How to Look More Masculine: 41+ Proven Tips

Every guy wants to look more masculine for several reasons. There are several ways in which you can instantly look more masculine without much effort, with a few minor tweaks. 

Here are tips to look more masculine. 

Wear a suit. A well-fitted suit is the manliest piece of clothing that you can wear. It makes you look more muscular, amplifies your physical features, and makes you look more masculine. Pick the right color. 

Start wearing formal clothes. It is time for you to start your friendship with formal dressing. You need to 3learn to dress like an adult, and wearing formal clothes is the right place to start. Be ready to go wrong. 

Learn to layer. Layering is a skill that you master over time, with time and effort. What color works with what fits, there are just so many questions that you will find answers to once you start layering yourself. 

Groom yourself well. You need to take better care of your skin, your body, and your hair to look more masculine. Fix a skincare routine and follow it thoroughly; also, visit your hairdresser every two weeks. 

Grow a beard. The easiest way to look more masculine is to grow a beard, but it is not as easy it sounds. You will have to go through a scruffy phase of your life which you are going to hate. 

How to take care of a beard

Dress your age. Most guys fail to adapt to the changes as they are growing up and keep dressing like a boy even after they have passed their teenage phase. Learn to dress for your age and look better. 

Do not wear big and bold logos. Big and bold logos, wearing your favorite superhero t-shirt is all behind you, and now you need to learn how to wear solid colors and sober prints on a casual day out. 

Smell better. Wearing deodorant is fine on normal days but if you have to look more masculine, invest in a few manly-smelling colognes. You will develop a taste for them as you start wearing them. 

Start working out. Focus more on your physique to only look more masculine, but it also helps you in shopping for clothes as you would come close to the standard sizes. Focus on your proportions. 

Eat healthily. Start monitoring your diet and try to eat as healthy as possible. Working out seven days a week is not going to make any difference if you do not control your diet. Have a cheat day sometimes.

Why is it good to eat healthily

Start wearing more dress shoes. It is time to man up and start wearing more dress shoes like a proper masculine man. Invest in some quality oxford or monk straps, depending on what you’re feeling. 

Wear clean sneakers. Sneakers are major fashion accessories these days, and even the manliest men wear them. However, stick to some clean leather sneakers with a white base to look masculine. 

How to choose the perfect sneakers

Wear a belt. Belts are a key part of any good masculine outfit, and it does not take a genius or a style enthusiast to pick the right belt. Pick a slim leather belt with a small metal buckle, black or brown. 

Start wearing more shirts. It is time to let go of the habit of wearing t-shirts to every place that you are going. Build up a habit of being more comfortable in wearing casual shirts; start with your best colors. 

Add button-downs to your wardrobe. Button downs are the most favorite type of shirt for a lot of men. They are stylish, they have great collars, and they are extremely easy to style. 

Wear black. Black is the favorite color of a lot of really masculine men. It is one of those colors that makes you look more muscular and masculine. Get a few black pieces of clothing for your wardrobe. 

Pick a mature haircut. Let your hair grow out first, and then pick a haircut that complements the shape of your face and makes you look more mature. The side parting or the low fade are great options. 

Wear a wristwatch. Build up a habit of wearing a wristwatch no matter where you are going. It not only helps you stay on time but also is a great accessory for all your outfits, making you look mature. 

How to choose the perfect wristwatch

Work on your confidence. Work more on yourself, feel more confident in your own skin, with yourself, and around people. Any man who is confident with himself immediately looks more masculine. 

Think before you speak. One good habit of working on is to make a conscious effort to think before you speak when you are not surrounded by people that know you. Choose your words very carefully. 

Start wearing pants more often.  Jeans are undoubtedly very comfortable and stylish but on certain occasions when you need to dress up, start wearing proper pants that fit you well. 

Wear leather boots. Boots are going to become your favorite kind of footwear once you start trying them on. Invest in some quality Chelsea or mountain boots for all your bad boy looks. 

Work on your dressing sense. Your dressing sense does not develop in a day. Give yourself time, keep experimenting, make mistakes and learn from them. It is the only way to learn to dress better. 

Learn to communicate better. Work on your communication skills. Besides being a smooth talker, learn to be a good listener. Any man who can talk and communicate well is already ten times more masculine.

How to communicate better

Get into sports. Sports teach you a lot of things. It teaches you how to be disciplined, it teaches you how to maintain valance, and above all, it gives you all the right experiences to become a better man. 

Why is it good to play sports

Read more. Reading more books, articles, and just reading in general not only makes you more knowledgeable but also increases your analytical skills and judgment. Never stop learning. 

Wear a tie. Wearing a tie both with and without a suit can make your outfit two times more masculine. It adds the missing piece to the puzzle and brings together the outfit in a masculine way. 

Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes but are also the favorite accessory of any masculine man. No look is complete without the right pair of glasses; find your perfect pair. 

Start wearing more accessories. Accessorizing is a big part of any great outfit. It takes a long time to find the right accessories for the right outfit, and you will learn how to wear them only if you start now. 

Carry a grown-up bag. It is time to leave all your sports bags, backpacks, and sling bags behind and time to move on to more mature bags. Get a leather bag that you can carry with you wherever you go. 

Stop running after trends. A man knows better than running after trends and following them blindly. Focus more on the classic outfits and styles as they have been around for years, and they will always be.

Try out different styles. Show everyone that you are not bound by just one type of style but can carry everything that you put on. It is a great quality that only masculine men possess. 

Get out of your comfort zone. Force yourself out of your comfort zone to wear more sober colors, to wear more formal prints that you have always seen the older people wearing. It is your time now. 

Do not feel insecure. Feeling insecure about how you look, how you’ve built, and your outfit is the three biggest factors that make you look anything but masculine. Be confident. 

How to not feel insecure

Wear V-necks. While most people would stop you from wearing V-necks, it is only because they are harder to pull off as compared to the crew neck, and only masculine people can truly rock them. 

Wear darker shades. Once you want to look more masculine, you might have to let go of wearing colors that are either too bright, loud, or saturated. Stick to darker colors and sober tones in your clothing. 

Dress for the occasion. Make it a point to dress specifically for the occasion. Even if you are not the best-looking guy in the room, you can be the best-dressed one and look more masculine naturally. 

Be hygienic at all times. Hygiene is a sign of a truly masculine man. Take showers at least twice a day, wash your body and hair thoroughly, pay attention to how you smell and take care of your breath. 

Smile more. Smiling is one of the easiest and healthiest habits that you can take up, which naturally makes you look and feel more masculine. Bring positivity with your presence and your smile. 

Wear grown-up jackets. Hoodies and zip-up jackets are alright, but to look more masculine, start wearing more grown-up jackets like leather jackets, denim jackets, and the classic bomber jacket. 

Start jaw exercises. You look more masculine when the structure of your face starts to change when you grow up. Jaw exercises give you a more structured face and improve the shape of your jawline. 

How to get the perfect jawline

Be responsible and punctual. Start showing and proving to everyone that you are growing up with not only your clothes but also your actions by behaving in a more responsible manner. Always be punctual. 

Why is it good to be punctual

Start wearing patterns and prints. Not those big, bright, and bold patterns that you are used to wearing but more mature, sober prints that look good on anyone when they dress up. 

Maintain a good wardrobe. Start with working on your wardrobe. Make sure it covers all aspects of men’s clothing and fill it up with a lot of quality pieces. Don’t forget your shoes and underwear. 

Take care of your belongings. Take good care of all your clothes and other accessories so that they can stay as good as new for as long as possible and you can keep looking more masculine like always. 

Wear different types of fabrics. Start wearing more off-beat fabrics like Linen, wool, and leather. Wearing new fabrics keeps things fresh and makes you look versatile and more masculine. 

Start wearing more rugged clothes. Be it scruffy prints, grungy tones, or distressed clothing, and only the masculine people can pull them off. Try a few of them for yourself. 

Wear chinos. If you cannot make a move to formal pants straight away, chinos would be a good stepping stone. They are comfortable and relatively easy to style. 

Get a few blazers. Your wardrobe needs to have a few blazers that you can pair with the shirts and t-shirts in your wardrobe. Learn to dress up more cleanly and get more comfortable with formal wear. 

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