How To Optimize Your PC: 40+ Proven Ways

The computer is one of the most necessary items, as far as today’s generation is concerned. To keep a laptop safe, one must take specific steps to improve their computer’s performance and longer life.

There are various methods and steps that one needs to follow to keep his/her laptop safe, and he/she should ensure that his/her computer is running smoothly. 

Here are Tips To Optimize Your PC

These tips of ours should surely help you to keep a note of certain points that would help you, run your computer smoothly:

  1. One must ensure that he/she is using the licensed version of the operating system that he/she is using. As the pirated version generally causes lots of problems and may even affect the computer hardware.
  2. One should always look to keep the windows drive clean since it contains all the bios folders, and keeping it free from any another folder would help the system run smoothly.
  3. One should always look to install software from verified sources to run smoothly, and even the software that he/she has installed would face no difficulty.
  4. To keep track of the memory consumed by each software installed by the user, one should always look over to the task manager window.
  5. Various ways might slow down your system; one should ensure that no two software are opened simultaneously as it can slow down your system and even can go on to affect some powerful hardware.
  6. A proper antivirus can be of great help to the computer’s security as well. One can go for properly licensed software, not a pirated one.
  7. Multiple significant software would also slow down your computer, and it would have a substantial impact on the system speed as well. One must make sure that he/she is only installing the necessary software and not any other software.
  8. Some software’s pop up window starts appearing once you turn on your system. You should always look for in the settings option to stop this auto appearance, or you should opt to uninstall that software to maintain your system speed and accuracy.
  9. Once you start using anti-virus, there is an option named disk check clean scan; one must always turn that ON. Turning this option ON would automatically scan all your drives, and it would ensure that your device is staying out of any malware or virus.
  10. The user should always look to back up their necessary files in an external hard-disk to ensure that those files remain safe there, and it won’t consume much disk space in the system as well. This would help maintain your computer’s speed and ensure that other software is working smoothly.
  11. One should always use the cloud services to his/her advantage and go on to store big data files in any of the cloud or even in google drive.
  1. The computer should always remain free from unwanted software and big files for its smooth operation, so it would be wise to store all the powerful software’s setup file in a separate drive.
  2. Even in some operating systems like Windows 10, if one user changes the power settings to saver mode, it can have a massive impact on the system’s speed. So we should make sure that our computer system has the proper power mode.
  3. There is even some software that keeps on running automatically once we turn on our system, and this does take up a lot of memory space and can be a boundary that can stop your system from working smoothly.
  4. System updates also play a massive role when we talk of the smooth working of our system, one should always update his/her approach to ensure that his system software’s are updated and reworking properly. 
  5. Users should always try to optimize the system performance and even uninstall that software that the user is not being used.
  6. One should also look to protect the hardware components and ensure proper maintenance of each hardware part.
  7. Backing up the files and folders regularly would surely increase your computer’s speed.
  1. Updating the system files and the software installed by the user also helps to speed up your computer’s performance.
  1. While switching the system off, one must ensure that each app is being closed so that it won’t create any pressure on the system’s hardware.
  1. Ensure proper scan of your device so that each software that is being installed remains safe and there is no problem with any of the software, as that can go on to hamper some device performance.
  1. If you face any difficulty while using your computer, you should always use a windows troubleshooter to detect the problems.
  1. One should even look to keep the recycling bin free and delete all the files from the recycling bin entirely so that the system speed is not affected and the system remains clean.
  1. While using the internet, one must ensure that windows defender is being turned ON so that no malware or viruses are allowed to enter quickly into a user’s computer, which might slow down the system. 
  1. Some explicit cleaning software can also be installed to clean the user’s unwanted files, and this would again go on to save time and make the system work more smoothly.
  1. If you are browsing any website from another country, always use a trusted VPN such as Hoxx.
  1. If you are using Windows 98 or Windows 7, you must update your windows to 10 until and unless you find your device lagging.
  1. Do not install any software from Torrent or any other illegal website outside your country.
  1. Do not open any website that promises you to offer any gift for free. Those are mostly scam and forward malicious viruses.
  1.  If you receive any mail from an unknown source telling you that you have won any jackpot, make sure you avoid the same and report it as soon as possible. These are nothing but scams.
  1. Always install CCleaner after setting up your Windows. CCleaner helps you to delete all the junk files that weigh your storage.
  1. Make sure you always eject your pen drive before pulling it out from the hardware. It can bring a negative impact to the operating system.
  1. If your operating system is running slow, turn off the visual effects that are pre-enabled during the installation process. 
  1. Do not use your PC for too long without restarting it at a specific interval of time. It is highly advisable that you must restart your PC once in a day.
  1. If your PC has less than 2 GB of RAM, then it will indeed lag after a certain period. Thus you must upgrade your RAM by visiting any hardware store around your locality.
  1. Delete the programs or software that you hardly use or which are pre-installed. You can uninstall them by going to the control panel and then clicking on uninstall programs.
  1. According to a report, it is not advisable to open more than seven tabs at once in any browser, whether it be Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It slows down the speed of your computer.

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