How to Have an Identifiable Style for Girls: 51+ Fashion Tips

Women always face a hard time deciding what to wear to appear stylish and unique in their own way. All that they want is to have a style that people can identify strictly with them and she can be easily distinguished from any other girl in the room. Here is how you can try and achieve your identifiable style.

Here are Tips to have an identifiable style for girls

Accept who you are. Accept who you are and the kind of person you are from the inside so that you can express yourself in a better way through your style. Once you have got that part down, everything will get a lot easier. 

Be comfortable in your skin. Be comfortable in your own skin and the confidence will resonate with your outfit, making people notice you immediately. They will instantly be drawn towards you and identify your style. 

Clothes do not make you. Know that clothes neither make you as a person nor define who you are. Wear everything with confidence and carry it as nobody does. Do not let your attire drag you down. 

Dress for the event. Dress the way the situation demands. Be prepared for any event by looking your best for the event and be presentable to take the center stage. Make sure you are always in touch with the place and read the room right. 

Do not overdress. Overdressing can prove to be a major blunder sometimes, especially if you are trying to make people identify your style. Do not be that person who dresses up extra for an event, dress smartly. 

Light make-up. Light make-up should be enough to take you through any given day and the real make-up should be kept for special events only to blow the other people away. Let people know you for your simplicity but feel free to surprise them once in a while. 

Smile. A smile is the best part of your outfit and if you wish to make people identify your style, make your smile your favorite accessory. It goes well with every outfit and would never let you down no matter what the situation. 

Know what suits your body type. Know what suits your body type and makes you look the way you want to see yourself in the mirror. It would not only keep all your insecurities away but will also highlight the good parts. 

Know your aesthetics. Know the aesthetics that you are trying to achieve when you start to dress up. Construct your outfit around a single outfit like casual, baggy, or whatever you are feeling that day. 

Do not be afraid of experimenting. You have to experiment with your styles and keep making changes until you finally land on your sweet space. Keep trying out new things and pushing your comfort zone. 

Know the colors that look best on you. Stick to the colors that bring out the best in you and people would know that it is you the moment you step inside the room. Pick a few of your favorites and keep switching them. 

Dress to your proportions. Dress to compliment your proportions and make them look better with your style choices. Smart and stylish clothing is all about dressing to your strengths and your proportions play a great role there. 

Focus on your footwear. Your footwear will be the most important part of your outfit which people will notice the most. Identify yourself as a person who is always wearing the right shoes for the right occasion. 

Think about your outfit in advance. The easiest way to make people identify your style is to plan them well in advance to come up with the best combinations possible. When you give your outfit enough time in your head, it will come out great. 

Change things once in a while. Change into something that people will not expect to be in once in a while but do not go overboard with it. Change is good once in a while especially when it comes to your style sense. 

Dress up only when needed. Dress up and put in your effort to look your best when the situation demands it. Your style should always look natural and effortless and that is exactly how you should get ready on normal days. 

Appear effortless. Look effortless in your clothing choices and make your outfit come together naturally than being forced. It is the simplest way to stand apart and make people notice you, be your own stylish self. 

Keep your favorite pieces aside. Keep your favorite pieces or the piece that you know for sure would get some eyes rolling aside for those special events where you need the spotlight. Everybody would identify you the moment you walk in. 

Spend on special pieces. Do not be stingy and stay away from clothing pieces or accessories that would make your wardrobe go to the next level. You don’t have to shell out a fortune but you might have to spend a few bucks more once in a while. 

Know your style better. Know what kind of style you feel more comfortable in or what makes you feel like yourself more. Once you figure out what your style truly is, you would have no problem developing an identifiable style. 

Wear what’s comfortable. No matter what the occasion, what the event, how important it is, or what trend you are following, comfort always has to be your top priority. If you do not feel comfortable in what you are wearing, all is in vain. 

Follow the trends. Follow the right to stay in touch with changing times and to always keep up your style game. People immediately identify a stylish person when they see one and you need to be in touch with the trends to be that person. 

Always be well-groomed. You have no other option but to be well-groomed every time you step outside the house. People do notice how well prepared you are and when they notice how well-groomed you are, you will be identified. 

Spend enough time to get ready. This one is a no-brainer. You have to spend when you need to achieve that perfect look and you should not rush with important things like that no matter what happens, take your own sweet time. 

A little eye make-up is all you need. Even if you are not one for an all-out makeup look, just some eyeliner should be enough to give you all the confidence that you need. People would know the moment they look at you. 

Use your accessories well. Use your accessories to your advantage by matching them well with your outfit and to make sure people identify you when they see that watch or that pendant that you love to wear. 

Watches and belts. Watches and belts are a great way to step your outfit. People cannot help but notice when you match the belt with your watch or any other accessory that you might have on. You will be easily identifiable for your organized and elegant style. 

Keep your bags ready. Bags are a savior for the ladies and they are the only accessory that you need to complete your outfit. Invest in a few good bags so that they know it is you the second they see the bag in your hands. 

Know your jewelry. Matching your jewelry with your outfits is unarguably the favorite part of your day and rightly so because people do notice the kind of jewelry that you have. Let them know about the pieces that you like. 

Widen your comfort zone. Push the boundaries and go out of your comfort zone to try out outfits that you normally would not. Let people know that you are not scared to try new things and let them identify with your bold style. 

Talk to your friends. Talk to your friends about your outfits, your style, and what they think about your fashion choices. They can give you the most honest feedback without hurting your feelings and you could use some feedback right now. 

Get a few fashion magazines. Fashion magazines are all the help that you need to look stylish and make people know and identify you. You will find all the outfit ideas and tips that you need to look your best and get some attention. 

Get inspired. Get inspired by the people who you have found to be stylish ever since you got to know about them. Steal their fashion tricks and apply them to your wardrobe and never be unidentified again. 

Read and research more. Read as much as you can about different styles, fashions, and trends, and do your research before you jump to any conclusions or put on an outfit for an important event. 

Keep your social media updated. Social media is a great place to just hang out and show the more stylish side of you, the side that you want people to identify you as. You make the rules on your profile and hold all the rights. 

Keep your skin glowing.  Nothing makes you more recognizable than glowing skin and it does not take much effort than a healthy skincare routine and a good diet. Make it a part of your style. 

Pick the right dress. Half of your job would be done if you pick the right dress for the right occasion and keep away from making any horrible fashion mistakes. Complete your outfit by building around that dress and accessorizing correctly. People would identify you with the dress.

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