how To Optimize Your YouTube Channel: 51+ Proven Tips

YouTube is one of the leading video-sharing platforms, which was acquired by Google in 2006. With the internet being affordable, it has become a trend to be a content creator, but getting monetized is the place where most people lack. 

tips on how to optimize your YouTube channel:

1) Open your YouTube channel- this is the first and necessary step first, create a YouTube channel that you want to get monetized; you need a proper setup before you start thinking to earn revenue. 

2) Chose a logo/picture-  chose a logo or image which represents your channel. 

3) Stunt – during the video, if you are performing any stunts, make sure to take full protection. 

4) Look test – the look test should be done beforehand to create panic at the end moment. 

5) Chose a name – chose a name for your channel that the audience can easily remember, and they don’t forget it. 

6) Promotion –  promote your channel on different platforms to bring the views such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and many more.

7) Fake followers – don’t buy followers as it will hurt your genuine fans. 

8) Sneak peek – share with the fans and followers what are your coming projects

9) Behind the scenes – share the stories behind the scenes to keep fans posted and updated. 

10) Introduction –  introduce all artists who have contributed to the video. 

11) Warning –  if you are using alcohol or cigarette, make sure you issue a warning so that children don’t get influenced. 

12) Don’t abuse animals in your videos– for the sake of a few likes, do not harass any animal in your video. This will lead to the ban of your channel.

13) Don’t give the wrong message to society- Your channel will be monetized only if it performs well in the statistics. 

14) Spread positivity- The only hack to get more views is by spreading positivity through your videos.

15) Permission – before you start shooting anywhere, make sure you have the permission to start shooting; otherwise, it may lead to legal actions. 

16) Don’t disrespect – if you are female content creators or male content creators, don’t abuse, harass your opposite gender for the sake of fun. 

17) Don’t show vulgarity- most people now hate this thing; it will bring creeps to your channel, not the fans.

18) Raise social issues and spread awareness – positively use the platform and make a change while you can 

19) Don’t use any music from Hollywood as it will lead to copyright issues, and your channel may get banned.

20) Don’t create cringe content- as these types of content don’t help you establish it for the long run.

21) Practice, practice and practice- before posting any video, make sure you practice a lot so that the video doesn’t look shabby.

22) Know the angels of the camera- before uploading the video, look at these different angles from which you can shoot your videos so that it looks perfect while people watch it.

23) Have a good quality camera- the camera plays an important role, so make sure you have a good quality camera that captures real emotions

24) Background – the background must be familiar to the audience so that they know they are at the right place. 

25) Voice quality – the quality of voice should be clear and audible. As lousy voice quality is the most significant reason, many people don’t get famous.

26) Have a team- the team plays a vital role while setting up your tube channel, have a team who is talented and motivated as much as you are

27) Be creative with the content- try to be creative and different from others. Nowadays, everyone has easy access to the internet leading to a boom in the number of YouTubers.

28) Respect your team members- if you have a team behind you, make sure you respect them and treat them fair because they are the real backbone of your channel

29) Be comfortable with the language of your content- don’t use harsh language or words, be satisfied with the terms so that everyone can understand easily

30) Make content to which people can connect –make content to which people can connect easily as these types of content perform well

31) Know well your targeted audience; they are the ones who will take you to your real destination and then create content according to their likes and dislikes.

32) Editing- edit your videos before posting online, have proper effects, have the right subtitles as it helps the audience to understand content more effectively

33) Spare yourself from using foul language or slang as it may seem cool, but it’s not helpful in the long run. 

34) Don’t make fun -In your videos, make sure you are not making fun of any disability or any community as it gives the wrong impression to the audience

35) Have a Q/A session with fans- keep on interacting with your fans and subscribers as the more love and respect you will give them, the more support you will get. 

36) Make shareable content – make the content that can be shared quickly and without hesitation with family and friends and is family-friendly. 

37) If you want to be YouTuber- the most critical question you need to ask yourself is that if you’re going to be a YouTuber or it’s just an influence from seeing other people around you. 

38) Come with original ideas -the more original your content is, the more fan following you will have as there are so many content creators that finding original and unique content is a tough choice. 

39) Ask friends to review your content – ask your friends to review the content and seek suggestions and support from them but make sure they are genuine friends and not the jealous ones. 

40) Don’t judge yourself – don’t be a judge yourself; instead, let the audience decide what kind of content they want to see and the improvement they think you should make. 

41) If you are falling in eligibility criteria – before joining YouTube, see if you are meeting the eligibility criteria set by YouTube I. E, being 18+ or having any guardian who will help you set up the channel. 

42) Give insight about the content- you are working on to your followers in this way. They will feel connected to your channel

43) Does your country have a YouTube partner program – YouTube runs a program partner program; check if your country has that program. If yes, then the procedure to apply, and if not, what are the alternatives

44) Turn on the monetization option on your channel – turn on the monetization of your drain by simply log in and following simple steps

45) Check if you meet the eligibility – if qualify the eligibility criteria for monetization, which are set by the YouTube organization

46) You should have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel; try to get them. First, it is the first and most crucial step for any YouTuber to get monetized. 

47) Should have 4000 views in 12 months- it’s a little hard step, but you need to cross this hurdle if you want to earn good money

48) Advertiser friendly content – the content should be advertiser-friendly; it can be challenging but not impossible; look at the guidelines and practice can make you a step closer

49) Apply to the YouTube partner program – it’s a program started by YouTube. Make sure to apply this as it is an excellent platform to learn new things

50) Gain a good number of subscribers- it’s tough, but with time and consistency, it can be achieved

51) Read the guidelines properly- misunderstanding a point, and all your hard work will be in vain, so make sure you understand and clear all the end of the guidelines

52) Follow the protocol – see the protocol and follow that appropriately so that your hard work doesn’t get wasted.

53) For the type of video you want to turn your add on – if you wish to turn the tape on for individual add Or multiple videos

54) Turn on add- turn on the adds on your channel, which will be played before the begging of your video

55) Turn on channel membership – ask the fans to take the channel membership to bring more chances to being get monetized.

56) Have your merchandise–it will help to spread the word about your work and will bring attention from the advertiser

57) Have a strong fan base – a strong fan base is the backbone of any creator; keep them closer. 

58) Keep interacting with fans- interacting with fans will give you an idea about the type of content you should make and what’s your audience taste

59) Start with a small add – a small achievement is still an achievement, thus don’t go for more significant adds initially

60) Create fan-friendly content – fan-friendly content will bring you genuine fans who will keep your views meter up

61) Mark your presence on another platform- make your Instagram page, share insights, and behind the scenes with the audience to keep them updated. 

62) Use the product yourself- before posting the adds, use the product to understand the product and see if it will lead to gain or loss of fans

63) Review the items of the add – it will help the fans to understand the add and product more effectively

64) Ask the fans if they like the add–if they want the add put those type of adds more, and if not, look for alternative

65) Turn on YouTube premium revenue- By this way, Google will get to know that your channel is performing well, and it will get monetized sooner.

66) Ask your friends to promote your channel- the more promotion you will have, the sooner you will get the destination of your dreams

67) Don’t copy another creator- it will give a monotonous feeling to the fans leading to lesser views

68) Don’t repeat the mistakes of another creator- learn from their mistake and avoid them as you Don’t have time to repeat the same mistakes as others

69) Don’t put ads that hurt the sentiment – this can be the most significant set back for your channel and can harm in ways you never thought

70) Don’t put in controversial ads- it will lead to the cancelation of your channel.

71) Be wise while choosing the ad – it will affect the way your fans look at you; thus, be wise while selecting the add

72) Better to create content around the ads- so that the audience can connect with that easily

73) Don’t bombard your videos with ads- one ad at a time, multiple ads will lead to Boardness among fans. 

74) Seek suggestions from fans- ask them the kind of content they want; it will give them the feeling of being involved

75) Understand the review process – YouTube has a review process for the video and adds the policy. Understand why your video is being rejected; what were the criteria

76) Ask another creator what to keep in mind – ask the other creator whose video got monetized, understand the process, ask them what to keep in mind while monetizing the video

77) Don’t rush–don’t try and run to things, take your time, practice, arrange things. These take time, and then only you can get perfection

78) Be consistent with your content – be consistent, upload your content regularly, don’t take long naps. 

79) Ask for forgiveness- if you haven’t been able to upload the content for a more extended time, ask the fans to forgive you so that they know how important they are to you. 

80) Set your ad sense account- You have to set up your AdSense account in Google Adsense.

81) Increase your watch time – try to make videos that will increase your watch time as it’s the only thing that will matter in the end. 

82) Live stream – the live stream is the best way to increase the interaction with fans and other creators. 

83) Bring prominent personalities – if you have already reached a stage where you can call celebrities, then it is the best thing to do; stars will help to increase the views on your channel

84) Check and analyze your progress –check which types of videos work in your favor and which videos bought down the viewership, and try not to make those types of videos again

85) Notice the ad people watch more often – try to include ads that gain views as these ads will help your channel. 

86) Maintain distance from a copyright – copyright is the trap once fall will never get out of it this try not to get trapped in it. 

87) Be patient – these things do take time, but with patience, you can reach your goal

88) Don’t get demotivated – don’t get demotivated. Your goals are more significant, and good things take time. 

89) If rejected, apply again – sometimes people get left for the monetization, don’t get disheartened. Try again and again until you succeed

90) Try to be authentic – the more authentic content you have, the more chances of being famous and liked by fans are

91) Let everyone know that you are monetizing- ask your fans and friend to increase the view, take help and advice from them

92) Seek help from fans- ask them what they know about it and how you can reach there 

93) Look for taxes – what are the types of taxes you have to pay and pay them regularly

94) Don’t forget – When you get monetized, don’t forget it was your fans and friend who helped you, thanks to them. 

95) Don’t get too excited-  when your channel get monetized, don’t earn too enthusiastic as it may lead to mistakes

96) Help other creators and ask for shoutouts– if you can be a helping hand, then be the one; this is the best way to make your genuine fans. Also, ask for shoutouts on social media. 

97) Get a management team of your own and manage all the contents accordingly.

98) Use a good quality high-resolution camera to record all the videos. This brings an impact on the minds of the audience.

99) Never forget to mention to subscribe to your channel at the end of your video.

100) Make an attractive thumbnail which will attract more audience to your videos.

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