How To Have A Celeb Like Fashion Sense: 52+Proven Ways

Global media and the absurd social media have made all of us dream of looking like a celebrity once. There is no parallel to the efforts and energy that goes behind making a figure look the way they are. So here are the few ideas to look as spick and span like a celebrity.

Here are tips to have a celeb like fashion sense

Discover Your Aesthetics. Thousands of celebrities have their characteristics and personalities. All you have to do is recognize a few of them with whom you can connect and resonate. Their personalities and style should speak to you and you should feel comfortable and confident.

A Vogue That Looks Good On Your Body Type. Even though the world is moving towards body positivity, you should know where your opinion about your body fits in. You should know how you can make yourself look and feel more beautiful. Do not be baffled by the glamour that these celebrities carry.

Go through Pinterest for inspiration: Pinterest is our best friend when it comes to looking for inspiration and ideas. You will find ample images according to your aesthetic and their alternative as well.

Create Mood Boards Of Outfits. Plan every outfit along with the accessories to combat last moment Rush. A very important thing to remember and do. The best way to do so is by creating mood boards.

Look Up To Celebrities With Similar Aesthetics. Do not stick to one celebrity, venture out. The world is a huge space. We might not know what we are missing out on if you do not keep our minds open to new changes and exploration.

Look Up To Iconic References In Cinema And Pop Culture To Get Invigorated. The celebrities, who are also performers, must have performed in movies, music shows, theatres, etc. go through the work and select out the iconic looks that I have created. Some words stand out for you.

Keep A Course Of How Your Favorite Celebrity Dresses. What celebrities have so many looks to flaunt. You have your airport looks, Red Carpet looks, Street style wears and so many more. Keep a track of what they wear and how they style it.

 Grooming Is A Key.  This cruel world has made us aware of the importance of appearance. Examine yourself, understand what makes you look the best. Start grooming yourself. And the first step is to ask yourself, what are the things that make you happy.

Taking Care Like A Celebrity. We all know, there are a lot of people who work to make one celebrity look the way he is. Unfortunately, someone as common as us cannot afford that. But there is nothing to get disheartened about, there is always a way if there is will.

Eat Well. Stop eating junk food, if you already are. move towards a clean diet. Give your body and stomach the nutrition it needs. To function your body properly you need to keep a properly balanced diet. Eat Fresh. less refined. and you’re good to go.

Stay Fit. Staying fit can be a very tricky area of discussion. Understand what your body needs the most, figure out which part of your body needs your attention and needs to be worked on. 

Sleep Well. Humans often underestimate the power of sleep. Just like a gadget our body needs to shut down and rest as well. Sleep for at least 8 hours. Do not use electronics before and after you fall asleep. 

Maintain Hygiene. If you want to feel fresh, you have to be fresh and clean. Hygiene is very important to look good and to feel healthy. Taking care of your hygiene is very spiritual and rejuvenating. 

Style Your Hair. Take care and style your hair. Find a hairstyle that looks mind-blowing on you. Wash your hair daily and use the necessary products to take care of them. Oiling and massaging regularly can be good for your hair. 

Perfect Your Makeup. Even though there is no perfect way to do makeup. But you need to do whatever suits you best. Perfect eye makeup, the base and keep expanding your makeup knowledge. 

 They Stay Ahead With Prevailing And Surfacing Trends. The Kardashian and Jenner family, Jennifer Aniston from Friends, Audrey Hepburn, or Marilyn Monroe, are famous for setting trends. It is the celebrities who are the foramen for the trend to emerge.

Be A Smart Shopper.  Do not fall into the trap of consumerism, we have to be very smart and wise shoppers. Do not go for impulsive shopping. Wait for the brands to declare discounts and sales on your favorite pieces, while it is still on-trend. 

They Invest In High-Quality Designer Clothing. Even though this can get very unnecessary, you can also try some designer outfits very similar to the clothes worn by your favorite celebrities. This is not the most affordable option, and one can get overboard with this. 

Wear The Perfect Shades According To Selected Aesthetics. Here, shades are being referred to as a particular color scheme. Instead of going bizarre with all the colors and patterns and ideas, categorize and keep aside a few selected color schemes and patterns that you would want to go with and give a try. 

Go For Nude Shades For Clothing. Whenever confusion arises, blind please select the nude or neutral shades for your clothes, shoes, makeup, or color scheme in general. They are the safest and classiest option. 

Understand Your Best And Favorite Features And How To Play Them Up! Celebrities often enhance and ensure their best features. You can take care of your best features and flaunt them with grace and beauty. 

Tailoring Is Incredibly Important. I remember drooling over the dress worn by Ariana Grande. Quite certain that every one of us has dreamt of recreating some famous iconic looks by our favorite celebrities. And the easiest solution for this is to look out for a very skillful tailor. 

Keep The Classics On Hand. Do not be a blind follower of trends. always keep in mind, classics never go out of fashion. No matter who the celebrity is, we will always have classic items of governments in their closet, waiting for the right opportunity to come out. 

Grow A Closet Abundant Of Staples, You Need Versatile Pieces In Your Dresser. Our close is our safe place. with lots of clothes and accessories, it has seen our real emotions. Days and times of happiness, moments of doubt, confusion, and prolonged sad periods, it has witnessed everything. 

Recognize The Power Of Undergarments And How They Can Rightly Flatter Your Body Frame And Your Style. Generally investing in good undergarments is always a wise decision. Everyone should opt for good quality undergarments, which are comfortable to your intimate body parts and make your body feel great and graceful. 

You Should Always Splurge On High-Quality Layering Items.  Even the celebrities hardly repeat their clothes and outfits, you will often see them repeating their statement layering pieces. 

Go For A Piece Of Statement Jewellery. Always stack up against your vintage jewelry or statement jewelry pieces. They never go out of trend and nowadays celebrities are also looking out for winter pieces of jewelry. 

Jeans Are A Piece That Can Be Inexpensive As Long As You Fancy The Fit And Wash. Like layering pieces, find good Denim pants. They are perfect for many occasions, add character to your outfit, can pull up a formal look, and can achieve a very laid-back style. A good pair of jeans can go on for years taking care of them can give you a good return. 

Wear over-the-knee boots. Try a pair of white sneakers. The notion of judging a human being based on his shoes is very troublesome. But society functions this way. So check out good-quality shoes to complete your look. You will see celebrities paying a hefty amount for expensive and limited edition shoes. 

Make Your Outfit Monochromatic.  The celebrities are just humans like us, unfortunately, the scrutiny of social media and global reach is never relaxing for them. My point being, they have to dress even when they don’t want to and celebrities combat the situation by going monochromatic.

It’s vital to acknowledge the body frame that looks best on you, but then it’s all about balance. As mentioned before, we would know better what will look best on us. No matter how much we want to get inspired by these celebrities, we have to find a balance.  

Mix And Match Prints And Patterns. Experiment With New Combinations. Experimenting or mixing and matching can come off as very unlikely to you. But the more you experiment, the more you become aware of the possibilities. It is high time you embrace them with open arms. Either you win or you learn. 

Experiment With Proportions. Contrary to what I said earlier about carefully dressing up according to Your body shape, at times you think out of the box and wear something that is totally out of your comfort zone.

Don’t Try Too Hard.  We, humans, are very extraordinary and peculiar beings. We fancy change, we adapt to change and we change. If you feel even after putting in all the effort, you are not satisfied and exhausted. 

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