how To Grow Your Twitch Channel: 51+ Proven Ways

Not everyone can afford high-end gaming PCs, and therefore they cannot enjoy playing some great video games. For those people, the process of watching a new game has become straightforward because of online streaming platforms such as Twitch.

Twitch is the largest online video streaming platform, and currently, it accounts for an astonishing 43% of all revenue generated by streaming.

how To Grow Your Twitch Channel

1. Treat your streaming like a business, start by setting some goals, and develop a strategy for achieving those goals.

2. To grow your presence on Twitch, focus your goals on gaining more views and subscribers. The best way to do this is by coming live regularly.

3. Your goals should be specific, and you should not leave any room for excuses or misinterpretation. To get started, you can set a goal of reaching X number of subscribers by the end of a month.

4. Do not forget to measure your progress towards your goals because this will help you understand the effectiveness of the strategies you have planned out.

5. Always start by setting realistic targets, because if you put some unrealistic target and don’t reach that target, you would feel disappointed and think of giving up.

6. Never set targets you don’t want to achieve. If you are looking to get more subscribers, gaining them is precisely what you should focus on.

7. Always work within a deadline because it will make you more productive. If you don’t set a specific deadline, you will feel like procrastinating, and you will fail to achieve success.

8. Be patient; success doesn’t happen overnight. It would help if you worked hard with dedication and smartness.

9. It is entirely normal to start slow. Do not give up your hopes on your Twitch channel because of this. Work towards your goal, and sooner than later, you will achieve great results.

10. During your early days, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is never to lose confidence in yourself. Continue as planned.

11. Try out new ideas and figure out what does and doesn’t work for you. The new ideas can be wearing fancy costumes while appearing live, which will attract more audience.

12. If you think you cannot reach your goal, do not worry— Breakdown your goals into steps that you can achieve one at a time. Make a diary of your own and follow the plans.

13. Just streaming your content won’t help you gain subscribers. You need to engage with your viewers, as well. You can get the people invested in the success of your channel by sharing your goals with them.

14. You can even reward your viewers for helping you achieve your goals. It will attract more viewers.

15. You need to stream consistently and stick to a schedule if you want to gain a loyal fan following.

16. To let people know when you will be streaming, you can share your stream schedule with them. It will build a sense of trust and encourage your viewers to tune in regularly.

17. If you follow a consistent streaming schedule, you will establish yourself as a professional who takes his job seriously.

18. If you are not streaming regularly, your viewers will lose patience and move on to a new streamer who is streaming almost the same content.

19. many streamers don’t stream consistently, so you are already ahead of them if you maintain a schedule.

20. You can start off by streaming twice a week, and if you think you can stream more often, then you can start streaming four or five days a week. 

21. When creating a schedule, keep in mind what you will be playing and when you will be playing. If you allot a specific time slot for each game, your audience will find it easier to find the content they are looking for.

22. If you need to break your schedule for a specific reason, remember to use your channel feed to let your viewers know about the change.

23. Don’t forget to stream for long sessions. If your sessions are not long enough, you may find yourself struggling to pick up viewer momentum and failing to provide high-value content.

24. Streaming consistently and frequently is one of the best ways to grow an audience and build a great bond with your fans.

25. You need to stand out amongst the crowd, and one method of doing that is donning a unique and exciting persona while in front of the camera. You can highlight your persona.

26. You can also play games uniquely and creatively, such as playing games while wearing a blindfold. You can even try to beat games in a challenging way, such as completing a mission without losing any health, etc.

27. To grow your popularity among an older generation, you can play some retro games that no one is playing currently. It will be unique and give you an edge.

28. Just streaming consistently won’t attract new viewers. It would help if you made your stream channel visually appealing. A neat and organized layout will help viewers find streams more efficiently.

29. To improve your channel stream, you can expand your description, revamp your channel art, and using images more often instead of text.

30. Always play games that you are passionate about and truly enjoy rather than just sticking to the latest releases even if you don’t like playing them.

31. If you play games that you are passionate about, people will more likely find you engaging and exciting. You can capture your audience’s attention with your passion.

32. You need to show people that you are worth watching. For that, you need to do something at which you are really good at. Play those games that you can play well, play those instruments you can play well, etc.

33. To make your mark on Twitch, interact with your audience. Interacting with your viewers in real-time is one of the main reasons people tune in to Twitch.

34. Arrange a chat session with your followers, subscribers, and viewers are one of the best ways to earn more viewers and fan following.

35. While streaming, try to talk as much as possible because if you remain silent, then your stream will not be any different from a standard video. Chat with your viewers, talk about the game you are playing, and talk at a constant rate.

36. Set up an attractive profile picture and a funky display name, which will make you stand out from the rest.

37. If you have a YouTube channel of your own, make sure to link your channel with your Twitch account and ask your followers to follow it.

38. Be active on Discord- if you are a gamer, Discord may be the platform for you to connect with people and interact. Divert your friends from Discord to your Twitch channel.

39. Make other social media accounts like in Instagram or Facebook, and reflect that you’re a hard-core gamer. Make sure that your account is public and strangers can view your posts.

40. Trim your long gameplay videos to short and post it on your other social media handles. This will gather your followers’ attention and eventually visit your Twitch channel to witness the long time gameplay video. 

41. Try your hands on every latest game released in the market and introduce it to your audience.

42. Invest in your gaming accessories like keyboard, mouse, and web cameras.

43. Make sure you stream your videos in the highest possible resolution. It is advisable to shoot in 1080p resolution.

44. You can wear funky costumes during the gameplays, which suit the occasion. For example, if it is Halloween, you can wear scary costumes and scare your audience. This will entertain your viewers, and they will, in fact, share your live stream with their friends.

45. Arrange a giveaway for your subscribers- Through this method, more and more audiences will be linked with your channel for a chance of earning a gift.

46. Run different types of contests- One slight platform to organize a gaming contest is Gleams. More than 50,000 competitions have been arranged by Twitch gamers so far.

47. You can collaborate with other successful streamers and ask them to join your channel for a certain period. In return, you can also join their live stream, which will increase your followers.

48. It is highly advisable to use two monitors in the streaming process—one for your gameplay and one to interact with your live audience and reply to their chats.

49. Follow your idols- If you’ve joined the platform because of Ninja, Tyler1 or Shroud, use their strategies to be like them. You will never get overnight success but will have to work hard each day to gain success.

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