How to Look More Feminine: 41+ Tips

Being a woman always comes with a sense of grace and sensitivity towards herself and the world around her. It’s like a built-in phenomenon that automatically makes you feel more beautiful about your body and mind.

Some women are naturally blessed with curves, some with sharp edges and some with sunshine. Regardless of the differences, what brings us together is the feeling of being a woman, and that is, being feminine. So here are a few tips for you to bring out your innermost goddess.

Here are tips to look feminine.

Wear well-tailored and fitted clothes: A part of being feminine is highlighting your best features. And what better way to do that than wearing clothes that flaunt the beautiful shape of your body.

Why wear well-tailored clothes

Don’t pull up the strings too tight! Always look for balance in your clothes. If you feel a certain element is too tight and is making you feel uncomfortable, ditch that piece and go with a breezy one instead!

Fabrics that flaunt: Since we’re talking about looking attractive while feeling feminine, make sure you pick delicate fabrics like chiffon, lace, satin, and silk to accentuate your feminine features.

Have variety: It’s always a difficult job to get yourself out of any monotonous routine right away. The same goes for your clothes, and if you don’t experiment with what might look good on you, you also may never meet the best-looking version of yourself.

Practice self-care: This particular tip doesn’t necessarily make you more feminine but surely makes you pay great attention to yourself, which in turn makes you feel pretty from the very core.

Pay attention to silhouettes: Silhouettes such as flared skirts, pencil skirts, cowl neck tops, and bodycon dresses automatically add a feminine touch to your whole look.

Have fun with lingerie! You don’t always need to wear lingerie just for basic needs, and sometimes it’s just about feeling sexy about your body. So, go ahead and treat her with colors, patterns, and lots of support.

How to choose the perfect lingerie

Look at the mirror often: Now, this is something you seriously need to start doing if you haven’t already. Try hairstyles on yourself, identify your best features, apply make-up accordingly and bring out that godly glow!

Add accessories to your liking – Be it minimalistic pieces or ‘go bold or go home’ statement pieces, you do you, girl! Satisfy your inner craze and pair your best parts with all your love in the shape of pieces of jewelry, shoes, hats, belts, bows, and more.

Pay great attention to your hands and feet: Not just the face, but submerging your entire body in your own terms of beauty is what felinity stands for. Give your body a spa, a manicure, a pedicure, and watch them transform your entire look.

Can we ever forget shoes? The answer is NEVER. Good footwear not only brings style but also displays your everyday dressing habits. Be it pumps, kittens, flats, or heels; the perfectly balanced ones always attract the most attention.

Why is the right pair of shoes important

Opt for different textures: Try wearing dresses and skirts, and blouses with ruffles, laces, and bows. These small elements are a sure-fire way to bring out a more feminine side to your dressing personality.

Colors that speak: There are colors that instantly make you feel more feminine, and no, I’m definitely not talking about pink. Add lavender, lilac, turquoise, sage green, peach, and baby blues to your wardrobe, and you’ll notice your feminine side to bloom in all that you wear.

What are the perfect colors for different dresses

The most necessarily make-up element: Have you guessed it yet? Yes! It’s definitely lipstick. So next time you are running late for work, pick on your favorite shade and apply a generous coating to your lips.

You don’t necessarily have to be a drag: While drag queens attract a lot of attention and praise, that sort of make-up isn’t suitable for everyone. So, opting for more minimal make-up is the right call for an everyday routine.

Wear quality make-up: If you already have an amazing skincare routine that works for you, you’re ready for the next step, which is to wear good quality make-up and stay for longer hours without damaging your beautiful skin.

Practice Yoga and meditation: To know your inner self is really important to accept and love yourself for who you truly are. So, heal yourself with daily meditation and practice yoga for a healthy and beautiful body.

Why is practicing yoga important

Avoid laughing at someone’s demise: Being feminine is not just about the looks; it is also about the personality you own that is reflected through your actions. To love your purity and spread those good vibes, try being kinder with your words and gentle with your actions towards others.

Reality check! No matter how gentle a woman should be, speaking out and aloud when necessary should be the topmost priority as part of being a woman. Remember that you are kind but also the bravest version of yourself.

Wear perfumes: Being feminine also comes with making your presence known while you’re still afar. This easy trick can be achieved with the help of choosing and applying a fragrance that matches your liking and personality.

How to choose the best perfume

Match all your bodily fragrances: For example, do not use sandalwood perfume with a lavender body lotion. Keep in mind that balancing perfumes are also important, so if you’re using sandalwood perfumes, pair it up with rose or sandalwood body lotion.

Know where to apply perfumes: Did you know that there are parts of your body that prove to be more helpful in retaining the fragrance rather than just your underarms? Applying the perfume on the nape of your neck and wrists keeps it lingering on for longer hours.

Play with your hair: Not just roll your fingers around your locks and smile but actually style it up in different ways. Cut it, dye it or highlight it. It’s all on you and your definition of having fun.

Hairstyles that highlight your feminine side: Switch from buns to high ponytails, open hair to fishtail braids, plain hair to one layered with tiaras or headscarves.

Why is changing hairstyles a good idea

Invest in good hats: Trust in the fact that no other accessory makes you look more gracefully feminine than a beautiful hat. Even if bucket hats are not your thing, go on a hunt and pick the best kinds that suit you according to your face shape.

Say YES to heavenly handbags! Prevent pairing on the same old neutral-toned mom bags or black student bags with that beautiful outfit of yours. Go trendy, go colorful, and pick out a set of beautiful bags for yourself.

How to choose the right handbag

Make way for the diva attitude: Let’s admit to the fact that not every day needs to have you being your most patient and understanding self. Take days off, let your hair down and greet the world with the diva that rests within you.

Work on yourself! Although this article signifies that fact, it goes without saying that working your accents, body posture, and learning how to state non-harmful opinions also adds a ton to a beautiful feminine personality.

Hygiene before beauty cover-ups: Always take a great amount of care to keep your body clean, well-treated as it not only makes you feel more confident but also avoids situations where your beauty is overpowered by your unclean habits.

Wax and trim, only if you need to: Guaranteed that most females prefer to wax or shave their body hairs to feel more “cleaner and smoother,” it isn’t an absolute necessity if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

Glasses for your grace!   A pair of nicely tinted sunglasses also helps in protecting you from the sun while making you look stylish. So, grab a pair of branded sunglasses, even better if they coordinate with the rest of your feminine side.

How to choose the perfect sunglasses

Show off a little! No matter what someone tells you, flaunting the best parts of your body is never something to shy away from. If you’re comfortable with it, wear corsets, fringed shorts, tight blouses, deep plunge necklines to give a peek into what you’re proud of.

Flex a designer label: If you’re a brand-conscious person, consider adding small minimalistic designer pieces to complete your daily look while giving yourself an elegant, defined, and gorgeous feminine vibe.

Don’t forget your precious nails! You don’t need extremely long nails to point them out with glittery nail paints. You can do the same with shorter nails as well, just give yourself a good manicure and have fun with a wide range of nail colors to choose from.

How to take care of nails

Avoid the classic pantsuit pair: Why do people always assume that dressing formally means following the same old dress code. The real case is totally not so, as you can always experiment with formal skirts and minimal elements to brighten up your formal look.

Practice being feminine, but not as a façade: Remember, people can always spot the fake one out, so if you’re practicing ways to be more feminine, do it for yourself and not the world. They say when you do something for yourself, you put your genuine efforts into it without caring about opinions.

Practice the delicate stance: “A lady always stands elegantly.” This sentence reveals how a person could identify a feminine posture just by looking at someone’s body language. So, practice elegant sitting and standing poses to give away the right vibes from quite afar.

Keep the tone of your voice in check: Be sure of what you speak and how you speak at all times. Tones of voice matter quite a lot when speaking in an open society, as sometimes even the things you say for someone’s well-being might sound harsh because of the tone of your voice.

Be yourself! Being feminine doesn’t mean losing touch with your inner self or transforming a bit completely. Instead, it means loving yourself the way you are and improving parts of one’s own lifestyle to help them lead a better and beautiful life.

Be confident: And last but not least, be confident about yourself. There’s no tip in the world that can help make you look or feel a certain way if you do not feel confident while doing it. So, have faith in yourself, be kind to your soul and be your own version of a beautiful woman.

Finally, no matter which of these steps you’re able to achieve or which ones you’re not, always be happy with who you are. 

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