How Guys Can Wear the Right Jewelry: 36+ Fashion Tips

Jewelry is always a great accessory to wear and take your outfit to the next level. It adds a different flavor to the look and makes you feel better about yourself. However, when it comes to guys, it is very easy to go overboard with jewelry. Here is how not to do it. 

Here are Tips for Guys to wear the right amount of jewelry

Plan ahead. Instead of putting on anything at the last moment and looking way extra than you should, make sure to plan your outfits and show up looking presentable and organized. Better to be prepared than not. 

Buy quality pieces. Instead of buying something that you know you would not be wearing too often and confusing yourself, buy quality pieces of jewelry that would help you look better and keep your options less. 

Quality over quantity. It is always quality over quantity when it comes to jewelry. Keep your head clutter-free and minimal when it comes to options for jewelry. Make sure you just have the right amount for all your outfits. 

Match similar styles. It is all about matching the right styles and similar ideas when it comes to jewelry and also makes sure that you have nothing that does not go with the vibe of your look. 

Know the metal. Know the metal very well that you are wearing in your jewelry, and you would have a better idea about what it matches better with and what you should stay away from. 

Rings. Rings are the safest jewelry that a man can wear, but a lot of them go overboard and just fill all their fingers with rings that just look wrong with the outfit. Make sure you put on rings that add value to your outfit. 

How to style rings

Bracelets. Bracelets are yet again one of the best pieces of jewelry that most guys love to rock but are easy to mess up. The bottom line for bracelets is that you must be able to see a part of your wrist even if you put them on. 

Pendants. Pendants should be clean and sleek and should not cover your entire neck. Pick designs that do not pop out too much, and pay close attention to their length to make sure it complements your neck area. 

How to style pendants

Chains. Chains look best when they are made up of just one kind of metal and can be rocked with almost any kind of outfit. They add a different flavor to your look but make sure to not clutter your neck with too many chains. 

Know the outfit. Know the outfit that you are wearing well enough to understand the style that you are going for. When you have a clear idea of the image that you want, you naturally begin to pick the right jewelry for it. 

Diamond. Diamonds are hands down the most precious jewelry that you can put on, and understand that when you put on a diamond as an accessory, you have no need whatsoever to put on any other jewelry. 

How to style diamonds

Watches. Watches can easily turn into jewelry when they are made up of some kind of precious metal. However, keep in mind that all kinds of metal straps do not work with all kinds of outfits but make you look better if done right. 

How to style watches

Minimalistic. Minimalism is the easiest way to stay away from wearing the wrong amount of jewelry. You can just never go wrong with a minimalist piece of jewelry, given how elegant and stylish they are. 

How to be minimalistic with jewelry

Nothing flashy. Any kind of flashy jewelry that attracts unnecessary attention towards you should stay away from you. It is more about blending in than standing out. 

Know the occasion. You would know exactly how much and what kind of jewelry to wear if you know the occasion or the place that you would be wearing it to. 

Take off the last thing you put on. Just a quick style hack, if you are all dressed up in your jewelry with the right outfit, just before you head out, take off the last thing you put on. It is a proven trick that works all the time. 

Dog tags. Dog tags are the manliest jewelry on the planet, and the best part about them is that you can get customized to your wish. However, some people enthusiastically put on a bunch of dog tags and look super stupid. 

How to style dog tags

Know your style. Know your style better; the better you understand what you want and how you want to look, the easier it will get for you to pick the right jewelry. 

Mix and match. Mixing and matching your favorite jewelry and outfits should never stop. So instead of just piling up your jewelry in one outfit, keep experimenting with them. 

Piercings. Piercings are yet another one of those things that make a bold statement about you and your personality. Be very cautious about such decisions. 

What should you remember while getting a piercing

Silver. No matter what the day or what the event, any jewelry made up of silver should be able to support you well enough. It is the safest option to go with. 

Create layers. Create layers using your jewelry like rings, bracelets, and pendants, and do not just keep piling up on one point. Try to make your outfit look more diverse. 

Earrings. Earrings on guys can either look too good or too bad; there is nothing in between. So stick to earrings that look minimalist and not something too big and bold. 

How to style earrings

Know when to say No. Understand when to say no to a piece of jewelry even if you love it too much. Understand that you can’t put it on just because you want to, even if it does not work with the outfit. 

Complement your outfit. Make sure that whatever jewelry you put on plays a part in complementing your outfit and does not stand out. 

Know the central piece. Build your outfit around that one single piece of jewelry that you love to wear around, and you would always look better. 

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