How to Improve Your Competency: 51+ Proven Ways

Life is a blessing. Our existence in this world has a sole purpose. So when we talk about achieving things in life, practically, there are some essential competencies people should have to represent themselves in every sector, be it professional or personal life.

These basic requirements have a lot to do with having a positive attitude towards life, making room for a person to grow. Once you observe those areas of improvement in your life, increasing competence in those fields is quite simple. 

tips made just for you to stimulate your competency

Listen more- Listening more than talking makes you learn from the situations and prevents blockages or weaknesses that are apparent to other people but not to you. The higher you want to reach in life, the more you should listen. Sometimes, listening can bring you clarity on some grounds.

Stay patient and persistent- Take baby steps towards growing your competence. There isn’t any benefit in rushing things that you want to build and making them stay in your life. Instead, start with one skill first, one tool, or one new area of knowledge to work. 

Choose your tribe wisely- People who accompany you influence your life more than you realize. Be it a team in your professional life or a group of friends and relatives you spend time with; if their energy doesn’t match with your positivity and perspectives in life, it’s time to reconsider your group for your betterment.

Face the facts- Failures are temporary. If you don’t possess the potential to face the failures in life, you may never know what winning brings. Be ready to face the challenges and be prepared for any change you may encounter for the better. It might make you feel uncertain at first, but it will develop your competence.

Plan your actions- If you know that you will be doing a job more than once, it is good to plan it out beforehand by making a routine, checklist, or templates to save time and improve your competency over the long haul.

Get more information- You are never too old to learn. However, today’s digitization has opened new doors of gaining knowledge just by sitting in your comfort zone! The more you receive information about a particular project or any other field of work; you will gain more confidence and become more competent as a whole.

Be assertive- Your attitude towards life determines your actions. Most of the time, your positive attitude reflects positive outcomes on your work and vice versa. Therefore, it is essential to be assertive in every step you take to increase your competence.

Accept every situation- No matter what life may throw at you, be it failure or success, accept it, and embrace it, which will make you feel more grounded, which is very much required to be competent in life.

Socialize- Yes, you heard it right. A lot of you will be thinking now, how come socializing is vital in fostering competency? Let me tell you, what happens when you meet new people? Of course, I am talking about influential people; their journey and their perspectives in life inspire you to nurture your interpersonal skills, which are required to develop competency

Groom yourself- Sometimes, you need refreshment, maybe by simply changing your looks, going for a spa, or making some changes in your living area to feel more boosted and energetic, leading to increased competence.

Challenge yourself- Do challenging tasks that will make you grow. Engage in new activities that you didn’t try before in life or any job that scares you. If you reign out of your challenging time, you will automatically convert into being more competent in your life, and things won’t scare you anymore.

Visualize- Look in the mirror and visualize yourself thriving in any situation, and this will instantly lift your spirit, which might have loosened a bit out of boredom or over-thinking. In addition, visualizing shifts your brain chemistry and makes you improve competency.

Identify loopholes- Identifying the weak areas where you need extensive growth is the first step one should take to make themselves competent. So, try to find out the blind spots where there is room for improvement, and concrete out yourself to extract confidence.

Never give up- Never stop learning new things in life. Life is short, and it is advisable to make complete-time utilization, for once the time is gone, it will never return. Never stop believing in yourself and never give up on your dreams, for this is what builds your competence, and maintaining it would be smooth.

Communicate clear- Try not to create any confusion while you talk; this is frustrating for many people, and most of the time, people love transparency, especially in your work life. However, be careful of what you portray when you are in a meeting delivering a presentation; many things depend on how you communicate.

Train yourself- Perform in more and more training programs and seminars to give you direction on improving and strengthening your competency according to a particular company’s job profile in your professional life. However, bear in mind that other types of skills and knowledge are also significant. Likewise, get your dormant powers active by training yourself for your personal growth as well.

Develop adaptability- Those of you who can easily handle changes often get along with various personalities and flourish in any environment. So, adaptability is an excellent skill to have for your overall interpersonal growth.

Learn to say ‘NO’- I know that when money is tight or just in the initial stage of your work, it is hard to instantly say ‘NO.’ However, when you stay true to your clients and projects that excite you, the easier it becomes to remain enthusiastic and productive.

Observe others- Watch and learn from people whom you idolize. Now, this could be someone you know, like your parents or your boss, or may even be a public figure. Identify the qualities that inspire you and try to incorporate those skills into your life. Don’t try to replicate, instead try to find new ways to implement those qualities in you.

Meditate often- Meditation brings answers, and rightly so, many people meditate to bring clarity and awareness that can reduce anxiety and stress in life. Meditation helps you take control of your mind, body, and soul, which is beneficial for you to remain calm and composed in arduous situations and act wisely.

Be truthful- Honesty is the foundation of building any relationship with people, be it professional or personal life. So always practice good ethics and stand by your values. Most of the time, people prefer integrity, which can bring you respect, reputation, and contentment.

Help others- When you educate people by sharing time, effort, and resources or sometimes even sharing your vision to your team, leading to better engagement and satisfying performance in work life. Talking about personal life, helping is a good habit, no matter how big your help is but the attitude is vital to growing your competence. 

Learn from the mistakes- To err, is human and to edit is divine. When you learn from the mistakes you committed in your past, it reduces the chances of repeating the same. To nurture your competency, looking at the positive side will help you maintain the zeal.

Avoid procrastinating- Procrastination is an opportunity’s assassin, a grave where people bury their vision in life. So, try to be very active when it comes to finishing your work before a deadline or anything before the time, leaving you with some leisure to feel more confident and competent.

Celebrate accomplishments – small and large- Sometimes, when you feel low and lost, looking back at your journey can motivate you to enjoy the positive side, thus boosting your energy and become more competent in life. You must have started somewhere at zero levels and got somewhere; nothing would have been possible if you weren’t trying.

Keep a journal- Writing your ideas and plans can help you retain self-awareness and reflect on decisions, conversations, and recent events. You might also share your life experiences and thoughts by expressing them through blogging. Then, use it to assess your goals in life.

Be playful- Now, we all know how much pressure we have in our work life. But, there is always room for a bit of entertainment and humor. Be it any festival or any celebration of the success of an organization; workers always do look forward to healthy interactions with each other when they feel relaxed with good personal relationships. It makes work seem more exciting and improves competency levels.

Learn a new language- Learning new languages are a way to understand more about other cultures. So, put your passion into learning new languages, which will help you unlock new career opportunities and own a diverse network.

Be more accountable- Take responsibility for your actions. Rather than being passive and let others do your work, choose to be active and support or take charge wherever necessary. Also, be more dedicated to your commitments; and by doing so, you can cultivate competency in your attitude.

Create more- Start doing something innovative. Of course, it is not essential to innovate every day, but adding this activity to your routine and helping yourself reign a new thing can bring you a lot of confidence, which is required to build your competence.

Respect yourself and others- First and foremost is to respect yourself and your values, and then when you treat people with proper dignity and respect, you impact many people in your surroundings.

They appreciate the idea of you being an independent, courageous, and understanding personality who doesn’t discriminate against other people based on anything, be it gender, caste, creed, or skin color. They see you as competent enough, and that is why your values create a difference in life.

Teamwork- Good people skills help you to collaborate and motivate your team members in your work end. The partnerships can bring in successful accomplishments and save time and energy that can help you nurture your competencies.

Observe your words of speech- Stop talking like a pessimist or a pernicious personality. Your words affect the things happening around you. For example, when asked questions, instead of using a lousy mouth for everything, respond positively.

Get enough sleep- Proper sleeping patterns stimulate the brain to function correctly and keep you healthy. Chronic sleeplessness not only drains energy and enthusiasm but can also contribute to serious health problems. Conversely, a healthy mind and body tend to develop more energy, due to which your competence can improve.

Move your body- Daily workouts keep your mind, body, and soul aligned, which keeps your attitude positive. According to many researchers, any activity, be it yoga, cycling, or any sport that you like, including them in your daily routine, is proved to be beneficial. For example, it improves blood circulation and helps to lift your mood.

Do something unexpectedly- Who doesn’t like surprises? Yes, maybe a few don’t, but everybody hopes for some surprises on special occasions like birthdays or any anniversary when it comes down to work life.

None of these need to be major, but the gesture counts. When you surprise someone or your team members, you also get some warm feelings and extra goodwill from them, which is good.

Nothing is drudgery- While doing any activity or work, setting the right mindset is equally important if you want to improve your competence. Always remember, nothing in life is boring. With proper planning and undergoing few changes, you can turn any activity into a pleasurable one with the right approach and positive state of mind.

Focus on positive outcomes- Be grateful for the things you have at present in your life. Even if situations seem worse, try to remain focused on something that you can do to understand that particular situation better rather than focusing on things that you cannot control. If you dwell on unfavorable conditions for long, it can zap you of your productivity and competency.

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