear more. 

Try new patterns. You can always try new patterns like stripes, dots, or even something crazy like big prints or abstracts. You can go crazy with patterns until you find a few that resonate with you the most and you would like to stick with them. 

Experiment with the fabric. The fabric of the clothes that you are wearing is extremely important. Good fabric can always make any outfit better and is a lot easier on the skin compared to something that just looks better, not to mention they last longer. 

Watch fashion vlogs. Fashion Vlogs are for people who are looking to discover their style but do not know where to start. These vlogs take you directly from the shopping part all the way to the styling part and everything in between. 

Follow fashion events. Watching important fashion events will keep you updated with the recent trends and let you know about what’s hot right now and the great thing about them is that there is always one event or the other going on. 

Grade your outfit. Before you step out of the house, make sure to have a good look at what you are wearing and assign a grade. You can check the grades after a week and find out the reason why some days were lower than the others. 

Visit your fashion stores more. Visit the stores that you get your clothes and other accessories from more often not to just blankly buy everything in it but to find out about the new collection and what has changed. 

Use the changing room. Make complete use of the changing room in your favorite store and do not buy anything that you have tried on. Even after trying out the outfit, think about the piece that you can pair it with before checking out. 

Keep evolving. Keep growing your style and venture out in places that you previously could not. Do not be afraid of trying anything new but keep pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and finding your personal style. 

Jewelry. Jewelry can be a very important part of your style if you feel stylish and comfortable wearing it. You could plan your outfits around the jewelry of your choice and have a great time wearing it with all the different combinations. 

Shoes. Shoes can make or break any outfit and you would like to make the outfit better than break it. Invest in a few pairs of good, elegant shoes so that even if you have a simple outfit on, they can carry it by themselves. 

Find your body type. Find someone of a similar body type to have a better understanding of what would and what would not look good on you. It is always great to have someone like that to try your ideas on and even be a part of their ideas. 

Follow new drops. Follow the new collections that keep dropping at the beginning of a new season, the new collaborations, or any special collection that you would love to have in your closet. 

Spend wisely. When it comes to finding your style, it is very easy to get lost and buy a lot of things that you don’t actually need. Be very smart with your purchases and make sure you add a quality piece to your wardrobe. 

Start with simple outfits. Take baby steps when it comes to finding your style and start with simple outfits. Move on to putting together simple and comfortable outfits and move on from there. 

Look effortless. Your style should look effortless irrespective of how much effort you have actually put into it. Make sure that your style and your outfits come together well and make you look natural. 

Be confident. Ninety percent of style is all about confidence and if you have confidence, you can pull off any outfit on planet Earth like it was designed specifically for you. Do not lower your confidence meter at any cost. 

Have patience. Finding your style is a gradual process and it would be a really long time before you finally find that sweet spot. Meanwhile, be patient and do not put on something that would make you look out of place. 

Give some love to your hair. The difference between a good day and a bad day is how good or how bad your hair looks that day. Your hair would be a major confidence booster if it looks right so give it all the love and care in the world. 

Accessorize. Accessories are a great way to stylize what you are wearing and make it completely your own. There are always a few accessories like a watch or a bracelet that we love to wear with anything, keep them close. 

Do not be conscious or insecure. The moment that you feel insecure or conscious about your style or what you are wearing, you would be creating a lot of problems for yourself and yourself alone, stay away from them. 

Spend time getting ready. As much as people like to make fun of it, one must spend enough time getting ready and feel comfortable with how they look. Spend those extra few minutes to make sure everything is in place. 

Dress up for the occasion. Dress up according to the occasion and tune your style to meet the need of the event. Make yourself presentable while staying away from both over-dressing or under-dressing. 

Express yourself. Your style is all about expressing yourself and putting your thoughts and your personality out there in the world through your outfit, learn to express better and freely. 

There are no rules. Understand that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion or style. Feel free to try everything for yourself to decide what works for you and what does not. 

Have fun. Do not get overworked about your style and miss out on enjoying your style journey. Have fun while you are at it.

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