How to Look Like an Alpha Male: 51+ Fashion Tips

Every guy wants to feel like an alpha makes and owns the room. While it does take a lot of time to feel like one, one can at least try and look like one with a few simple style tricks. Keep your confidence high and you’ll be fine, here is how to do it. 

Here are Tips to look like an Alpha male.

Be well-groomed. Being well-groomed helps you look your best at any given moment and when you look your best, you automatically feel a lot more confident. Confidence is all that a true alpha needs to win people over. 

Get a good haircut. Fifty percent of how you look is guided by the haircut that you get. If it matches your face shape and amplifies it to look better, you would naturally look a lot better and feel like a true alpha male. 

Wear good shoes. Shoes are one of the first things that people notice about you. A true alpha knows the worth of good shoes and how they help in shaping people’s perception of you. Make sure you have good shoes on every time you step out. 

Focus on the fit. No matter what you wearing, no matter where you got it from or how much you paid for it, you are going to look incredible in it as long as it fits you right. Focus on the fit of your clothes more than anything. 

Invest in a pair of Sunglasses. Sunglasses have the power to make you look a lot better in an instant. They make your face look more structured and a true alpha male never forgets his trusted pair of sunglasses at home. Always keep them with you. 

Accessories are a must. An alpha knows how to accessorize his outfit, what accessories to use and where to get them from. You would probably have to do a complete degree in accessories before you look like an alpha male. 

Leather jackets always look good. Leather jackets and the classic image of an alpha male go hand in hand. Nothing spells alpha more than a good old piece of a well-fitted leather jacket. You can wear them with everything and you would still look alpha. 

Layering is a great art. Layering well is a skill that only the elite alpha males possess. If you make that over a shirt or the hoodie under the blazer work like no one else, you are officially a certified alpha male. Know your layering tips right. 

A suit for all seasons. A well-fitted suit is your only weapon and your ultimate weapon when it comes to showing people the real alpha side of you. Pick the right color and make sure that it fits you like a glove. 

Monochrome is the in thing. Monochrome outfits are something that an alpha male can pull off with his eyes closed. Especially black and white outfits should be your go-to and will become your go-to once you get into the alpha mentality phase. 

Get a Pair of Stylish Boots. Boots are single-handedly the most badass piece of footwear ever made. They come in so many styles and cuts that you would never run out of them. Pick a good-quality leather boot and flaunt your alpha swag. 

Watches maketh a man. Your watch is the best accessory that you can wear with all your clothes. Not only are they timeless and elegant but a true alpha male knows the value of time and makes sure to respect it at all times. 

Be confident everywhere. Being an alpha is not about clothes, is not about your accessories, just know that if you are confident with who you are and have accepted the reality, then everyone else around you will naturally see you as an alpha male. 

Body language says a lot. Your body says a lot about you more than your clothes ever will. Make sure to have a layer of positivity around you while making everyone feel comfortable and safe. If you can do that, you are already an alpha. 

Belts should never be overlooked. Belts are the life of your outfit and you have to begin to pay more attention to them. It has to be the classic leather belt and if you really want that alpha look, make sure that a part of it shows no matter what you are wearing. 

Tie and pocket squares are important touches. When wearing a proper suit and trying to look like an alpha male, not paying attention to your tie and pocket square would be nothing but a nail in the coffin. Play around with colors and patterns, and know that you don’t always have to match. 

To look dapper you need some timeless Dress shirts. All that it takes for you to look like alpha is one good dress shirt that fits you like a glove. You should be able to pull it off in every environment both casually and formally and only then will you be an alpha male. 

Button downs should be a staple. Button downs should be your go-to outfit in a casual atmosphere. Not only are they super stylish but they fit anyone very easily and always look very sharp and clean. You have got to have more than a few with you. 

Sneakers are your best friend. Let your sneakers spell out the word alpha for you. Any man who loves his shoes is a man of culture and when you have the right pair on, you feel nothing less than an alpha male. Get the best ones that you know. 

Hair products to complete the outfit. Just a few hair styling products can take your overall look from a mere average to excellent only if you know how to use them right. Style your hair to impress everyone around you. 

Give importance to Fragrance. A good fragrance is what separates a normal man from an alpha male. An alpha male always smells the best in the room and gets the conversation going with his fragrance. Invest in good colognes. 

Be clean and hygienic. Being clean and hygienic all the time is step one for being an alpha male. You have to keep your body and your surroundings clean at all times so that you don’t let off a bad and unclean vibe. 

Socializing is an important trait of an alpha. Socialize when you are around a lot of people. Engage in meaningful conversations and don’t forget to be a good listener. An alpha male knows exactly how to move on with a conversation and when to end it. 

Denim jackets scream Alpha. Denim jackets hands down are the most alpha jackets out there. If you can pull them off well, you will be the best-looking guy in the room and there is no way people will not look at you as an alpha male. 

Solid t-shirts to cover the basics. These have to become the staple of your wardrobe. Get a few solid t-shirts that you can wear on a day-to-day basis and which will act as the perfect base for all the layering that you want, start with black and white. 

Throw on some Chinos for those warm days. Chinos are the perfect blend of casual and formal pants and they can be worn in any situation. They are the perfect example of versatility and you can rock them with just about anything. Get a few pairs now. 

Polo t-shirts make you look masculine. The power of a good polo t-shirt is known only by an alpha male. They are perfect for both formal and casual occasions and they come in so many colors that you would lose your mind. Pay attention to the fit. 

Train your body. Train your body and exercise daily with discipline so that you are never insecure about how you look and are always healthy. A true alpha male always takes good care of his body and wants only what’s best for it. 

Eat healthily. More than half of the problems in your life will vanish the moment you decide to eat healthier. A good diet forms the building blocks for a long and happy life and that is what a truly alpha male follows. 

Punctuality and discipline to develop an alpha mindset. Punctuality and discipline will take you a long way, way longer than you would ever expect. Always be on time and be disciplined so that you can have the alpha mentality to lead you forward.  

Flannels to layer and add depth to your outfit. Flannel shirts are undoubtedly the most badass shirts in the history of shirts. They are comfortable, they are warm and they will always make you look good. The classic stripes or checks are a great option. 

Blazers for the perfect semi-formal setting. The sports coat, the evening jacket, the blazer, and so on, all have their unique qualities and an alpha male knows how to use them to his benefit to bring out the best in them. 

Every Alpha Male needs a pair of Loafers. Loafers should be your go-to for any formal or semi-formal event just because of how incredibly comfortable and good-looking they are. Plus, they are easy to get in and out of, tassel loafers are alpha approved.

Hoodies make a great first layer. Hoodies are the greatest casual wear clothes ever made. They are comfortable, easy to pair, and will make you look great even on a budget. Plus, they are even a great layering piece with maybe denim or a leather jacket or even a suit blazer at times for more formal events. 

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