How To Optimize Your Social Media Account: 51+ Proven Ways

In today’s world being on social media is not less than any war, with every second person being a writer, influencer it’s hard to be authentic, and thus here we are giving you 100 tips to set up a social media account.

How To Optimize Your Social Media Account

  1. User name – create a user name that is short, creative, easy to remember, and is unique. The more comfortable and memorable a user name is, the more easily people will find it.  Try to find the user name which is not. 
  2. Profile picture – use a creative and relevant profile picture to the type of account you are using.
  3. Kind of media you are using – be thorough on the type of platform you are using, e.g., for LinkedIn, keep your content professional, whereas, for Instagram, it can be personal as well as professional.
  4. Set your goals – set your account goals where you want to see your account in the coming years, and then plan your content accordingly.
  5. Set a variety in posts- there should be variety in bars; the same kind of posts or monotonous posts can effortlessly bore the people. Thus try to use a variety of content so that it doesn’t become boring.
  6. Follow your colleagues and friends– don’t shy in following people back who follows you. It will create a trust base between you and the audience. Follow back means you care about them.
  7. Know your target audience– target your audience, find what type of content they like, and then plan your content. For a young audience, your content should be funny and inspirational, whereas, for an elder audience, it should be more professional types.
  8. Plan your content ahead of time – plan your content ahead of posting as it will give you plenty of time to write well engaging content.
  9. Engage with the audience – answer back their questions, reply to their comments; it will give them a feeling of being critical.
  10. Give shootout to your regular audience – shouting out to your audience will give them the feeling of being a part of your community.
  11. Share as much as you can – ask your friends to spread the word about your account, as once the audience likes the content, you don’t need any promotions.
  12. Whatsapp update for payment- The recently announced Whatsapp Pay is very efficient in terms of payment. It is highly recommended for all the Whatsapp Users who frequently use UPI payment.s
  13. Use the proper hashtags – use hashtags related to your content, and make sure you use them in the appropriate amount.
  14. Don’t post controversial content- controversial content may affect the audience’s sentiments; thus, try not to post on controversial topics.
  15. Speak up for what is right – speak up for what you feel is exemplary and should be heard by people like the daring brands.
  16. Don’t post anything personal – sharing personal information will lead to your own loss; try avoiding it. Also, some of your friends might not be interested in listening to your personal stories, rather stick to the point.
  17. Try to make posts that make your audience curious – A curious audience is the best audience; thus, post contents that make them interested so that they return to your account again and again.
  18. Be patient – you cannot get thousands of followers overnight; thus, if your growth is slow, don’t get impatient.
  19. Be consistent – be consistent with your contents and posts, as consistency is the key to any lock.
  20. Be regular – use content calendar; it will help you to know the best time to post the content.
  21. Be kind and humble: If you’re a Twitter facatic, the only way to gain followers is by being humble and kind with your posts.
  22. Ignore trolls – It is advisable to not waste your time on trollers and spammers. They are not worthy of your precious time.
  23. Stay away from the negative comments – don’t let the negative comments in your heart ignore them. You know your goals better than them.
  24. Customize your content – before posting, make sure your content is customized according to the visuals if you are using any.
  25. Keep your content fresh – don’t copy others. Be original in your ideas.
  26. Ask your friends to help promote – a little push is needed, and ask your friends for that push.
  27. Give respect to your audience – the more care you will give to your audience, the more followers you will have.
  28. Promote a social cause – it is the best way to bring the change you always wanted to see, plus it will help the audience to connect easily.
  29. Post authentic news – don’t fall for the fake news, verify the information and then post
  30. Transform your account after every six months- a new profile picture or a little change is always appreciated, after a certain period of time.
  31. Seek ideas from the audience – see the type of audience and then post the content accordingly.
  32. Post video content- videos are more engaging than written content; thus, it’s a good idea to post videos.
  33. Don’t decide whether the content is good or bad by yourself—that up to the audience. Let them choose- let your audience be the judge. Don’t judge your content all by yourself.
  34. Don’t follow what others do- following others will make you not give anyone anything fresh thus, don’t mind what others are doing.
  35. Don’t troll or spam anyone- trolling may lead to hurt sentiments; thus, try not to dig anyone, but a fitting reply would work.
  36. Language of content – keep the language of your content comfortable that anyone can understand it.
  37. Keep your posts clean and friendly- don’t use harsh or adult words. Keep them neat and clean as finding the super content is tough these days.
  38. Collaboration – Collab with the people of your own area or people with different locations. It will help you to grow.
  39. Caption request- it will make the audience feel important and will increase the engagement.
  40. Sneak peek– give a sneak peek at what you are planning to do.
  41. Behind the scenes– it gives the audience more fun as they will connect with it.
  42. FAQ must be included on your wall- questionnaire will help the engagement and make the bond between you and the audience stronger.
  43. Ask me anything- answers the funny questions and let the audience know your humorous side.
  44. Feature an expert if you are a LinkedIn fanatic- featuring an expert will give the best hacks to the audience and will increase their interest and curiosity.
  45. Ask your audience to submit entries- in this way; people will feel more concerned and connected to the account.
  46. Have a live session- a live session will help you to understand your audience more deeply.
  47. Data and Privacy Protection: Make sure to protect your personal data safe and secure. Set-up two factor authentication.
  48. Share facts about the brand- everyone loves the facts, and thus sharing facts will lead to more curiosity. 
  49. Ask the audience about the type of content they want next- in this way, they will feel that they are the one who is running the brand.
  50. Review the items- it will attract other brands and their audience.
  51. Don’t treat them as followers treat them as a friend- that’s what it will make you different from others.
  52. Post visuals are more engaging than the post and thus make the account more attractive and alluring.
  53. Stay active- the more active you will be, the more engagement you will have.
  54. Know what is trending– trends always attract the young audience and is the best way to increase engagement. 
  55. Don’t afraid to try new things- keep experimenting. Even if it goes wrong, you will learn something new.
  56. Monitor your activities- remove the activities which are causing harm to your brand name.
  57. Don’t buy followers- it will lead to giant scam and untrust among the audience.
  58. Create evergreen content– don’t let your content run old with time. Be creative.
  59. Network with influencers of your own sector- will help you learn something new that too without much effort.
  60. SEO Friendly Content: If you’re posting in LinkedIn, make SEO, friendly content. It will help you reach more people of your connections.
  61. Before posting, discuss with your co-admins- a brief discussion is always beneficial and will lead to unique ideas.
  62. Make content to which the audience can connect easily- the more the audience will join, the greater the reach will be.
  63. Don’t copy other accounts- Be it Facebook or Instagram, the more authentic you will be, the more authentic audience you will have.
  64. Keep your profile up to date- nothing is more attractive than an up to dating profile; it gives full insight to the audience what they might see on the account.
  65. Keep your content clean- the audience always loves a pure range.
  66. Create your own hashtag- the audience always loves a unique hashtag. Set up your hashtag for a certain cause, and ask your friends to follow it.
  67. Don’ target any community or any specific gender in your content. Be neutral- hurting sentiments may damage the brand value too.
  68. Cross post your content– don’t cross-post your content; instead, customize every platform’s content.
  69. Utilize paid ads- everyone likes extra money, plus it will give your brand some value.
  70. Post content when the engagement is most– look for the best time to earn more employment.
  71. Use real-world examples- real-world examples are the ones that will bring the most engagement as everyone can connect with at a personal level.
  72. How often you post content – keep a check on your frequency of posting content.
  73. The correct size of visuals – too small or too big fonts-is often disliked by the audience and may damage the brand’s value.
  74. Select the best channel for your brand – whatever platform suits the best for your brand use that most.
  75. Define social media voice and tone – is your brand more professional, funny, related to personal issues. Use examples to explain your brand’s voice and style on social media, as it will help target your audience. 
  76. Find the sufficient frequency to post content – don’t post too much or too little as both of these activities will lead to a loss in followers. It’s best to find the frequency best suited for your account and follow that accordingly.
  77. Be rich in quality, not quantity – it’s the quality of your content that will attract your audience and not the quantity. Your content should be rich in quality, focus on quality, not quantity, as the amount does not always mean that the brand is good.
  78. Automate content whenever possible – as in today’s world is technology-driven, thus try to minimize the things doing manually that can be done automated.
  79. Don’t give the cooperate vibes – don’t let the people when they enter your page or account to be in an office; try to make it user friendly so that people can easily connect with it. The more easily will people will connect with it, the more traffic you will have.
  80. Prohibit the use of slang – it’s a little bit tough, but trust me, once you will do it, you will see the changes yourself. The more family friendly your content will, the greater will be the reach.
  81. Know your competitors- there is a saying keep your friends close and enemies closer. Keep a close eye on your competitors, the kind of mistakes they are making, their engagement with the audience, and their content frequency, and try avoiding them in your account.
  82. Track your content engagement – collect data on your high engaging content and lowest engaging content, and then try to post the content which got a higher concentration as it is the best way to know your audience’s taste.
  83. Claim your usernames, profile pictures – claim your user names or profile pictures (if unique) even if you are not using them as it will lead to confusion among your audience and lead to a decrease in your brand value.
  84. Be smart and confident about your content – plan your content smartly, and be satisfied that the audience will like it; show your confidence through your content.
  85. Don’t use auto cross channels – even if you have to post the same content on different social media account, don’t rely on cross channels; instead, edit your content based on platforms you are posting as it will give your audience a different feel even if they follow you on every platform.
  86. Use your humor wisely – using humor on social media can be risky; thus, if you are trying to put the mood, make sure it is in the right amount as one misstep, and you will be doomed.
  87. Limit admins – don’t make admins too much as more admins will lead to different kinds of content and often lead to a loss in followers.
  88. Optimize your account to high exposure – give the full information about your brand in your account so that even a new follower knows the type of brand they are following.
  89. Length of post – don’t post too long Content or too small Content as it may lead to boredness among the followers. The size of content should be ideal enough so that audience can read it with more engagement.
  90. Keep a copy of your content – always keep a copy of your content so that it can be reshared more easily.
  91. Don’t copy and paste – don’t just copy and paste the content; instead, try to be more original, as originality will give you uniqueness and will you different from others.
  92. Use location or tags in your post – tag the related people and places in the center as it give a more friendly and connected feel to the audience.
  93. Don’t let your feels overtake you – keep your personal feeling away from your content as if they mixed will lead to dangerous reactions resulting in the loss of followers and decreased value of your brand.
  94. Avoid hashtag spam – use the hashtags related to your content, as overuse may lead to loss of content or appearance of content in unrelated categories.
  95. Take the negative comments positively – even if there is any negative comment about the content, take it in a positive, and use it as an opportunity to improve.
  96. Use positive words – the world is already dealing with negativity; try to indulge positive words in your content as it will give the audience a feel of positive vibes.
  97. About section is up to date – make sure the about me area is up to date, and no information is hidden, whether it be your birth date.
  98. Proofread your content – no one likes the content with typos; thus, proofread the content before posting.
  99. Don’t compare with others – everyone has different journeys. Don’t compare with others; it will often lead to disappointment.
  100. Don’t get too excited with success– if you gain the followers in minimal time, then don’t ruin it by getting’s excited; instead, try to maintain it.

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